Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday, may 22, 2010

i walked at the park today
and the wind was so strong
here in colorado springs
i thought for a moment
that it might
blow all 16 lbs. of
my furry four-footed little friend, obie,
all the way to his grandparents house
in okc.

i choked and coughed
through the wind
as pollen soared
and stung my throat

but little obie seemed oblivious
to the difficulty

he chased a great dane
caught a frisbee
made friends with a st. bernard
sniffed a golden retriever

i was miserable
swollen eyes
and ready to leave
after 30 minutes

the invisibles in the air—
the ragweed pollution
the dust
and everything that allergies are made of
wore me down

make me more and more aware
of the other invisibles in life—
the small things
that trip me up
knock me down
and keep me from becoming all You dream for me

help me, like obie, to plow through
any obstacle
and find the joy
simply in being
to just walk with my Master

i love You, Father.


  1. This is my favorite post you've done and that's saying a lot because I'm crazy about all of them. I've had a lyric from Brooke Fraser's Hosanna stuck in my head for weeks now: "Heal my heart and make it clean. Open up my eyes to the things unseen." This post reminds me to keep my heart wide open, all day long, for things unseen too. I love your heart.

  2. Great poem Susie!! I can't wait to meet you on the NTS missions trip in one month! =)


  3. Great post, Susie!! Amen!! My prayer life is all about this right now.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    these are really great. Luv it! You picture thing very well-! Please continue it!