Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey, Girls!

I'm giving away the ONE-MINUTE STUDENT BIBLE this week. How can you win? By entering a "Dear Susie" question for our May issue of the new SUSIE mag.

One entry will be randomly drawn for the Bible.

Enter your question now, and the winner will be announced on Monday. What else is happening on Monday? I'll post a brand-new prize for next week's activity.

And if you're wanting to get the very first issue of SUSIE mag, we need to get your subscription in NOW.

You can send a check for $23 (one year=12 issues) to:
Susie Shellenberger Ministries
3741 Bloomington Street #4
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Can't wait!

Your Friend,
Susie Shellenbergr

Monday, January 26, 2009

New BLOG CANDY (Jan 26-31)

Hi, Girls!

I'm so excited about our new magazine, I could just spit. OK, maybe not spit . . . but I'm reallyreallyreally excited!

I believe teen girls still want a magazine in print; you know . . . something you can hold or stuff in your backpack or pass on to a friend or go back and read again five months later. So the new SUSIE magazine will certainly fill that need.

We're hard at work on the May issue and beginning plans for the June issue. After that, we'll begin working about 4 months in advance to meet press deadlines and all that stuff.

You're gonna love this week's blog candy. The Student One-Minute Bible is awesome! And the way to get entered to win is to post a "Dear Susie" question. If you're familiar with BRIO, you know this as the section where I answer letters from teen girls about anything and everything.

Nothing's off limits. Nothing's too silly. Nothing's too embarrassing. I'll use some of these questions in our first issue of the magazine (the May issue). If you want a personal answer, you need to send it directly to my email.

I can't promise every single question will get answered, but I'll try my best. Remember to give your name and state when leaving a comment. If you aren't a registered user, just click on Anonymous.

(If this is the first time you've visited this site, you probably need to know that I created BRIO magazine several years ago. But when it was recently discontinued and given away, I began to seek God's direction for His next adventure for me. He kept telling me to create another magazine--something brand-new and even more relevant for Christian teen girls today. So that's why I'm launching SUSIE magazine.)

I love you, Sisses!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

And the WINNER is.....

The winner of Susie's first ever blog candy is...(insert drum roll here)...

Alannah Pass! Alannah won The Word in Life Study Bible.

Congratulations Alannah and thank you for your comment! Just send me an email with your address and I'll get your prize in the mail this week.

And thanks to every one who participated in this week's blog candy, sent great comments, and helped spread the word about my blog.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow morning and find out about this week's blog candy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Susie's Blog Candy Kick Off!

Hey, Girlfriends!

God helped me create Brio magazine several years ago, and I totally loved getting to know many of you through its pages. When it was discontinued and given away . . . I asked God what was next in His adventure for me.

He reminded me that just as He helped me create Brio, He'd like to help me create something brand-new . . . a magazine for teen girls that's more relevant, more spiritually engaging and custom-made just for you! And to help you identify with the one who answers all your questions, we decided to make the name really easy.

Your new mag is simply: SUSIE.

It's a new season.
A new era.
A new beginning.
An exciting adventure.
And YOU can be part of creation from the ground floor!

I gotta tell ya . . . I'm so excited, I'm giggling out loud as I write this!

Here's where the FUN starts: You tell me what you want in your brand-new mag. And to celebrate, I'm tossing out lots of blog candy. And I do mean lots!

Once a week for the next 16 weeks (Yes! Believe it! You really did read that right—the next 16 weeks!) I'm giving away Bibles, books and cards.

Here's what to watch for:

  • Every Sunday evening the winner will be announced. Be watching so you can contact me for your prize if you win.
  • Every Monday morning new blog candy will be posted.
  • Each post will specify how to be entered into the drawing.
  • The more you help spread the word about this blog, the more chances you have to win.
Here's how to win this week's blog candy:
  • Get one entry for leaving a comment on this blog telling me exactly what you want and need in this new magazine. (You don't need to be a registered blog user to comment. Just click on "Anonymous" when leaving your comment, but make sure you include your full name and the state where you live.)
  • Get one entry for mentioning this blog candy on your Facebook page.
  • Get two entries for posting a link to my blog on your own blog.
This week's blog candy is: The Word in Life Study Bible