Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girls in the Sisterhood!

It's time to announce the top five winners from our recent contest. You gave tons of great names for our glamour column. And we're giving these five winners a brand-new CD of a hot new contemporary Christian artist  named Lanae Hale! You're gonna love her!

• Girlamorous by Summer H.
• Fun & Fabulous by Michelle
• Mystique by Caitlyn
• Style Spot by Ashley M., MO
• ibeauty by Meg

The above five girls need to email me with your addresses so I can get your prize to you! (

The actual name we've decided to use for the glamour column wasn't submitted. After going through all the fantastic names that were given, they helped us spark another title: Stylin'

So that's it. That's what we're calling your new glamour column. And it's being written by fashion and beauty expert: Shari Braendel. She travels all over the nation doing "What Not To Wear" seminars that are totally fun! She's also part of an amazing ministry called Proverbs 31. You're gonna love her sense of humor and her expertise on how to look your best!

Ready for the next contest
We need your creative ideas on our column formerly known in BRIO as "High Voltage." This is the monthly column that answers your questions on anything media-related: Artists, CDs, movies . . . anything related to teen culture. 

So go ahead.
Give us your best titles.
The winner gets this cool Bible we've pictured at the top of the page.

And girls, if you haven't told your friends about SUSIE mag yet, what are you waiting for? The first issue debuts in May! Remember, this is a real printed magazine that will actually come to your HOME. We'll also have a Web site with amazing interactive stuff so that once you've joined the sisterhood, you'll be able to communicate with other girls in the sisterhood. In fact, there'll be a special online section only for girls in the sisterhood!

But back to the printed mag: To ensure you (and your gal pals) get the very first issue, we need your subscription in NOW. You can subscribe with a credit card through (Rough Web will be up by March 2) or you can send a check for $23 (one year--12 issues) to:

Susie Shellenberger Ministries
3741 Bloomington Street #4
Colorado Springs, CO 80922 

Hey, Girls! I'm so excited about this new venture that I can hardly sleep at night! Do you realize you're getting in on the ground floor of creating the world's greatest sisterhood?

I love you.
Susie Shellenberger, Editor

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello sisterhood girls!

Brand-new contest! Remember the La Gamour column in BRIO? We'll also have this same column in SUSIEmag, but we want to give it a new name.

So you tell US! 
What in the world should we call it?

It will take your questions on skin care, fashion, beauty products, etc. 

Go ahead and start submitting as many names for this column as you want! We'll have FIVE winners. (But we'll only choose one title!)

Not telling what the prizes are yet, but you KNOW it's gonna be good! Just look at the cool stuff we've given away so far right here!

Love you!
Susie Shellenberger

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Big congrats to TWO winners: Danielle Shoemaker from Ohio for winning the Secret Power Bible study! And to Michaela D. from Nebraska. (Danielle and Michaela, I need you to email me and give me your mailing addresses so I can send you the books.) 

OK, ready for this week's blog prize? I'm giving away TWO prizes (for two different winners). A set of two fiction books (so you and your BFF can read them together) and a set of cool greeting cards I published for daughters to write on and give their mom.

Here's how you can enter to win this week's prizes: Post questions on the blog that we can answer in our beauty column. Questions about skin care, makeup, zits, etc.

Girls, I gotta tell you I'm so excited about our new sisterhood, I can barely sleep! 
What new sisterhood?
The new sisterhood through SUSIE magazine. Here's what I see happening: I envision thousands of girls . . . like YOU . . . bonding together and standing in unity through Christ to scream for stuff that truly matters.
Like what?
Like modesty. And intimacy with Jesus. And purity. 
I need that, Susie, because I don't really have a youth group.
I know! But get this: Thousands of other girls through SUSIE mag will be standing with you in this giant sisterhood. So when you think you're alone . . .and when you're wondering if anyone else on the entire planet still believes in things like standards . . . you'll be hugged and encouraged and prayed for and--
I get it! This sisterhood is about coming together and screaming for what's important!
Yeah, but it's also about you never having to stand alone again. Ever. Never. Ever. Never!
But I do feel alone SO MUCH OF THE TIME.
And when you're feeling that, you'll be able to converse with other girls in the sisterhood who can encourage you and feed you cool Scripture and pray for you.
But how will I actually talk with other gal-pals in the sisterhood?
Ooooh. Good question. So glad you asked. When the Susie mag website is finally up (we're shooting for April), you'll be able to talk directly with me and with other girls who are getting Susie magazine--girls who are in the sisterhood.
So this sisterhood is kinda like the world's largest youth group!
You nailed it! That's exactly what it is. And I can't wait for you and your friends to join. So please help me get the word out, OK?
Tell your gal-pals to get their subscriptions in NOW so they'll get the very first issue of SUSIE mag.
How much? And where? And all that stuff.
Tell them they can send a check for $23 (one year--12 issues) to: Susie Shellenberger Ministries, 3741 Bloomington Street #4, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
And if their parents have questions about the new mag, they can email me at:
I haven't signed up yet.
Girl, I am totally watching for your subscription. Seriously. I'm waiting right here by the mailbox for it to come in. So go!

I love you, Girls!
Susie . . . of Susie's Sisterhood (ha!) 
Tell me what you think about all this  . . . right here on the blogspot!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Susie's Blog for first week of FEBRUARY!

YAHOO! It's February. And it's also time for me to announce the winner of last week's blog prize: Joanna Rutter from New Jersey--you've won the One-Minute Bible for Students! (Joanna, you need to email me and give me your regular mailing address so I can send you the prize!)

This week's blog prize is: Secret Power to Treasures, Purity and a Good Complexion: A Personal Bible Study on the Book of Colossians by Susie Shellenberger. (I heard it's a good book . . . but I haven't read it yet. Just kidding.)

Anyhoo, whoever wins this book will actually get TWO because we want you to be able to do this fun Bible study with a friend.

How can you win? You get one entry each time you jump onto the blog and ask a question about guys. Not a specific guy . . . but guys in general. We'll then take these questions and actually ask guys to answer them and put the results in SUSIE mag.

Here's an example:

--How come guys say they'll call you, but they don't?

So your question should only be one line! And each time you enter a separate question about guys, you get another entry for the blog prize!

If you get a friend to come onto the blog site who hasn't been on yet, you get three entries. (But you have to email me and tell me who the friend is and provide her email.) And how are you gonna email me if you don't know my email? Ask no further:

(See, now there's no excuse.)

And if you come babysit my dog, Obie while I'm in Mexico this week, you'll get five entries. OK, I'm kidding.

But toss us every question you have about the opposite sex, and we'll go find the guys who are brave enough to give you their answers!

And who knows? YOU may be the winner of two Bible study books! We'll announce the winner next Toooosday instead of next Monday, because I'm in Mexico from Wednesday thru next Monday. Comprende me el-schedulo?

OK. I'll stick with English.

Remember, the first issue of SUSIE mag comes out in May. If you're wanting to subscribe, we need to get your subscription in el pronto. (Oh, yeah. I said I wasn't going to attempt Spanish, didn't I?) OK, we need it el-quicko. (See, I just can't help myself.) You gotta get it in NOW.

Here's how:

Send a check for $23 to:

Susie Shellenberger Ministries
3741 Bloomington Street #4
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

And please pray for me while I'm in Mexico!

I love you, Girls! Keep looking to Christ.