Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Congrats to these readers who have won some amazing prizes through SUSIE Mag. I'll post more winners later in the week.

Every single month we're giving away TONS OF FREE STUFF through the magazine. If you haven't subscribed yet, you gotta do it now! See, here's the cool deal: If you subscribe in the next few weeks, you'll not only get the printed SUSIE Mag delivered to your house each month, but you'll also get a FREE membership to the online global Sisterhood we're in the process of setting up!

Once we get it fully running, it will cost $13 to join the global Sisterhood. And then it will also cost the $23 for the yearly subscription of 12 issues of the printed magazine.

You really want BOTH. And I'm guessing you don't want to have to pay the extra $13. So subscribe to SUSIE Mag in the next few weeks, and you'll get the membership to the global Sisterhood thrown in for FREE!

And look for some of the June issue of SUSIE Mag on the Web site June 1. Go to:

OK, here are the winners. Check back in a few days for more winner announcements.

We love you, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger

"So Not Happening" (Book by Jenny B. Jones)
• Patty Hamilton, Bellevue, WA
• Leah Kochersperger, Dublin, PA
• Sara Sprinkle, Lee's Summit, MO
• Laura Chun, Eagle River, AK
• Adrienne Killick, Alberta, Canada
• Nicole Pannasch, Jackson, NJ
• Leah Naegeli, Kokomo, IN
• Jennifer Rodrigues, Oregon City, OR
• Alexis Aakre, Karlstad, MN

"Girl Talk With God" (Book by Susie Shellenberger)
• Faith Lambert. Kentwood, MI
• Amanda Rowe, Simpsonville, SC
• Elise Topazian, Rochester, MN
• Mili Rich, Cumbria, England

Audio Bible
• Rebekah Lewis, Petersburg, AK
• Catherine Jackson

Summer Bag
Chloe Smiley

Cross watch (red)
Annalise Schroeder, Fremont, WI

Multi-colored wristband watch
Megan Smith, Fenton, MO

Nick & Nora Slippers
Michelle Thorpe, Takaka, New Zealand

Kaylee Harned, Prince George, British Columbia


  1. Susie,
    If you subscribed before the mag even came out, will you still get free membership? I suscribed in April, and I really don't want to have to pay!

  2. After (or right before) our subscription is up, do we just renew it? And do we have to pay for the Sisterhood after our subscription we have now is over?

    P.S. I also agree with Erin. I signed up ahead of time and I'd like to not have to pay. If I have to pay for the online Sisterhood, I might not be able to join, since I already am getting the magazine.

  3. YES! If you're already subscribed to the magazine—or if you subscribe in the new few weeks—you'll already get the online sisterhood once it's fully loaded. It's not quite up yet. But when it is, you'll be sent a special membership code that you can type in when you go to the Web site.

    Other people who join much later, won't have the free membership code that you'll have. They'll have to pay $13 to get it. And if they want the printed magazine, they'll need to pay $23 for that as well.

    If you're already subscribed or subscribe soon, you get BOTH.

    Your friend,
    Susie Shellenberger

  4. hey susie, i would like to know how to like get the prizes. i tried to do it for the watches, and it was confusing on the site. so if you could maybe let me know what to do for the june issue, that would be great!
    thanks susie, love, quinn

  5. Hey Susie! I was wondering when you will announce who will be on the cover of the July issue.

  6. Hey Susie! I have a question. For some reason, when I try to go to the Jonny Diaz contest, the page comes up, but nothing ever comes up except for the song lyrics. I am not sure if it is just my computer or what is happening. So, is there something I can do or is there a different way to enter?

  7. Hi susie! it seems like there were a few more items on the shoping list than people have won. Are you not giving out those items anymore? Or are you still deciding on who gets them?

  8. Are these the prizes that went out in the June magazine? If so, isn't this a little soon to be handing the prizes out? I just got the mag on Saturday. Are there still prizes going out? Thanks so much for the magazine and putting all of the time into it for us. I can't wait to become a part of the Sisterhood!!!!!
    Thanks again!

  9. I wrote the comment above.

    I'm sorry, I read over the article one more time and saw that these were not the same prizes as the new June ones. SORRY!!! I am such a goofball :) I just saw the watches and I thought that it was the same.
    Thanks again!

  10. Hi, Girls!

    Susie Shellenberger here.

    Please address your questions about the Jonny Diaz contest to Laura Boyd. She works with Jonny and set the contest up for us. So she would have the answers to your questions.

    Here's her email:

    We'll be giving away THREE watches every single month. And we kind of blew the instructions in the May issue, but in all the other issues it's very clear how to win. There will always be a scripture verse about TIME, and you'll send an email telling in one paragraph how you relate to that specific verse. You'll always send the email to:

    Your friend,

  11. Cool. So when we get this code, is it good for the rest of SUSIE Mag's lifetime, or do we have to get a new one later? Just wondering


  12. I agree with Ashley. Will we have to renew out membership with our subscription every year?

  13. Is the sisterhood a thing where we have to renew our subscriptions like the mag or do we only have to pay once? cause I probably won't be able to get it if I have to pay for it more than once (or not at all cause I'm already subscribed). One more thing, how are we gonna get the code exactly? Is it gonna be in the mag, e-mailed to us or what?


  14. Hey, I was thinking. You know how BRIO was trying to sponser all of the kids in a town in Guatemala through Compassion International? What if you did that in the Sisterhood? Maybe in Guatemala, or somewhere else. Africa might be cool. I just had the thought today...