Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hi, Girls in the Sisterhood!

It's snaining today.
My own word for snow + rain.
Not quite snow,
but more than rain.

Feel like doing something constructive?
How about improving your
aspects of your life?

Sound like something you'd like to try?

If so . . .

You're going to LOVE
the 30-day challenge
in the June issue of SUSIE Mag.

The June issue just came out,
so you'll be getting it soon.

After you read through the challenge—
drop me a line and let me know what you think about it, OK?

Too tough?
Too easy?
Not interested?

Let me know what's going on with YOU!

And I promise to start writing more regularly
on here again!

Love you!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Hey! So glad you're back :) Can't wait to get my magazine in the mail!!

  2. Hi, Amber! You should be getting it any day now, because I got mine over the weekend. Let me know your thoughts about the challenge, OK?

    We love you!

  3. YES!!!!! I loved the challenges wwe did with Brio and now we get them for Susie!! Can't wait =]

  4. Excited to read about it, as always! And yes, seeing more on this blog would be lovely!

  5. I might be able to :) excited for it. I have a few things going on in June so we'll see!

  6. Thanks, girls. You should be getting the June issue any day now.


  7. I got the magazine a couple days ago and was so happy!

    As to the challenge, I really wish that I could do it, but my summer is just too full to fit it in. Look forward to hearing everyones thoughs about it though!

  8. Susie something is wrong with the site!!
    I keep trying to go on it and every time is says "the resource cannot be found" and then takes me to a website called Premier Studios! What's going on!?!! -MozartGURL/Gabriella

  9. I HAVE recieved the June issue and I am so excited about doing the challenge! My only complaint would be that it sounds pretty similar to the most recent Brio challenge. I loved that one too, so it's not a big deal, it just sounded like some of the wording or phrases were copied from last year, so it didn't feel as fresh.
    So glad you're going to be blogging again Susie! I'm looking forward to your posts! :)

  10. @ MozartGURL

    I've had the same problem today, but it says that "Susie magazine is currently offline. Please check back shortly." They are probably working on the site and it'll be back up pretty soon.

    RaspberryRainfall/Jerica :D

  11. Hey I did one of the Brio challenges, and I WANT to try and do this....we'll see. I think its a little tough, I know it is a CHALLENGE, not an EASY, but still. Maybe all I want is a check list devided so I know what I need to do, but when I did it before it was like what am I supposed to do? ohh was tht this day or that day? just a consideration.

  12. I have got my June issue and I really want to try and do the 30 day challenge. It will be quite a challenge for me to do, thats for sure.

  13. I agree! I got mine today and read over the challenge. It's something I'm definitely wanting to try but i know i'm going to be busy this summer and there's so much to do for the challenge! I hope I can keep up with it.
    I was a bit surprised $10 was required for the t-shirt though. It was nice when the Brio prizes were free, but I understand this is not under Focus anymore so the magazine probably doesn't have money for the t-shirts...I love the design, but it would be nice if the shirt were another color besides white. White gets dirty so easily and they usually require undershirts...but the prize is not a big deal, it's doing the challenge and affecting people's lives and our own lives that matter!

  14. HI, Girls!

    I'll try to answer your questions. I don't think the shirt will actually be white. We had to hurry up and give a prototype in order to meet deadline, so I wrote the words and the design team put them on the shirt. It will actually look a little cooler than what we posted in the magazine.

    Yes, I know it'll be tough....but that's what it's called a "challenge." I really hope you WILL try it.

    And you're right about charging $10. We hated to do that, but until the magazine starts making money, we just don't have a budget that will allow us to do extra things like this.

    One of you said it sounded similar to a past Brio challenge. Girls, you gotta remember that because I created Brio . . . and now have created SUSIE Mag, sometimes things WILL sound familiar because I'm the one creating them. Ha!

    I sure hope you enjoy the challenge. And DON'T FORGET to send in your entry and your $10 BEFORE you actually begin the challenge. IF you wait until you finish, it will be too late.

    And know that we love you!

    Your Sis,
    Susie Shellenberger

  15. One of you asked a question about our Web site. I understand that the publisher was doing something to it for a few days, and that may have caused you some trouble getting on it. But everything should be fine now.

    Susie Shellenberger

  16. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  17. Is it posted ANYWHERE online??? It would be nice if it was sooner than June 1st because I have a friend who would like to do it but doesn't subscribe...
    I am SOO excited for the challenge...just one thing. It seemed rushed. It contradicted itself (one page said to email your picture, the next said snail mail). But thank you!!!

  18. Hey Susie,
    It has been such a blessing to be getting your magazine and reading your blog and I am VERY EXCITED to meet you this summer at the NEVER THE SAME Mission trip to Guatemala!!!I just recieved the June issue last week and I already know that I am doing the challenge...starting this Friday actually.I am so excited!Here are my thoughts on it....I think that it is GREAT!It's not too tough...and it's not too easy.It's the perfect combination for a challenge!Hope this helped!Have a great day!
    Lahni Blair

  19. It's called sleet, fuckwit.

  20. Susie,

    I thought the challenge was pretty neat. Unfortunately my summer is gonna be pretty topsy turvy with moving & I won't be able to do the challenge. :( Maybe next year. :) Oh! And I don't think you should worry about charging for the challenge, I think it will make girls more accountable to actually finish the challenge. :)


  21. I really want to do the challenge,but the Mothership won't let me:) Still I wanna encourage all the Susie sisses that can! I did a no TV &a no non-christian music challenge last summer(yes, at the same time!) and my eyes were TOTALLY opened! SERIOUSLY!!! Do it if you can :)

  22. Hey SUSIE, I tried to join the sisterhood, but I don't have my own e-mail address. I used my Moms and it said I was a member but I had to finish the process they sent with my e-mail. My Mom got the e-mail and told me it was all set, but when I try to sign on it says it's the wrong information. Can you help me?

  23. I am from Japan, and I used to read brio. Thank you for bringing hope into my life, SUSIE! God has been blessing me every minute of my life!