Sunday, February 1, 2009

Susie's Blog for first week of FEBRUARY!

YAHOO! It's February. And it's also time for me to announce the winner of last week's blog prize: Joanna Rutter from New Jersey--you've won the One-Minute Bible for Students! (Joanna, you need to email me and give me your regular mailing address so I can send you the prize!)

This week's blog prize is: Secret Power to Treasures, Purity and a Good Complexion: A Personal Bible Study on the Book of Colossians by Susie Shellenberger. (I heard it's a good book . . . but I haven't read it yet. Just kidding.)

Anyhoo, whoever wins this book will actually get TWO because we want you to be able to do this fun Bible study with a friend.

How can you win? You get one entry each time you jump onto the blog and ask a question about guys. Not a specific guy . . . but guys in general. We'll then take these questions and actually ask guys to answer them and put the results in SUSIE mag.

Here's an example:

--How come guys say they'll call you, but they don't?

So your question should only be one line! And each time you enter a separate question about guys, you get another entry for the blog prize!

If you get a friend to come onto the blog site who hasn't been on yet, you get three entries. (But you have to email me and tell me who the friend is and provide her email.) And how are you gonna email me if you don't know my email? Ask no further:

(See, now there's no excuse.)

And if you come babysit my dog, Obie while I'm in Mexico this week, you'll get five entries. OK, I'm kidding.

But toss us every question you have about the opposite sex, and we'll go find the guys who are brave enough to give you their answers!

And who knows? YOU may be the winner of two Bible study books! We'll announce the winner next Toooosday instead of next Monday, because I'm in Mexico from Wednesday thru next Monday. Comprende me el-schedulo?

OK. I'll stick with English.

Remember, the first issue of SUSIE mag comes out in May. If you're wanting to subscribe, we need to get your subscription in el pronto. (Oh, yeah. I said I wasn't going to attempt Spanish, didn't I?) OK, we need it el-quicko. (See, I just can't help myself.) You gotta get it in NOW.

Here's how:

Send a check for $23 to:

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And please pray for me while I'm in Mexico!

I love you, Girls! Keep looking to Christ.



  1. Do guys care about how fashionable a girl's clothes are?

    What do guys think of make-up?

    What do guys think of girls flirting?

    Melissa Molyneux
    Akron, OH

  2. What do I talk to a guy about to get his attention?

    Do I really have to know all about sports to be friends with a guy?

    How do I get to know about a guy (from that guy) with him thinking I want to be his girlfriend?

  3. Oh, and I do have 2 boys (17 and 21) if you want to poll them for answers. :o)

  4. whoop whoop- see you in Mexico!

    How do you feel about this statement? "Girls are only worth what you think they're worth". (I heard a highschool boy say it in class once- grrr)

  5. What do guys think a flirty girls?

    Can a girl be too sporty?

    Do guys get mad if you beat them at a game of some sort?

    Would guys rather play video games/sports with a guy more than with a girl?

    Do guys get annoyed if you talk to them, as long as they aren't trying to do something else with thier friends?

    Ashley M, Missouri

  6. i meant "'of' flirty girls" (first question)

  7. Should you always let a guy be the one to initiate a relationship including casual friendship?

    How do you be friendly to guys without them thinking you're flirting or that you're romantically interested in them?

    How do you let a guy know you want to be friends without it coming across as flirting?

  8. What qualities do guys look for in a future wife?

    What would you go do on a first date?

    Do you like a girl who speaks there mind or one that is less outspoken?

    Dani Fairbairn Kennesaw, GA

  9. Do you prefer a girl who is a talker or a listener?

    Do you respect a girl more when she dresses modestly?

    Are girls who lead a christian life attractive and do guys notice that in a girl?

    What is the best thing girls could do for guys to build them up spiritually, encourage them, or help them not to stumble?

    When a girl doesn't talk to a you when you say something to her, do you automatically assume she is rude, or do you think she is just quiet or shy?

    What is the most romantic thing a girl could do for a guy?

    Do you think it is a okay for one girl and one guy to pray together?

    Do you think it is better to court or date?

    What can girls do for guys to show them that they respect them or love them as a brother in Christ?

    What amazes you most about girls?

    What intrigues you most about girls?

    What bothers you most about girls?

    Is it important for guys to have a strong role model in their life?

    Michaela D, Nebraska

  10. Do guys notice changes in a girl (haircuts, new shirt..etc)?

    -Christine, MA

  11. i have more..

    Do you think it is a good idea to discuss and set boundaries for the relationship?
    such as being alone together, sex before marriage, kissing.
    and what boundaries would you set?

    what do you think of girl's who have low self-esteem? does it bother you? do you want to help them? or do you think they should just get over it.

    What would you say to a girl that needs encouragement?

    *this one is my favorite because i have always wondered*
    Would you rather date a girl that has dated many times before or would you rather be her first boyfriend?

    Dani Fairbairn still living in Kennesaw, Ga

    P.S. hey susie, i think you should have girls send in a bible verse or a motto for the mag!

  12. Are you drawn away from girls who ask too many questions or talk too much?

    Chantal Booth from Bothell, WA

  13. When you date are you just dating for fun, or are you thinking about marriage?

    What qualities do you look for when considering dating a girl?

    Do guys talk to each other about their lives and stuff?

    Joanna Johnson NC

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  15. Ok, sorry, the above was me, but I wanted to try again cuz I was logged in with the wrong username.

    What do guys define as "flirting"?

    Do guys mind hanging out with girls that are "girly"?

    How might a guy ask a girl out without actually saying "will you go out with me"? What's the code? (Sorry, wasn't sure how to combine that into one sentence.)

    How do guys define a "serious relationship"?

    What is the most annoying thing girls do?

    Where is the line between a girl being friendly and being forward?

    And really, what IS the attraction in video games?

    ps - The new background is so cute, Susie! Though it would be easier to read if the teal was just a shade or two lighter.

  16. Is it hard to tell if a girl just wants to start a friendship with you, or if she wants to be your girlfriend?

    What do you think when girls you like are good friends with other guys?

    Arianne Felicitas; Plano, TX

  17. Sorry for the double post. I should probably clarify my name and origins:

    Caitlyn Lutz; Alta Loma, CA

  18. What is it with guys and the no-chick-flick policy?

    Do you think modesty is important?

    Do you value casual non-dating friendships with females?

    Christa Bryce, Huntsville, TX

  19. How can you be friendly with a guy without making him think you like him?
    - Grace Beasley

  20. Is it really important to a guy for their mom to like their girlfriend?
    -Grace Beasley

  21. How come guys just act so stupid sometimes?
    -Grace Beasley

  22. Where should the line be drawn when dating?
    Grace Beasley

  23. I dress modestly and he said he likes when girls dress modetly, but then he goes and flirts with the immodest girls, why?

    My christian friend and her boyfriend snuggle all the time, is he taking advantage of her?

    My mom says a guy like you when they tease you alot, is this true, if so why?

  24. oh sorry the above was from Natalie Dovel

  25. If a girl is friends with a guy, and she thinks the guy might like her. What would be the best way to say "I'm not interested?"

    Christiana Shaw

  26. Why do guys tend to make jokes with a girl and they don't make sense?
    What should a girl do if a guy show's intrest to date her but she doesn't like him in the same way?

    ~ Brandy Henry

  27. Do guys talk to thier friends about girls they like, or do they get judged too much?
    Ashley Mayberry

  28. Lots of questions!!!

    -Is it possible to know if a guy really likes you or if he's just being nice and simply loves girls in general?

    -What topics do guys consider "awkward" to discuss with girls?

    -Do guys analyze and play back conversations over and over in their heads the way girls do?

  29. Why do guys ignore girls when they're around their friends at school, but then act all sweet and nice when they aren't with their friends?

    Why do guys not brush their hair?!? (I mean seriously, what is up with that?)

    Why do guys only talk about the latest movie, or video game?

    Why do guys hate talking on the phone?

    Rachelle Braun

  30. How much makeup is too much?

  31. Do girls talk too much ie. do you wish we would be quiet sometimes?

  32. Do you think it's important for a girl to do well in school?

  33. Do you think less of girls who don't embrace dresses, getting their nails done, hair done etc. and prefer jeans and sneakers?

  34. Do you ever seek advice from your mom when it comes to girls and dating?

  35. Does it crush you when a girl says no to a date?

  36. Do you feel pressure from the media to look a certain way (muscular)?

  37. Do guys ever cry, if so when?

  38. Does it bother you that girls are more emotional?

  39. What are guys most self-conscious about?

  40. Do guys get used to girls being 'inmodest'?
    (I mean they say we have to dress modestly [i do]but would they get used to girls who don't?)

    Is it better to be quiet, or outspoken?

    How do you tell a girl is a strong christain?

    What do you want a girl to do for you?
    (girls like guys who buy choclates or something like that, what do guys like girls to do for them?)

    Would you rather a friend who's a girl, or a 'girlfriend'?

    Whats the first thing you notice on a girl?

    Who is your dream girl?

    If you could live one day, what would you do?

    What are guys' most self conscious about?

    Would you rather a girl who was modest or really fashionable?

    Whats your favorite thing about girls?

    Danielle Shoemaker - Ohio

  41. what do guys really think about front versus side hugging a girl?

    how can i become a guy's friend? like, work through the awkwardness of not knowing what to talk about?

    is it annoying when girls talk a lot?

    What can a girl do to encourage you in your walk with God?

    What's the best way to spend time in a group with guys and girls?

    Why do some guys seem to enjoy acting perverted just for the laughs?

    Elizabeth B
    Antioch, CA

  42. Does a guy notice changes in a girl (i.e. haircut, new clothes) more if he likes her?

    What subjects do guys like to talk about with girls?

    Ashley Mayberry, MO

  43. Are guys usually more distant from their female friends than their guy friends?

    Arianne Felicitas
    Plano, TX

  44. How can a girl be a good friend to a guy without appearing too forward or giving him the wrong signals?

    Serenity Fung
    Kendall Park, NJ

  45. How should a girl approach a guy without appearing flirtatious?

    How do i know if a guy is flirting with me?

    Danielle B, PA

  46. Why can't guys just be themselves around girls?

    Elizabeth Pyle, OH

  47. Why do guys always have to act mucho?

    Elizabeth Pyle, OH

  48. What do you think about saving your first kiss for your wedding day?

    How and when do you set physical and emotional boudaries in a relationship?

    Do guys notice girls who dress modestly?

    Do you try to be good friends with a girl before you date her?

  49. What do guys first notice about girls?

    Would you rather wait until you are in your late teens or early 20s to start dating?

    For the first girl you date would you want to be her first boyfriend?

    Would you ever give up something important to you so a girl would like you more?

    Do you save your kisses?

    What do you think of tattoos and piercings?

    What is your favourite Bible verse and why?

    What is the most attractive feature in a girl?

    Do you think it is important for girls to care about their looks?

  50. Sorry for the double-post, but I came up with a few more.....

    What do you find most attractive in a Christian girl?

    What do you value most in a relati

  51. How do you approach a guy who you want to become close friends with without coming off as having an interest in him?
    -- Chantal Booth from Washington State

  52. Why do guys not notice the modest girls or just choose not to date them?
    -- Chantal Booth from WA State

  53. i have another.

    Do you think its okay for a girl to be a teacher in the church? for example what do you think of girl preachers or girl youth leaders?

    Dani Kennesaw, GA

  54. Love your blog and am excited about the new magazine. Blessings! I shared some info about it on Real Teen Faith.

  55. Hey, sorry, the one that says "Sorry for the double-post, but I came up with a few more....." well, that was mine! :D Danielle B., PA

  56. Why do guys find it okay to flirt with another girl, yet want to pound the first guy that gets close to their sisters?


  57. I've got a question for you:How come guys say they'll call you, but they don't?

    That's always baffled me.

  58. how would you feel if on your wedding night, your bride presented you with a letter she wrote telling you that she waited for you?

  59. Do guys blush when they like you or is that just what they do?

    If a guy likes you,will he make fun of you?

  60. How come a guy says he is really going to miss you and then only writes every 3 months? When he does he writes meaningfully, but you'd think if he cared he'd take more time to write. Also, why do guys like things like cars and knives and guns so much?

  61. Hey gals... I'm in Australia... but I loved Brio and I'm so sad it's gone! Here are my questions for the guys... looking forward to seeing answers if/when 'Susie' reaches my Aussie home! xoxo Rachael H.

    For the guys:

    What are the top three things a Christian guy does NOT want to see in a Christian girl?

    How many times do you change your clothes in the morning before leaving for school/work/church/etc?

    What should I be doing to prepare myself to be a good wife someday?

    Are there many Christian guys out there who value girls who are the Proverbs 31 chicks? (she's my role model, as well as my mum and great grandma)

    Should I ask a guy if I can eat lunch with him at school?

    I'm 15. Do you see it as a bad thing that I have never been kissed/kissed a guy? (some Christian guys I know think that I'm weird cause of this)

    If I want to be a good friend to you, what should I say to you and how should I act around you?

    I'm home schooled. (but I do some things at a local college) How can I develop good relationships with guys?

  62. What do guys think of shy girls?

    What does it mean when I guy just randomly drops a conversation?

    What does it mean if a guy says he doesnt like you, but then like puts his arm around you and stuff?

    Why do girls get a bad rep for being emotional when guys emotions change so frequently?

    How do you know when a guy likes a girl for the right reasons?

  63. Are you hiring the BRIO staff for this new magazine?

    P.S. I love you guys!!!

  64. what do guys talk about among other guys?

    I know a lot of (good)weird guys, how can I tell if they like me or are just being annoying?

  65. How do you be friends with guys that you've known- but your not really buds- without seeming like your flirting?

    And how do you become friends with a guy who you think knows that you like him- how do you become friends without making him think you like him?

    Is it a neat idea to write letters and a journal to your future husband?

    Thank you for all you do SUSIE magazine is going to be fabulous!!