Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obie Shellenberger . . .
16 lbs. of mini-Schnauzer fur

Disassembled my cell phone—
took the back off, popped out the battery
and had the memory card on the floor.

Had to get a new $100 phone.

16 lbs. of gray fur
ate my blue-inked return address stamper
and inked himself, the carpet and the couch

Had to get a new $21 return address stamper.

16 lbs. of gray fur
jumped up on the table and chewed my GREEN Sharpie pen
dragging green ink across the carpet.

Had to shell out $110 to the carpet cleaners.

How can 16 lbs. of gray fur
cause so much commotion?

Just when I think he's learned . . .
I find his bottle of eye drops demolished
and I
shell out another $15
for a new bottle.

When I know he's exhausted
and has settled down for a 2-hour nap . . .
I come upstairs
to find that he has
ripped his doggie bed and shredded it to pieces
scattering stuffing all over the living room.
And I buy another one for $10 at Walgreens.


I can't help but think
of a girl—
just 5 feet and 3 inches
and at just the time she should know better,
she feels
some anger
or jealousy
tunnel right through her heart
and out of her mouth.

But You, God . . .
You just keep on loving me
no matter
how many things I shred
how much stuff I break.

I should have it down by now.
Shouldn't I?
But just the time I think I do,
I end up seeking Your forgiveness

so grateful
that You keep no records
and Your love is constant.

Thanks for never giving up on me.
Help me to be the kind of master
to Obie
that You are to me.

Your servant,


  1. Lovely! Well said. I'm glad Obie turned into a learning moment instead of getting the boot. heehee

  2. haha I could not help but laugh at this analogy! So true!!

  3. obie can chew up material things,He can't chew up the love & joy you share with eachother!

  4. it must've been a masterpiece, he was creating art for artprize in Michigan, it sounds like he was in the works of a blue sky,white fluffy clouds & green grass. Y he chewed the phone was he tryed calling artprize But he must've got bored while on hold,that's all.

  5. sounds like something my dog would do!

  6. Beautiful prayer - I have a dog that drives me crazy too - half poodle, half schnauzer. Thank you for reminding me to be patient.

  7. You inspire me!

  8. This is beautiful and so relevant..... I love it!