Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello sisterhood girls!

Brand-new contest! Remember the La Gamour column in BRIO? We'll also have this same column in SUSIEmag, but we want to give it a new name.

So you tell US! 
What in the world should we call it?

It will take your questions on skin care, fashion, beauty products, etc. 

Go ahead and start submitting as many names for this column as you want! We'll have FIVE winners. (But we'll only choose one title!)

Not telling what the prizes are yet, but you KNOW it's gonna be good! Just look at the cool stuff we've given away so far right here!

Love you!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Here are some ideas!

    -The Beauty Scoop
    -La Pure
    -Body Beauty
    -The Godly Body

    In the Word, are bodies are called a Temple for The Lord. Here's one to show that:
    -His Temple

    -Susie Says
    -Just Asking!
    -Hairspray, Nails, and Make-Up!
    -Beauty Etc.
    -Plain Jane

    -Alannah Pass
    Sorry for talking so much again!

  2. I'm not sure, but here are some thought's:

    -Inside Out Beauty



    -the mirror


  3. -True Beauty
    -Modesty and Fashion

    Ashley M, Missouri

    This will be so cool!

  4. Pure image

    Skin deep

    You View


    Free to be Me

    Shining Star


    from:Christiana Shaw

  5. *Beauty Inc.
    *Bella Moments (This is Spanish for fair or fine beauty)
    *La decor (Decor is Latin for beauty)
    *Spa Thoughts

    ~Emily Cummins

  6. ~Style and Cosmetics: the Godly Way
    ~Susie's Style Spot
    ~Christian Cosmetics and Style
    ~Pure Flow
    ~Belle Botique (French for beautiful shop)
    ~In God's Image
    ~Beautiful Through and Through
    ~Style for Dummies
    ~Modest Styles in a Sinful World
    ~Fashion 9-1-1
    ~Modesty and Style: 101
    ~Style by Shellenberger
    ~Beautiful Bodies
    ~Glamour: the Godly Way

    Amber Pramann, Utah

  7. -Attractive Adolescents (lol makes me giggle..)
    -Bella (Beautiful)
    -Pulchritudinous (Beautiful)
    -P31 (Proverbs 31)
    -Diamonds & Daisies (I got the theme song from "That Girl" stuck in my head!

    Chelsea V

  8. Glitz and glamour
    Lovely Ladies
    Like it or Love it
    From the eye of the beholder
    (made in) His Image

    Mallory V

  9. - The Beauty Stop
    - Hermosas Chicas de Dios (spanish for Beautiful Girls of God)
    - Beauté pure (French for Pure Beauty)
    - So Beautiful
    - Lipstick and Cleats (From a Superchick song)
    - God's Gorgeous Gals

    ~Andrea Basile, Indiana

  10. One Last Beauty Stop

    perfect in his eyes

    His Girl

    Bring on the Beauty
    (sorry couldn't choose which one i liked better)
    Bring on the Glamor

    Beautifuly and wonderfuly made

    Susies' Style

    Susie's sister-tips to help with fashion or blah blah blah

    Susie's tips

    probverbs 31
    (something like women of that character are more valiable that rubies)
    so you could do or something like that : Rubies'


    free to be me

    *I'll post more later*

    Danielle Shoemaker- OHIO

  11. * The Esther Page
    * Far above rubies

    already mentioned that I like:

    *the mirror
    * true beauty
    * P31 :-)
    * pure image

  12. I.M.A.G.E. (stands for 'I' have a purpose, 'M'ade in God's image, 'A'ccepted by Him in spite of my sins, 'G'iven new life through Christ's sacrifice, 'E'ternally connected with God)

    Reflection (with a logo of a girl looking in a mirror or a clear pool)

    Godly Glamour

    True Beauty


  13. Authentic Elegance

    He is Enthralled (inspired by Psalm 45:11 NIV)

    Unfading Beauty (inspired by 1 Peter 3:4 NIV)

    -Mackenzie Kennedy NY

  14. A few more:

    *Glorious Princess (see Psalm 45:13)
    *Fair Rose
    * From the inside out
    * genuine
    *beauty that lasts
    *pretty to the heart
    * designed by the Master

  15. Be-You-Tiful <--- this one is by far my favourite of the 3! :)

    Unfading Beauty

    Simply Stunning

  16. His Perfect Image




    Pleasing The King

    Perfect in Beauty, God Shines Forth

    His Glorious Beauty

    Crown of Beauty

    Beauty to Perfection

    Majestic in Beauty

    Unfading Beauty

    Joanna Johnson, NC

  17. mirroring God
    Holy Beauty (1 peter 3:1, the message)
    Lilies of the field (matthew 6:28)
    Adara-meaning beauty

    Natalie Dovel, North Carolina

  18. Hey! Jes here saying a few more...
    A Girl of Beauty
    A Woman of Beauty
    Self Image
    Gorgeous to God
    Reflective Image

  19. In His Image
    Made In His Image
    In His Eyes
    Honor Him (Psalm 45:11)
    Already Gorgeous
    Broken but Beautiful

    Ali Duncan

  20. Beauty Info 4 the inside ad out

    Glamour- God's Way

    B elievers A lready E nough U nique T o Y our FATHER!

    Maleah James!!! : )

  21. ~Beauty by Jesus

    ~Unmarred Beauty

    ~The Faith Fashion Forum


    ~Masterpieces of the Maker

    Kasey Fisher, California

  22. Primp & Pamper (this is my fave!!!)
    Shimmering (or Shining) Star
    Radiant (2nd fave)

    (If I could make an opinion comment, I hope you don't go with something overtly biblical or cliche. I appreciate the goal of honoring and reflecting God in how we present ourselves, but I think that that can be communicated effectively without plastering the same phrase in big letters at the top of the page every month.)

    I may be back with more later.:)

    Caitlyn L., CA

  23. How about:

    Mirror, mirror

    Spa You

    : )
    Beth M.

  24. girlamorous


    God's Glamour Girl

    how thou looketh in the King's Eyes

    King's Beauty

    Faithful Fashion

    Daughter's Beauty

    Beautiful Daughter of MINE

    Behold the Beauty

    Tips & Tricks for those that Love the LORD

    Lord's Lovely

    *Biblical Beauty* (my fave:))

    looking forward to your magazine!!
    Summer H.

  25. *God with us
    *God's Girls
    *Made by God

  26. Hey Susie,

    Here are some ideas:

    Inner Beauty

    Looking On The Inside

    Beautiful in his Eyes

    Beautiful is God

    Beautiful Daughter of God

    It's Not About Looks

    Ask Miss Beautiful

    (B)e (E)verything (A)nywhere (U)nderneath (T)he (Y)ou

    Looks Don't Count IT'S YOU

  27. Helpful Hints

    Style Spot

    The Apples (like the verse that say we are the apple of God's eye)

    Ashley M, MO

  28. fun & fabulous!


    fabulous 411

  29. (= "Bello Sempre e Sempre" =)? I'll have more time and Ideas tomorrow ;) P.S. I like Your backround-It reminds Me of Disney - Pixar's Short Film KnickKnack! :)

  30. Susie's Style

    Cutey Beauty

    la Bella

    Glamour yammer (lol)

  31. Here are some more ideas:

    Style Corner/Susie's Style Corner


    Primp & Pamper

    Style & Sheen

    Makeup Etc.

    More & More

    Cute as a Button


    Fashion and More

    Thanks for hearing me once more,

    Alannah Pass-Canada

  32. Opps!
    Forgot one!

    ~Mirror Mirror

  33. Yes: I am writing once more, I just wrote for an idea Mirror Mirror~Then I looked up above on the page and saw that Beth M. wrote it too. Sorry Beth, I did NOT mean to copy you. Susie: If you decided to choose that name, you can give the prize to Beth. Thanks and sorry to Beth!

  34. [= I believe this אָהוּב Is Hebrew for "Beloved" or "Dearly Loved" =]
    (= Όπως θέλετε =) This one is "As You Wish" Greek <3Princess Bride Anyone?<3 Te Eu Amo [: Portuguese For I Love You :] "Unë mund të rregullojmë që" Albanian For
    "I can fix that" (; From the book-movie Holes:D E.Estes

  35. Captivating (Proverbs 4:23)

    It comes from the book of the same title by John and Stasi Eledrege.

    According to the Wikipedia page on the book: Captivating is a popular and controversial book in the American/Christian market. Published in 2005 by John Eldredge and his wife Stasi, it proposes that women have three core desires: "to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty." (Eldredge 8). It also proposes that God made woman as the "Crown of Creation", an embodiment of God's beauty, mystery and vulnerability. The concept of woman as the "Crown of Creation" has become the subject of much controversy surrounding the book, critics claiming that it exalts women above men in the Creation.
    The book rejects the idea of an ideal woman and explores biblical scripture from the view that God desires woman to embrace her glory, rather than fear her femininity. Captivating is a companion to Wild at Heart also by John Eldredge, and argues that its model of femininity complements men's innate desires for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

    And the back cover of the book has a really great quote "Your heart matters more than anything in all creation."

    Proverbs 4:23 is one of my favorite verses. The NIV version of the Bible states: "Above all else, guard your heart, for it it is the wellspring of life."

    I'm actually planning on getting "Captivating-Proverbs 4:23" engraved on the purity ring I'm planning on ordering possibly this week. It's a reminder of worth, beauty, and that above all your heart is the most important thing.


  36. Hey Gals, I am sooo looking forward to the sisterhood, I love hearing the ideas of Christian girls from all of the world!
    :) from Rachael in Australia

    Behold the Beauty (Psalm 27:4, KJV)

    Glorious Beauty (Isiah 28, KJV)

    Everything Beautiful...
    (this is based on Ecclesiastes 3:11, KJV, and I love this because it says "He has made everything beautiful in His time..." God is always working on making us beautiful in Him and wants us to wait on His timing for our beauty to be totally compete in Him.)

    Absolute Purity (I Timothy 5:2, NIV)

  37. Glitz & Glam (Kind of what Mallory V suggested but shorter)

    Pearls & Curls

  38. ~Belle Que Faire (french...infers "beauty what-to-do)

    ~Wellspring (credit to Lissa for Prv 4:23 ref)

  39. I don't have any original contributions, but I wanted to 'vote' on my favorites from above:

    Bella Moments
    Primp & Pamper

    I also like what people have suggested, using something to do with 'Belle/Bella' or 'Esther'.

  40. Beauty from the inside out

    God's beauty


  41. The Mirror

    True Beauty

    Beyond Skin-Deep

    Taking care of his Temple (i know that ones long, but you could shorten it a little, with still having the idea of us being God's Temple)

  42. Enthralling -- (Psalm 45:11)
    Skin Deep
    Daughters -- (Psalm 45:10-11)
    Girl Talk
    4511 -- (play on "411" and Pslam 45:11)

    -Molly M. from Texas

  43. I think that we should call it:
    "Girls Questions About Life FINALLY Answered"
    "It`s a Girl Thing"
    "It`s Girl Talk Here Boys"

  44. I think that we should call it:
    "Girls Questions About Life FINALLY Answered"
    "It`s a Girl Thing"
    "It`s Girl Talk Here Boys"
    -Tori S.Pheonix,AZ

  45. Mirror Happiness? I dunno-but I'm just happy that we're going to be getting a mag again!