Saturday, November 28, 2009

SUSIE Magazine hit Barnes & Noble
stores across the nation on Nov. 24.

We double-dog dare you to go to one of the stores
and take a pix of yourself holding the magazine
by the rack it's on and send it to us!

We'll post it!
Send to:
and label your e-mail THE MAG & ME B&N
and include your first name, age, city and state
and PHOTO.

You'll find it on a side rack that says
"Customer Favorites."

You can ALSO find it at
Krogers, Cub Foods and King Soopers
grocery stores.

The same double-dog dare
goes for these stores as well!
Just change your e-mail label to:
THE MAG & ME KS (King Soopers)
or CF (Cub Foods) or K (Krogers),
so we'll know which place you're
posing for the photo with the mag.

Love you!
Susie Shellenberger

Friday, November 6, 2009

SUSIE Magazine

Big News!

If you've visited,
you’ve probably noticed we’ve been offering the features of
the online global sisterhood at no cost.
Sadly, we can’t keep giving this precious commodity away.

At the end of November will no longer provide
a full membership to anyone and everyone.
to existing members (people who have a subscription to the printed magazine).
It's a “Thank You” for helping us grow
And if you haven’t joined, you still have time to become a member FOR FREE if you act now!
Here are the future membership options:

1. Basic Membership: Free. Participate in some forums and create a basic profile.

2. Premium Membership: $13. Full access to the entire site which includes: electronic version of the print magazine, online video devotions with Susie Shellenberger, full profile features, all forums, friend groups, webinars, and so much more.

3. Full Membership: $23. Subscribe to the print version of SUSIE Magazine, and a Premium Membership of the Online Sisterhood is included. All you have to do is visit to set up your profile.

If you love the
Sisterhood, invite others...tell your friends. You’ll be their BFF for saving them a few bucks, and we would LOVE to see thousands of sisters get a FREE ONE-YEAR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! But DON’T WAIT!

We love you!
Susie Shellenberger