Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Here are some more winners from the May issue. Remember to try again if you didn't win anything, because we're giving away free stuff in every single issue of SUSIE Mag!

Silver-bronzed watch:
--Alannah Pass, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Girl Talk With God" by Susie Shellenberger
--Malissa Moniz, Surrey, British Columbia
--Melissa Childs, Palmer Texas

"So Not  Happening" by Jenny B. Jones
--Lydia Cote, Fayetteville, NC
--Katie Patchell, Belleville, PA
--Jennifer Poole, Forest Park, OK

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Congrats to these readers who have won some amazing prizes through SUSIE Mag. I'll post more winners later in the week.

Every single month we're giving away TONS OF FREE STUFF through the magazine. If you haven't subscribed yet, you gotta do it now! See, here's the cool deal: If you subscribe in the next few weeks, you'll not only get the printed SUSIE Mag delivered to your house each month, but you'll also get a FREE membership to the online global Sisterhood we're in the process of setting up!

Once we get it fully running, it will cost $13 to join the global Sisterhood. And then it will also cost the $23 for the yearly subscription of 12 issues of the printed magazine.

You really want BOTH. And I'm guessing you don't want to have to pay the extra $13. So subscribe to SUSIE Mag in the next few weeks, and you'll get the membership to the global Sisterhood thrown in for FREE!

And look for some of the June issue of SUSIE Mag on the Web site June 1. Go to:

OK, here are the winners. Check back in a few days for more winner announcements.

We love you, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger

"So Not Happening" (Book by Jenny B. Jones)
• Patty Hamilton, Bellevue, WA
• Leah Kochersperger, Dublin, PA
• Sara Sprinkle, Lee's Summit, MO
• Laura Chun, Eagle River, AK
• Adrienne Killick, Alberta, Canada
• Nicole Pannasch, Jackson, NJ
• Leah Naegeli, Kokomo, IN
• Jennifer Rodrigues, Oregon City, OR
• Alexis Aakre, Karlstad, MN

"Girl Talk With God" (Book by Susie Shellenberger)
• Faith Lambert. Kentwood, MI
• Amanda Rowe, Simpsonville, SC
• Elise Topazian, Rochester, MN
• Mili Rich, Cumbria, England

Audio Bible
• Rebekah Lewis, Petersburg, AK
• Catherine Jackson

Summer Bag
Chloe Smiley

Cross watch (red)
Annalise Schroeder, Fremont, WI

Multi-colored wristband watch
Megan Smith, Fenton, MO

Nick & Nora Slippers
Michelle Thorpe, Takaka, New Zealand

Kaylee Harned, Prince George, British Columbia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sisterhood secret:

On page 5 of the May issue of SUSIE Mag, we featured three watches that we're giving away.

The secret is that NO ONE has tried to win them yet! I'm guessing most of you just skimmed over that page. Each month, we'll feature three watches that we'll give away for FREE.

If you want to try and win a watch, follow the directions in that paragraph! I'll be watching for your entry.

We love you, girls!
Susie Shellenberger

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Our very first issue (May) of SUSIE Mag is out! If you've subscribed, you've probably already received it at your house. 

Part of the magazine is now on our Web site: 

Each month, we'll have lots of stuff in the magazine that's NOT on the Web, and we'll have stuff on the Web that's NOT in the magazine. So you really need to be plugged in to both!

We're anxious to know what you think, so please shoot us an email at:

We'll also feature tons of stuff each month that you can win!

We love you, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger