Monday, January 26, 2009

New BLOG CANDY (Jan 26-31)

Hi, Girls!

I'm so excited about our new magazine, I could just spit. OK, maybe not spit . . . but I'm reallyreallyreally excited!

I believe teen girls still want a magazine in print; you know . . . something you can hold or stuff in your backpack or pass on to a friend or go back and read again five months later. So the new SUSIE magazine will certainly fill that need.

We're hard at work on the May issue and beginning plans for the June issue. After that, we'll begin working about 4 months in advance to meet press deadlines and all that stuff.

You're gonna love this week's blog candy. The Student One-Minute Bible is awesome! And the way to get entered to win is to post a "Dear Susie" question. If you're familiar with BRIO, you know this as the section where I answer letters from teen girls about anything and everything.

Nothing's off limits. Nothing's too silly. Nothing's too embarrassing. I'll use some of these questions in our first issue of the magazine (the May issue). If you want a personal answer, you need to send it directly to my email.

I can't promise every single question will get answered, but I'll try my best. Remember to give your name and state when leaving a comment. If you aren't a registered user, just click on Anonymous.

(If this is the first time you've visited this site, you probably need to know that I created BRIO magazine several years ago. But when it was recently discontinued and given away, I began to seek God's direction for His next adventure for me. He kept telling me to create another magazine--something brand-new and even more relevant for Christian teen girls today. So that's why I'm launching SUSIE magazine.)

I love you, Sisses!



  1. Hey friend!
    I put a link this new blog of yours on my blog. Hope that's alright.....can't wait to see what's in store for you with this new magazine!

  2. Dear Susie,
    I use to be friends with this girl, but we have had a lot of conflict in the past year. She is very clingy and likes to copy what i do. Over the summer my youth pastor encouraged me to talk to her about it so i did. However, after we talked about it she started treating me badly. After a while she got over it and we were "friends" again, but she became clingy all over again. I am afraid to talk to her again because of what happen last time, but i can't keep pretending that her clingyness doesnt bother me. What should i do?
    Dani Fairbairn from GA

  3. Hi Susie!
    I'm sad that Brio is no longer being published by FOTF but I'm super duper excited for your new magazine!! It sounds amazing and so does this whole blog candy business! Ok, so onto my question/problem. Basically, there's this guy that goes to my church who I really, really like. But there's a problem, he's 7 years older then me and just graduated from college. He also has a girlfriend who he's very serious about. While he was at college though, I talked to him a lot over facebook and we got pretty close, I really opened up to him. Now he's back at home and I see him a few times a week and I don't know what to do. Should I tell him how I feel? I'm afraid if I do that then it'll be really awkward between us and I'll lose the relationship that we have now. Would it be better to not tell him? Try as I might, I just can't seem to get him out of my head, he's practically all I think about these days!
    Much love,
    Ally Kemp from MA

  4. Dear Susie,
    I have a friend who is a Christian, but has been influenced by the world a little more than she should be. We've talked about our future husbands, and she says that she doesn't really care if hers is a Christian as long as he is moral and has an open mind. How can I gently bring up the topic and urge her to only look for a Christian man as the Bible says? I care alot about her, and I don't want to see her end up in a bad relationship or anything.
    Joanna Johnson from NC

  5. Dear Susie,
    I feel so alone, and that no one likes who I am. I'm a loud, friendly person, but people just don't like being around me. Even my mom tells me to be quieter because "no one likes to be around loud people". I just want to have true, real, genuine friends who love me for me. And also, I've always been loud and feel like that is who God created me to be, but no one likes to be around that person. Almost everyone thinks I am annoying and talk too loud. I just don't know if I should change who I am when it's who God created me to be. Should I? I just don't want to be the girl who sits in the hallway alone anymore because she has no friends who care to talk to her or be around her..

    Chantal Booth from Washington State

  6. Excited to hear about the new magazine... I know it will be awesome!

    Love to you...


  7. Hey Susie,

    I'm in a very cool relationship with an incredible Christian guy. We've decided on "friending" -- a deeper relationship where we're pursuing getting to know each other, not romance. We've laid down a list of rules (no kissing, no "i love you," no being completely alone) but I'm realizing it's going to be a lot harder than i thought. any scripture i could memorize to keep myself from daydreaming about breaking those rules, or actually breaking them?

    i'm psyched about the mag. i really am.

  8. oh...and my name's Joanna Rutter from NJ

  9. Dear Susie,

    I am so excited about your new magazine!!! I used to read Brio all the time, and especially loved the Dear Susie section. It really helped me realize that other girls were going through the same trials as me. Now as for my question...In my freshman year of high school (I'm now a Junior) I met a girl 2 years older than me and became really close with her. She told me she was a strong Christian and she became involved with my youth groups, she became my best friend. When she turned 18, she started to stray away from the Lord. She moved out, partied, drank, smoked, and dated guys excessively. She turned into someone I did not recognize. About a year ago, I had to pull myself away from her. I told her that I loved her dearly and would pray for her, but that I couldn’t be her friend. She texted me a couple weeks ago and told me that she still doesn't understand why I can’t be friends with her. I told her I still can’t be her close friend but that I still would pray for her, she mocked my faith and told me that she gave up on God a long time ago. I have found out a couple more things about her that really worry me. I pray for her all the time, but I’m still so hurt and confused by all this. What should I do? Is there anymore scripture I can look at? Is God testing me?

    Thank you so much for reading this!!!

    Colleen Propst Maryland

  10. Dear Susie,
    well first of all, i dont know if i'm "allowed" to do this. but i have 2 separate topics for you...
    Okay. i've been wondering a lot about tatoos. i know my Grandma definitely wouldn't approve if i got one, that my parent's wouldn't care, and that my siblings would probably like it. but i was wondering... what would God's view on this be? I understand that in Leviticus 19:28 i states "... do not tatoo yourselves. I am God." and that seems pretty straight forward, but it also says in Isaiah 49:16 that God has our names tatooed on the palms of His hands. I know the difference in this is that He's God and I'm obviously not... but does this mean i would be going against God if i WERE to get a tatoo?

    okay. question #2.
    One of my friends i've known for a couple of months recently told me that she sometimes gets really depressed and was once even considering suicide because of this "depression." however, because of my knowledge of depression, i am almost certain that this is not her problem. the problem with this? she wont tell her parents. i have tried to convince her to talk to them, let them know what's going on and that maybe they can help her-but she refuses. i've also tried to convince her to go to a therapist or somewhere where they could diagnose it and make certain that that is what's going on. but again, she refuses. is there anything-besides praying for her- that i can do? i'm not close enough to her parents to really go talk to them about it, and we dont go to the same church, so talking to my youth leader wouldnt be much help either. any advice? thanks!

    oh and sorry this is so lengthy!

    Laura Downe TEXAS

  11. Ok, so here's my question:

    One of my friends (well, kinda my friend) is not a Christian. He says he's agnostic. He used to be a Christian, but I'm not sure what happened. Is there anything I can do besides just live like a Christian (which seems like he wont care about, since he is always around Christians and used to be one)and pray for him? I dont talk to him that often, and he doesnt come to church, only awanas. I was just wondering if there's anything else I can do. thnx.
    Ashley, MO

  12. Dear Susie,
    I have a best friend who has recently"fallen for the world" that might be a little exaggerated, but it's kinda true. We use to be so close , you couldn't get us apart.Then this year as we became 7th graders,she changed... dramactically!
    She was awesome and i loved to talk to her abou things, not only life matters, secrets but crushes too. She never liked anyone, so she helpes keep me in line. She was always reminding me, that he was just a guy, and i am supposed to love God more. And she was a great encouragment. But then she liked someone and then another, each time the relationships w/ whoever that guy was, got more intense. She became absorebed in clothing and her hair. Something that she never cared about before. She's a Christian,but when it came to relationships, she fell to much in love. i recently had her over and all she did was txt. it hurt my feelings SO bad, cause what use to be fun times w/ both of us carefree and happy, soon turned into, when she came over she would just txt our other bff, making me jealous.I tried to talk to her about it and she said she was just different. And that i'll have to deal w/ it. And idk. I'm probably being a little paranoid, but it hurts. To see her invite our bff over in front of me, then ignore me as they go to get in the car. but it hurts and when i really need a friend they aren't really there. i'm hurting incredibly about certain thing that don't have to do w/ them and i need a friend. I'm trying to figure out what God is telling me. I'm so confused. How do i approach her??
    Thanks so much and God Bless!
    Maleah James
    P.S. If you get the time could I talk to you about this on facebook? I knowthat you are SUPERR busy w/ this magazine and all the letters, but i'd love to hear you opinion!!!

  13. I get in touch with Brio when i was an interpreter for one of the mission trips in '04 and since then i've read it online, it's sad to see it go...

    this year my Senior pastor have been talking about the fruits and how God will bring new things to His people despite on how is the world around us.. so I know He is guiding you into this new adventure and He will support you and bring lots of blessing into this new stage of your ministry..

    Dasha from Panama!!

  14. i already posted my question but i was just reading through other peoples questions and i just wanted to tell Maleah that if you cant get a hold of susie on facebook she said if you e-mail her she is more likely to give you a direct response!
    your brio sis,

  15. Dear Susie,

    I know that suicide isn't a topic most people like to breach, but I have a question concerning it.

    I have a close friend who has a history of depression and suicide attempts (not a lot, just a couple -- and was stopped every time). For their sake I'm only going to use vague pronouns instead of a name or a gender related pronoun.

    This person has recently been physically disabled and, therefore, feels like a burden on those who take care of them. My friend attempted another case of suicide just recently (it didn't work though).

    This friend is a Christian and has been used by God many many times in the past. I have shared numerous verses with them and prayed with them on many occasions. But, I no longer feel like I am making even a slight difference in their life (mainly because they are still majorly depressed - it hasn't lessened).

    I would like very much to help them start towards overcoming depression; I know God can heal them, if they'll open up to Him. It's just that nothing I do seems to help them for more than a week or two. (They do see a therapist, but still don't make almost any progress.)

    Do you have any advice as to what I can do for (or say to) my friend?

    Thanks, Kathy (NC)

    P.S. Honestly, I want to do more than just pray. This person means a lot to me and I don't want to see them throw their life away. Thanks.

  16. Dear Susie,

    I'm active in my church, my youth group, and little kids look up to me as their "older" sister, but I feel like I'm drifting away from God all the time. I feel like I can't tell anyone about this because I'm suppose to be a role model. I don't read the Bible as much as I used to, and I feel really stressed from school. Is there a way to balance God-time and school time?

    Christine from MA

  17. Dear Susie,

    This may be a tough question, but it will still be intersting to see how you answer.

    I don't let ages bother me when it comes to friends. At church, I am friends with most of the girls. The problem is the cliques. I am really good friends with the middle school girls because a lot of them are part of my homeschool group and one of them is my prayer partner. However, I love to also hang out with friends my own age too. There is another clique with the girls my age that I have really gotten to know at Bible study.
    Is there an easy way to deal with cliques? Is there something easier than just trying to equally divide out my time? Also, how can I do it so I don't feel like I have deserted the younger girls?

    Melissa Molyneux, Akron, OH

  18. Oh, I have another question:
    Is it possible to excerise too much?

  19. Dear Susie,
    I loved reading Brio Magazine! But what happened to it? I would get it from my library and now they are not getting new ones. Then my friend said she hasn't been getting her magazine the past few months. What happened to Brio?



  20. Dear Susie,
    I love Disney. Disney music, tv shows, movies. I am addicted. There are some Disney things I avoid, because it is not good, but the other stuff I can't get enough of. It is really hard to listen to Christian music now! Mainly the stuff I listen to is the songs with romance, but I know there is more to life then that! I want to be able to have a sort of balance with Christian stuff being at the way top, is there a way to do that????

    Dear Susie,
    I love romance. Sweet, inoccent romance. I love Christian teen books with romance, and music with sweet innocent romance. The only thing is that in my mind that is the thing I most think about. Is there a way to get my mind off of it,but still dream a little and to dance with God, and live my life to the fullest??????

    Dear Susie,
    I have had a crush on someone for the longest time. He is very sweet at times, but there are things that he done and said that I don't agree with and he doesn't have a strong outward (That I can see) relationship with God. What can I do to move on??

    Dear Susie,
    I love to sing and I am in love of the fantasy of performing. The only thing is that I have a horrible voice and cannot even project that. I have loved music since I was little, and I have wondered why God has given me a love for music and performing. I am taking piano lessons, and my teacher thinks I should play in the worship band at church. Should I try to give up my fantasy? What should I do??

  21. Those 4 above questions are from Emily from Michigan

  22. Dear Susie, I hope your magazine goes reaklly well for you. I hope you can touch girls life's in the ways you nor God cpuld have ever imagined.