Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls in the Sisterhood!

Am thinking about Gideon today.
From the Old Testament.

He was a nobody.
But God chose Gideon to lead the Lord's army
against the enemy.

The enemy far outnumbered Gideon's little home-made army.
And God began whittling away at Gideon's army.

He couldn't figure it out.
Don't You want me to win, Lord?
he must have thought.

"The battle is Mine," said God Almighty.
"Trust Me."

God downsized the army three times
until there only 300 men left to fight against the giant army of enemies.

Gideon trusted.
And God confused the enemies, until they began to fight each other
and lost the battle.

Gideon won with only 300 men.


God really does know what He's doing!

Perhaps He's downsizing some areas in your life.
A job.
Those things that make you feel secure.

Though you may never understand . . .
can you trust without understanding?

The mark of a mature Christian is to
accept God's ways
without having to understand them.

Let me know your thoughts.
Susie Shellenberger


  1. This is the biggest God-thing I've heard all week! And I've heard so many during my struggle filled week. Lately I've been feeling God calling me to change the world. I just need to trust HIM. Oh, how I feel like Gideon.

    Yes, He's downsizing MANY many things.
    He's got a plan...and I know this season I'm going through is for the best.

    Thank you Susie...thank you.

    P.S. I really wish I could go on the Missions Trip with you all...

  2. Oh, how I'm struggling with that exact thing right now!! Thank you Susie!

  3. Ohhh lovely! Been thinking about the same things lately. Trust without understanding, even when it looks soooo contrary to the world standards!! Thanks for the sweet reminder of Gideon... all we ever need is God :)

  4. Amber, Emily and Charissa: What has God been "downsizing" in your lives? Remember, though it's painful at the time . . . He loves you more than we can even comprehend! His ways are always for our good and His glory!


  5. My guy friend and I were talking about this lately. We are both going through really hard times but this story shows such an amazing fact of trust and God's love and power.

  6. Im SO GLAD God knows what He's doing cause Im so blind to everything. He's my brain! He tells me to go I'll go! IDK what I'd do with Him =]

  7. Hey, Susie! I haven't gotten the June issue yet, but I can't wait! I think you are an amazing person, and I hope someday I will be able to meet you...

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  9. Thanks for this post Susie! I was just wrestling with God over this very issue last night and this morning. He directed me to your blog this morning to hammer the point home! A sacrifice of praise....when I release my desire and right to understand and praise Him anyway!

  10. God's works are above our understanding and completely amaze me every single day. We all struggle with putting our complete trust in Him, because we still have that piece of 3 year old still stuck in us saying "No, I don't think You will do this right. I want to do it myself!" Everyday is a sacrifice to self.

    Thank you for sharing this! =)

  11. God has downsized my fear, increased my faith & learning to fully trust in him.
    several times where I wouldn't know what I would've done if he didn't down size my fears.
    Our God is greater, our God is healer, Awesome in power.
    God brought healing in my strength & heart.

  12. God has been downsizing in my life these past few months.
    We just moved to a different country, and it has been hard not having the comfort of knowing the language and people.

    God has really used this experience to teach me to relinquish control to Him and trust in Him. Now more then ever I have had to rely on Him for friendship and comfort, since He is the only one in my life that will never ever change.

    Thank you so much for the parallel with Gideon. I've never though about it that way. It is wonderful to see that no matter how well you think you know a Bible story, the Bible will always surprise you again and again! :)

  13. This speaks to my heart... My family and I have seen many troubles in the past 3 months. They say that when it rains, it pours; they were right. It's been tough financially, emotionally, and physically- there have been 4 hospitalizations, 2 of which died, and 2 car accidents. It's been insane.

    But God is so good. He is so careful with us, careful to provide our every need. Not only our needs, though-He is so loving, He provides us with our wants, too. How do we deserve such a love???

    Thank you for reminding me that God has a purpose and a will with all of this "downsizing" taking place in my life. I needed to hear it. :-)

  14. Hi Susie, Wow! great how you apply bible stories to real life! very applicable, even for me! Life has many downs and we all need that deep trust and hope in Him who delivers! -Kimberly Chan, Singapore