Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Big congrats to TWO winners: Danielle Shoemaker from Ohio for winning the Secret Power Bible study! And to Michaela D. from Nebraska. (Danielle and Michaela, I need you to email me and give me your mailing addresses so I can send you the books.) 

OK, ready for this week's blog prize? I'm giving away TWO prizes (for two different winners). A set of two fiction books (so you and your BFF can read them together) and a set of cool greeting cards I published for daughters to write on and give their mom.

Here's how you can enter to win this week's prizes: Post questions on the blog that we can answer in our beauty column. Questions about skin care, makeup, zits, etc.

Girls, I gotta tell you I'm so excited about our new sisterhood, I can barely sleep! 
What new sisterhood?
The new sisterhood through SUSIE magazine. Here's what I see happening: I envision thousands of girls . . . like YOU . . . bonding together and standing in unity through Christ to scream for stuff that truly matters.
Like what?
Like modesty. And intimacy with Jesus. And purity. 
I need that, Susie, because I don't really have a youth group.
I know! But get this: Thousands of other girls through SUSIE mag will be standing with you in this giant sisterhood. So when you think you're alone . . .and when you're wondering if anyone else on the entire planet still believes in things like standards . . . you'll be hugged and encouraged and prayed for and--
I get it! This sisterhood is about coming together and screaming for what's important!
Yeah, but it's also about you never having to stand alone again. Ever. Never. Ever. Never!
But I do feel alone SO MUCH OF THE TIME.
And when you're feeling that, you'll be able to converse with other girls in the sisterhood who can encourage you and feed you cool Scripture and pray for you.
But how will I actually talk with other gal-pals in the sisterhood?
Ooooh. Good question. So glad you asked. When the Susie mag website is finally up (we're shooting for April), you'll be able to talk directly with me and with other girls who are getting Susie magazine--girls who are in the sisterhood.
So this sisterhood is kinda like the world's largest youth group!
You nailed it! That's exactly what it is. And I can't wait for you and your friends to join. So please help me get the word out, OK?
Tell your gal-pals to get their subscriptions in NOW so they'll get the very first issue of SUSIE mag.
How much? And where? And all that stuff.
Tell them they can send a check for $23 (one year--12 issues) to: Susie Shellenberger Ministries, 3741 Bloomington Street #4, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
And if their parents have questions about the new mag, they can email me at:
I haven't signed up yet.
Girl, I am totally watching for your subscription. Seriously. I'm waiting right here by the mailbox for it to come in. So go!

I love you, Girls!
Susie . . . of Susie's Sisterhood (ha!) 
Tell me what you think about all this  . . . right here on the blogspot!


  1. This sounds awesome. This is going to be fun. Love the idea. I love youth group. Ok, so here's my question:

    How can I ghet clearer skin? I have so many zits. I've tried Neutrogena, Acnefree, Velocity from Mary Kay, and there might be one other I'm forgetting. I'm currently using Acnefree, and it seems to help, but my face still has a bunch of zits. they aren't huge, and don't bug me a lot, but I would like to get rid of them.
    Also, what are some healthy snacks? And some good excercise to build muscle?

  2. How do you keep your hair from splitting? And if they already have, is there anyway to fix them?

    What is the most flattering hair cuts for my head shape?

    (I can do hair questions, right?)

  3. What color of eye shadow is best for green eyes?

    Does it matter that I use cheap shampoo or should I spring for the most expensive stuff?

  4. Hi Susie!! I just wanted to say I'm so excited to have discovered your blog and to hear that you're publishing a new magazine! I was a Brio subscriber for 10 years during my teen years and was sad to hear that the magazine had ended. I loved it so much and actually regretted having to end my subscription. I'll be sure to be keeping up with your new one!

  5. Girls, this sisterhood is gonna be outta-this-world-EXCITING! What it means is that you'll never be alone again. Think about that! Never. Ever. Ever.

    You'll have a safe place to run to--a place where other Christian girls will hug you, support you, pray with you, laugh with you, cry with you. A place where Christian girls will march united together for absolute truth.


    OK. I could go on and on and on and on, I'm so jazzed.

    I can't wait for you to become a part of this!

    I'm serious. You need to get your subscription in NOW if you haven't already!

    -Susie Shellenberger

  6. I have three questions.

    I have kinda greasy hair. Is their anyway to make my hair less greasy?

    How can I keep my hair healthy in the summer when there is chlorine and sun?

    Is there any way to keep my scalp from getting sun burnt?

    Joanna Johnson, NC

  7. 1. I get hangnails so often! It's annoying to have to trim them everyday, but otherwise I'll tear them on accident. Is there any way to prevent these hangnails?

    2. I'm on a budget. What brands of make-up and beauty products are good, but inexpensive?


  8. I have really curly hair, and I'm still kinda learning to deal with it. What reasonably priced products are best for curly hair, and how do I get the curl without the frizz?

    Christina from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

  9. are there any good hair straightening products besides a straightening iron. i want my hair straighter but using the iron everyday damages my hair so i was wondering if there are any other styling products like how they have curling gel but for getting your hair straight.

    Dani Fairbairn living in nothing-to-do-ville which is right next to Kennesaw, GA

  10. These are GREAT questions, girls! Keep them coming! We'll get them answered in an upcoming issue of SUSIEmag.

    --Susie Shellenberger

  11. I have wavy, layered hair, and it takes forever to comb it when it's wet, like after I shower. Is there any way to reduce all the tangling?

    Does nail polish really make your nails brittle?

    Arianne Felicitas
    Plano, TX

  12. It takes so long to get rid of zits! Is there a way to temporarily disguise them? (Like if you have an important dinner, interview, or outing tonight and you woke up with a big zit on your face?)


  13. 1-I have noticed in recent months that my hair gets really greasy, sometimes even on the day that I wash it. I only use conditioner on the end of my hair, but am I doing something wrong?

    2-I also get dandruff sometimes that won't go away for a month. I use Head and Shoulder's Shampoo, but sometimes it doesn't work. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? ...because its kind of embarrassing!

    Kasey, Ca

  14. I have to wash my hair everyday becuase it gets really oily. I use conditioner on the ends only like Kasey, and it really bad!! I mean i've haven't been able to got to school w/o washing my hair every morning for like the whole year!!! Should i be using more conditioner or none @ all?

  15. What does a good skin care regimen look like?

    I want my lips to be softer, but I hate the feeling of gunk on my lips so I never wear chapstick. Is there anything else I can do?

    How can I stop biting my nails?

    What are some cheap ways to get whiter teeth?

    What vitamins are good for your hair, skin, etc?

    What are the most damaging things you can do to your hair? What can you do to help it the most?

    What foods contribute to pimples?

    What's the best way to apply foundation evenly?

    Susie, thanks for doing this, really. Just by submitting these questions I feel like I'm having a hand in creating the new mag! I can't wait, I love your vision for it with the sisterhood and all!

    Alta Loma, CA

  16. Hey Susie!
    I always have a hard time with my eyeliner running because i have really oily eye lids.. is there any solution for this?
    Birmingham, Al

  17. Do you have any good shampoo and conditioner for greasy hair? My hair gets greasy really fast even if I wash it on a daily basis.

    Any good product out there for strong healthy fingernails and anything to make them grow faster?

    How do you feel about make-up? I want to know how much make-up is too much

    Ali Duncan

  18. What is a good makeup brand that won't use up my entire life savings?

    Is there a way to keep from getting excessive split ends?

    Is there a certain type of shampoo that's good for long hair?

    Mackenzie Kennedy, NY

  19. My nails break really easily, is there a way to prevent that?

    Mackenzie Kennedy, NY

  20. I think the idea is ABOVE AMAZING!!!! I can not wait till the mag and the website comes out!

    Any Suggestions about hair styles?

    My hands are a little dry and they have never been like that before... Do you know why skin gets dry? Any Help preventing and fixing dry skin?

    Danielle Shoemaker

  21. Which form of makeup, out of the following two, is better for your skin - foundation or powder?


    My hair seems to collect static like crazy. Is there anything or anyway I can use to calm my hair down that is not too expensive?

    Kathy, NC

  22. I have really sensitive skin and my ance treatment (proactiv) irritates my skin. Is there another acne treatment for sensistive that works just as good?

    Natalie Dovel, NC

  23. Hi Susie!!!

    I'm so EXCITED i found your blog!!! Well, here's the deal. I am a ballet dancer... so i wear my hair up every day except Friday and Sunday. My hair is broken, and tends to get greasy all the time! I never really do much with my hair because i'm wearing it up all the time. But when i wear it down.. it looks unhealthy. I don't know what to do.

    Also, i have acne. I am going to a dermotalogist friday... but i've had it for years. Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you so much for putting out an AWESOME blog!

    God Bless! =D
    <3 Karis

  24. My skin gets really dry in the winter, especially my hands. I use lotion sometimes but the next day they always get dry again. They get so dry that at times I get little cuts that bleed. What do you recommend I do for them?

    Thanks! Your blog is a huge blessing!

    Jessica Bradshaw

  25. How exactly should I apply mascara correctly? I get smudges above my eyes and it almost looks like I'm wearing eyeliner! Should I try a different brand/type?

    Every beauty column I read says stuff about filing your nails. I cut mine with a nail clipper...Is that bad for my nails? Filing takes so long!

  26. Hey Susie! I love your blog, and can't wait for the first issue of Susie Magazine to come out!
    Here are my questions:

    -How often should you wash your face so that you keep it clean, but don't dry your skin out?

    -My hair[especially my bangs] gets really oily in the evenings. I use conditioner only on the ends of my hair. What should I do?

    -I started straightening my hair this year, but I'm afraid the straightener will damage my hair. What do I do to prevent damage?

    -Are there any really quick ways to get rid of zits? Or do you have to just keep washing your face regularly and wait it out?

    -What's up with the whole myth about toothpaste clearing up zits?

    -I have some really embarrassing zits on my chest, like right above the top of my tank top. They won't go away! What caused them and how do I get rid of them?

    -My hair is always static-y in the fall and winter. Is there a way to get rid of the static?

  27. not sure if it's totally related, but is it true that drinking whole milk can help prevent acne? It doesn't make sense to me because there is more fat in it!

  28. Grace from MissouriMarch 1, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    How do I make my hair look shinnier after I get out of the shower???

    How can I have a cute hair style that doesn't make people stare at me??

  29. What is best night/morning face wash?

    What is the best makeup brand?

    My hands go extremely dry when the weather grows cold, and some lotions (scented or unscented) sting my hands, and yet some scented lotions do not sting. Any suggestions?

    Whenever my nails grow to the length I want them to be, they always break, is there a way to keep my nails?

    I have hair that goes slightly over my shoulders, and I love putting it up in a hairtie whether in a low or high pony tail, any ideas on hair styles??

    Is it odd to wear makeup now and then, I usually only wear some to church or social gatherings now and then?

    Do you have an facial recipes??

    What is the best guide for plucking your eyebrows?

    Is it bad to comb my wet hair with a brush?

    When I take out my earrings there has been black holes, why is that?

  30. I have red hair (kinda orangish tint) with fair skin what colors look best, and what shades of pink and purple can I pull off??

  31. How can you tell how much water to drink everyday? I've heard that it can be bad to drink too much though. I run cross country and I try to drink about 5 bottles a day. I weigh about that too much water?