Saturday, January 17, 2009

Susie's Blog Candy Kick Off!

Hey, Girlfriends!

God helped me create Brio magazine several years ago, and I totally loved getting to know many of you through its pages. When it was discontinued and given away . . . I asked God what was next in His adventure for me.

He reminded me that just as He helped me create Brio, He'd like to help me create something brand-new . . . a magazine for teen girls that's more relevant, more spiritually engaging and custom-made just for you! And to help you identify with the one who answers all your questions, we decided to make the name really easy.

Your new mag is simply: SUSIE.

It's a new season.
A new era.
A new beginning.
An exciting adventure.
And YOU can be part of creation from the ground floor!

I gotta tell ya . . . I'm so excited, I'm giggling out loud as I write this!

Here's where the FUN starts: You tell me what you want in your brand-new mag. And to celebrate, I'm tossing out lots of blog candy. And I do mean lots!

Once a week for the next 16 weeks (Yes! Believe it! You really did read that right—the next 16 weeks!) I'm giving away Bibles, books and cards.

Here's what to watch for:

  • Every Sunday evening the winner will be announced. Be watching so you can contact me for your prize if you win.
  • Every Monday morning new blog candy will be posted.
  • Each post will specify how to be entered into the drawing.
  • The more you help spread the word about this blog, the more chances you have to win.
Here's how to win this week's blog candy:
  • Get one entry for leaving a comment on this blog telling me exactly what you want and need in this new magazine. (You don't need to be a registered blog user to comment. Just click on "Anonymous" when leaving your comment, but make sure you include your full name and the state where you live.)
  • Get one entry for mentioning this blog candy on your Facebook page.
  • Get two entries for posting a link to my blog on your own blog.
This week's blog candy is: The Word in Life Study Bible


  1. I'm emailing everyone I know and posting it all over my FB to get the word out! Looks awesome!

  2. Katie-Beth and I are very excited to be a part of this exciting new journey. We will get the word out and pray with you. You know we love you and count it a privilege to be involved!

  3. This is awesome! I was a huge fan of brio mag and miss it! I guess what i want from this new mag is the dear susie questions and a devotional. I also love your humor and funny stories, if you could incorporate some of that it would be awesome (i went to peru with you in 07 and 08). I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome!
    Natalie Dovel, North Carolina

  4. Dear Susie,

    I love it! Way to go, girl!

    How about a "Dear Abby" column? I thought of trying to start one called "Dear Linnette," (or something different from Abby) but didn't know where to go to start one. Feel free to use my idea. I wouldn't mind helping you out with it, but I won't be offended if you just use my idea, either...or not. (Of course, it could be "Dear Susie.")

    Anyway, I'm VERY excited for you and will be praying for your new venture as God brings you to mind.


    Linnette from Missouri

  5. I think it would be great to have a health section in the new mag. And a fashion section would be good too because it has been getting pretty hard to find tips about fashion that take modesty into consideration. Another idea is having a section with a Bible reading plan.
    Andrea Basile, Indiana

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  7. Super excited to know about SUSIE!! I absolutely loved BRIO and would like to see you include things like ways we can pray for people who influence teen culture because they are HUGE influences to how we think of ourselves, our world and how we can impact it. Also, there are tons of YouTube videos that include songs from Christian artists, testimonies of people in incredible situations living out their faith etc. to share. Here is one of my favourites: "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath ... and Nick Vujicic

    Thanks, Susie. Can't wait for the new mag!!

    Hannah from St. Marys, Ontario, Canada

  8. Yay Susie! So happy that you're starting this new magazine! I love Brio...

    In the magazine I think it would be great to see a devotion section, maybe a blog section with your blog or someone else's blog that hit you. Umm lot's of the stuff that was in Brio would be cool!!

    Thanks for doing this. You're awesome Susie!

    Elizabeth from Cleveland, Ohio

  9. Hey Susie!

    I am so excited to see that you are starting a new magazine!

    I have put a link to your blog from mine (

    I think that you should do an article on spiritual fruits, and definately put quizzes in the magazine! The quizzes were one of my favorite parts of Brio.

    In Christ,

    Melissa Molyneux
    Akron, Ohio

  10. HooRay! Can't wait to see the new magazine. Hope you'll being using alot of the same authors and staff from the original BRIO magizine. They were awesome!

  11. Good Job Susie! This will be great, how exciting to see something new and fresh come on the scene!

  12. Thank you for telling me about this!!! I will definitely help spread the word. I want to share this with as many people as I can! I would love to have a devotional in the mag, as well as articles on exercise and fashion. It would also be neat to include stories from missions trips and stories about girls all over the world. I can't wait to see how God is going to use you to create a great magazine!

    Jessica Bradshaw, Ohio

  13. Hey Susie! Cant wait to see the new mag! I love reading about teens going on missions trips, thats one of the reasons im going on the brio one this summer! i also love devotionals! I put your blog on my facebook! ~Kelly Schmitz~

  14. This is so awesome. I loved BRIO magazine, and I'm so excited that you're writing SUSIE now. You wanted ideas so... I liked the Dear Susie column in the old magazine. I also liked the inbox, because I liked hearing what other girls thought. I also like the newest column you had about the lies the world tells us, and the truth. Maybe you could also put a list of prayer requests from the readers each issue.
    If you need any help, message me.
    I will post a link to this on my facebook and on my blog.
    Ashley Mayberry, Missouri

  15. I am so happy your doing this!!!
    when I heard that brio was gonna be discontinued I felt like I had just lost my best friend and there was nothing I could do about it! But now I am so happy I can't contain it!
    I'd really love it if you had stuff including missionaries out of the country, youth speakers, encouraging real-life stories along with fictions, and stuff to help grow in faith and spread God's love, and book, movie and music recomendations.
    Could you keep having stuff from guys points of view, they've helped me so much in the past and i'd love it if you kept that kind've stuff in there :D
    Thanks so much for everything you do, and may God bless you and all the work you do!
    I'll be spreading the word :)
    (btw see you in Guatemala)

    Rachel Tengler, New Mexico

  16. I would like to see a lot of spiritual helps, like how to stay connected with God in the midst of a busy lifestyle, how to share your faith, how to grow in friendships. Also encouragement and advice about how to keep a positive/godly attitude amidst the challenges of life!
    I also liked the beauty tips in Brio, but a lot of the time I was at loss because I know close to nothing about makeup. Maybe some articles about basic application, and how to choose the right colors/kinds of makeup for you? and more articles like the Jean one which showed which jean is best for which body type.
    Another idea I had is to have a section where there's advice on how to help friends through tough times. There was a quiz about it in Brio, but I have friends who are struggling with eating disorders, and cutting, and those issues weren't mentioned in that quiz.
    one last thing, crafts and recipes are a lot of fun :) and they could be presented as ideas to have fun with your youth/small group!
    Thanks for venturing out on this, Susie, I am SO excited for SUSIE!!
    ~Elizabeth B.

  17. this will be the start of something new, { and no i didnt say that line from the highschool musical lol} i will totally keep you in my prayers!! thanks Susie!

    Sarah Banister

  18. I am so excited for this!

    I'd love to see more emphasis on the bible and how to make it real in our lives. I think it might also be cool to have girls submit poetry and essays, stories and art to inspire other girls all around and share their abilities. :]

    -Shaina Burke, Maryland.

  19. Hi Susie,

    In the new mag, I know for sure that you need devos. Lots of fashion ideas, and center it around God. There are not many mags I like, and Brio was the only mag I ever signed up for. I was devastated when it shut down. Please center the new mag around God. I'm a Pastor's Daughter, and I'm craving for more things for Christian, modest, teen girls. Thanks for hearing me go on and on:)

    P.S. I'd love to win something:)

    ~Alannah Pass

  20. Hi Susie! In the new magazine, I would like to see articles relating to things girls face now days. The pure pressure they face and the issues they face are nothing we had to face when we were their age. (Yes, I'm old) Perhaps you could do a story on teen girls and how they have held fast to their faith in Christ through some difficult things. That way girls would have someone to relate to in what they are going through. Or maybe have a writing contest and have young girls submit a story or poetry or even a photo taking contest and feature someone different every month. I love the suggestions on devotionals for girls. Also perhaps feature articles on Moms and their relationships with their teen daughters.

    Thanks for listening. :-)

    Missi Spruill

  21. AWESOME!! YOU ROCK!! Thanks for being willing to "get out of the boat and walk on some water!" If, like Peter, you start to sink ... EVER...I know there will be a MIGHTY HAND holding you up!

    If you need a few "disciples" to get out of the boat with you (instead of being the typical boathugger and watching the excitement from the saftey of our wooden benches) please let me know! I will stand with you in any way you need me to!

    Love ya lots!

    Pam Stenzel

  22. Wow! Perfect timing. Just had a former student contact me a couple of weeks ago looking for past issues of Brio. I can't even remember to whom I send the request since I know about 1/2 of your family and many of your friends.

    I will be sure to pass this on. I have 2 nieces who are teens and they live in different cities.

    Many blessings upon this ministry as it begins and for you as you lead this new entity. I hope God continues to bless your life.
    Marcia @ SNU

  23. Hey susie,

    This is so great to hear, I love brio and everything you poured into that mag has helped somewhere along the way! thanks!
    some ideas:
    poetry contests.
    girls sharing what God is doing in their lives
    more advise on the stuff stuff

    ( Im your facebook friend)

  24. Hey Susie,

    I just spoke with Breezy and asked her what she would like to see in the mag that would make her want to read it each month, and she said she would like to see articles on fashion, especially for girls who are trying to be modest. Articles for makeup tips to help them have the "natural" look. Articles for understanding the Bible better and how it applies to them. I just thought you'd like to hear from a teenager what she would like!

    Blessings on your new venture!

    Missi Spruill for Breezy Spruill

  25. Lisa Brown for Ashley & Brittney BrownJanuary 22, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Susie: My girls, Ashley & Brittney had a wealth of ideas to share! Here they are, as they say, in "totally random" order:
    *an advice column - "Dear Susie" or "Ask Susie"
    *clean jokes
    *Bible verses sprinkled throughout, maybe with a small picture to illustrate
    *help with organizing a homework schedule
    *articles on things other girls have gone through and how God helped them through it
    *dating - when to start, what to expect, etc.
    *articles on how to respond to body changes, first menstrual period, etc.
    *funny stories about people, funny things that have happened to them
    *appropriate but cute fashions for Christian girls

  26. Thanks for starting a new magazine! I LOVE Brio and was so sad to hear it's ending. How do I sign up??

  27. Hey!!! Wow, I am so excited about what God is doing! It would be cool to have a more in-depth section featuring apologetics, politics, and leadership help in creating a godly worldview. I know that this would be a huge help for us girls as we go to school (or are homeschooled) in reaching our friends.

    Emily from Florida

  28. We loved Brio, and are sad it is going away. The devotionals have always been a big hit, but more articles on real life application of Scripture would be nice. How to apply "good" peer pressure to counter the bad, cultivating the beauty within, becoming friends with the hurting are all good ideas. We trust God to bless your efforts!

  29. Oh, and yeah, ive already posted once, but I read these and I wanted to say that the idea about something about dating is a good idea. And maybe have contests and stuff like that. Those are fun.

  30. Susie! This is extremely amazing! Well, about 20 ideas just popped into my head, but i'll only share a few:

    1. I think it would be cool to have an article about trying to work for a new goal each month...such as invite 1 friend to youth group a week, spend 20 quiet minutes with God each day, etc. Then, you could help identify strategies to achieve these goals.

    2. I know that a lot of girls struggle through high school, and then most end up feeling guilty for turning on God in such difficult times. Some of my friends at school, seem to not even desire a relationship with Christ for fear of being rejected. It would be awesome if an article could highlight one struggle each month, and then point out that God STILL wants our hearts, even after we've rejected Him.

    3. True beauty is something that most girls do not know about. It's so hard for us to believe that we are beautiful when the world tells us the opposite. Encouragement to believe that God calls us gorgeous is definitely needed in today's society!

    Thanks, Susie. I completely appreciate your willingness to continue this ministry!

    Stephanie Bergland, TEXAS

  31. Okay, so you are probably going to think this is weird but I only have boys. I'm commenting though because I know my boys (my 17 year old in particular) would love it if girls understood that they are not all stereotypical guys who want only one thing. They want to understand and have a relationship with a girl without it being too serious. So I'd like to see those issues addressed with teen girls. Thanks for listening!

  32. This is great Susie!!! I love it!!! Once i figure out how to do this, i'll put down my ideas!! Thanks so much! This is awesome!!!

  33. Hi Susie! I just linked you up on my blog! I'll be excited to see your magazine take shape!

  34. Susie!!! This new mag will be so great! I was sooooo sad when my last issue of Brio came, so I just cannot wait until your new mag comes!

  35. That's awesome!! I would like a question and answer part that have questions every teenage girls asks and a biblical answer.

  36. This is awesome Susie! I'm a big fan of brio and I can't wait to see your new mag! :]

  37. I'm so glad you are continuing to follow God's leading even when things weren't working out just like you thought. For the new mag I would say a deep and spiritual mag. The things like fashion are ok, but you can get that in other mags and I'd rather read one that takes on hard topics and digs deep. God is good!

    Rosemarie Greenawalt, Virginia

  38. I already commented before, but I want to add that it would be great to have challenges helping us to grow closer to God while serving our communities. I completed the 2nd Brio challenge in 2007 and it really helped me grow in my faith. I loved every issue of Brio that I got, so I hope that you will incorporate some of the same things into your new mag. Thanks again for letting me know about this!

    Jessica Bradshaw

  39. I have three boys, but we raised our neices for three years and they are still a very big part of our lives. I think that you need to have articles about keeping the faith in tough and busy times. Also stuff on peer pressure and bullying at school. I am excited to hear about this and will be getting it for you neices. Thanks, Cheryl Barnhart, Ellensburg, WA

  40. I'm super excited about this!
    I think doing the "dear susie" section and a devotional, would be great! And a fashion section
    would be awesome!

    Jenae Acre, Oklahoma

  41. YAYYYY!!! I will spread the word like crazy! And let me know if you need books for giveaways.
    Or 8x10 glossies....
    ; )

  42. Hey Susie!
    Alright. well i'm gonna post the link on my facebook, and my myspace blog... and here are a couple of ideas i have.. i dont know if someone else has already posted ideas similar to these... hopefully not.
    I think it would be really good if there were articles about popular people, like different bands or Christian artists, that have faced some really hard times, but overcame them. Too often we hear about people who seem to have the "average Christian life", where they grew up in church, were saved when they were young, etc. and never really went through any really difficult times that tested their faith. I think more articles portraying people who have indeed had their faith tested in unimaginable ways, but overcame it would be a really awesome encouragement to girls like myself.
    also, i understand that this IS a teenage girls magazine, i just encourage yall to keep in mind that not all girls are the girly-girl type that love dressing up, make-up, and all of that. i am one of those tom-boy type girls that would rather be outside with the guys hunting or fishing than shopping all day or going to get manicures.
    also, keeping the dear susie, in step devo's by natalie, and inbox sections would be pretty awesome. those are some of my favorite articles. thanks for this opportunity in letting us have a say in what we would like.
    Laura Downe TEXAS!

  43. Beauty and Body image: always remind readers that the body they have was made beautiful in it's own unique way-just don't perpetuate the body image falsehoods seen so often in the media.

  44. Susie, I'm praying! I love it that SUSIE will be relevant, because you are so real. I'm writing a book for Christians singles. After doing research, these stats break my heart.
    • Four out of ten born again adults do not rely upon the Bible for moral guidance.
    • Evangelical teens have more sex and sexual partners than non-evangelicals.
    • Eighty percent of U.S. born-again teens agree sex outside of marriage is morally wrong, yet 66% violate their beliefs.
    • Virginity pledgers preserve “technical virginity” about 18 months longer than teenagers who do not pledge. They’re six times more likely to engage in oral sex than virgin nonpledgers and less likely to use condoms during their first sexual experience or to obtain testing for sexually transmitted infections.

    And the stats for STI's are staggering and terrifying. I hope you can be a beacon to teens struggling with hormones.

  45. hey susie,
    i am soo excited that you are going to make a new magazine. i agree with a lot of the girls above the devotionals and the inbox. i also like the crafts and recipe idea. i also would like to see more contest like how brio had the design the t-shirt contest. another thing i liked about brio was there calendars. i liked to challenge myself to do whatever it said on that day. one thing i would love to see is a section for girls to send in prayer request. that way girls from all over can be praying for them.

  46. hey susie,
    i am soo excited that you are going to make a new magazine. i agree with a lot of the girls above the devotionals and the inbox. i also like the crafts and recipe idea. i also would like to see more contest like how brio had the design the t-shirt contest. another thing i liked about brio was there calendars. i liked to challenge myself to do whatever it said on that day. one thing i would love to see is a section for girls to send in prayer request. that way girls from all over can be praying for them.
    -dani Fairbairn living in Kennesaw, Ga

  47. Hey, Susie!
    I have to say that I loved Brio, and that you did such a good job. May God bless you in this new venture!
    Here are some ideas for topics you may want to discuss--
    ~self-respect/value: is it important?
    ~vanity: the definition of, and how to avoid it.
    ~words: how they can hurt without the intent (i.e., sarcasm, jokes, language)
    ~lying: is it ever okay?
    ~pity-parties: how can I stop?!
    Other content could be things like:
    ~quotes to make you think
    ~creativity: fun and beautiful projects!
    ~bio: everyday--or not so everyday--stories from other girls like us!
    ~short challenges (follow-up mags could include results from girls who did them)
    ~long challenges (anything that would take over a month to do--like read the entire Bible!)
    ~fun challenges (like write a poem, draw/take a picture exemplifying an emotion/spiritual topic)
    Have fun with this new project!
    Madeline Reimer, 17, Minnesota

  48. I posted your blog on my blog under "My Blog List!" @

    Madeline Reimer, 17, Minnesota

  49. I would like the new magazine to be more spiritually challenging and include articles on dying to self, the importance of repentance and obedience, and other things that seem to be glossed over in the average church these days.

    Poetry, art, and story challenges would be fun, too.

    Katherine Rozar,

  50. Hello!

    How about "the numbers" on a favorite christian artist? ie, their DOB, how many times they've... or how many children.. or how much... etc.

    I am always encouraged to find out who is a Christian in Hollywood or in the Modeling world. Many do not get the platform to say their faith out loud, but they dearly love the Lord. It would be great to have a colomn that spotlights one such person and they can share their temptations, struggles with not always being with the Body, and how we as Christians can best pray for them as they walk the Walk in Hollywood/ Catwalk, etc.

    I LOVE poetry! Brio didnt have too much in it though.. maybe some in Susie? An arts section (photography included!)?

    MOVIE REVIEWS!!!! they are SOOO helpful! Plugged In is my movie BIBLE! if they dont approve my fam and i DO NOT watch it! lol!

  51. Hey Susie!!
    Here are some ideas I have
    ~Teens can send in short stories/poems that they’ve written
    ~Articles on how to deal with things teens are going through at this moment (depression, cutting, premarital sex, drugs, death, peer pressure, emotional ups and downs etc…..and how friends can help friends who struggle with this)
    ~a famous quote section where famous Christian quotes are updated every issue
    ~Arguments for the existence of God, the Bible’s authenticity, etc
    ~Anything mission trip related
    ~A section on what Christians around the world are going through and what they are doing (China, India, Africa, etc..) Maybe having something where famous Christian fiction authors write a column (like Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Bill Myers, etc)
    ~Post a bunch of Christian (or even just clean) movies that are very powerful (it’s so hard to find good movies….ones that are not dirty)
    ~A section where teens can send in their own speeches they’ve written
    ~A section for inspirational speeches (and post materials for public speaking)
    ~A prayer chain
    If I have any more, I’ll post again =)
    I’m so glad you’re doing a new mag!!!
    ~Chrissy Amy

  52. Hey....Forgot to post my info (I posted above as Chrissy Amy)
    Chrissy Guglielmon, NJ

  53. Hey, Susie! I'm not necessarily wanting to enter (I have plenty of Bibles already) but did want to share my thoughts. I've read Brio for the past six years or so and loved it, BTW. :)

    I'd like to read stories on The Fun Stuff, like intercession, prophecy, worship, healing (inner and outer), signs and wonders, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, a total lifestyle of faith, etc, stuff that truly inspires and challenges the girls that read the mag. I believe this generation is ready to take it to the next level and usher in revival. Also stuff about dying to live and living to die, being the bride of Christ... and that's just scratching the surface. This is the stuff that makes me burst out of my skin with excitement. :)

    I also like some of the above comments re: prayer requests. That could be a logistical nightmare, but it would also be really cool to allow us to pray for each other every month.

    I have a blog for teen girls, It's rather small right now, but I have big dreams for it. I'll post a link there. :)

    ps - my sister Elise says hi. She reads Brio too. :)

  54. Hi Susie,
    This is Esther Levison here. This looks like a great new magazine and the name is simple and somewhat fashionable to the modern-day era for Christian girls. One thing I really loved about Brio was having a 'Brio girl' and being able to read her columns. I wonder if something like that can be done for this new mag. Other than that, everything else would be great! Possibly the inbox and the traditional monthly columns for Brio. I'm very glad that you are making a new mag to replace Brio, so whatever you do as long as it is leading young ladies to Jesus, salvation and eternal life is fine with me. Continue to stir girls in the positive direction with devotionals (Natalie Lloyd's pages were always absolutely beautiful) and asdd unique and new touches. I also loved seeing the advertisements on the different books. I have 'Bloom' by you and the other people involved and 'Beauty Secrets' by Dr. Deborah Newman and her daughter. Keep in the moment - example, last year before the Olympics you put an article on my favourite athlete Allyson Felix, and Asafa Powell. That's one thing I'd really love. So in conclusion, keep with the moment, possibly continue to advertise some good, godly books or items and if there could be anything similar to Brio girl, please pursue to have that in your magazine. Your magazine was the BEST! Even without that stuff I mentioned, it'd still be worth reading by far!
    Keep up the very, very, VERY good work!
    < - - - Esther - - - >

  55. Dear Susie,
    Like i was talking to you about before, i would love to see a fiction contest where us girls could send in short stories. I would love to see what other's write. Another thing that would be cool, would be a pen-pal thing, so that, us sister's in CHrist could team up and write each other. I love to make new friends, and sometimes, at the end of the day, i really just need a friend who can listen. I think a pen-pal would be great in that sense, because when we are having troubles with our friends @ home or school or wherever, we could write to our pen-pal, and maybe they could have some insight, or an encouraging scripture to offer! I am so excited about your new magazine!!!! I loved BRIO , but this will be just as great i know, cause i can tell u and God are doing this together!!!!
    God Bless You, and thanks so much!



  56. Hey Susie!
    Awesome idea. I think a Dear Susie column is a must.
    Devotions would be really great, and they are always a buhe encouragement.
    Some of the things God has laid on my heart lately are things that teenage girls, including myself, forget about, or confuse for things they aren't. Some would work nicely as topics of discussion - modesty (not only dress, but actions), purity (not just saving sex until marriage), dating vs. courtship, and abortion.
    Just a few thoughts. Can't wait to see how God uses this to reach out to so many girls!

  57. Hey Susie!! I'd definitely like to continue writing with you, but something else that I think that would be cool is if "Susie" could have more freelance writing from teen girls. Maybe have an article a month from a writer our age sharing an experience or something awesome God is teaching them.

    Love ya!
    Melissa Gibby

  58. Brio's going away? When did this happen?? I think it'd be cool to read about average girl's stories. Learn how they deal with life, even in difficult circumstances.. a bad breakup, abuse, etc. Girl's stories of them making a difference because they've chosen God's way over the world's way.

  59. Love your blog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of your magazine for teen girls!!!! I have a 12 yr. old so this is PERFECT for my up and coming teen. I can think of nothing better than a magazine that has your words from God all thru it. I will be praying for this magazine. Love ya Susie!!!!!!

  60. Ok, yes, this is my third post. Sry if it's a problem. I was just going to say I like the pen pal idea. And real life stories would be cool. Ok I'll try to shut up now, lol. I tend to talk a lot..... :D

  61. oh, and no, I'm not trying to get entries. lol

  62. Susie! I am so happy that you are making a new magazine:) While I am still excited that Brio is continuing with another editor, I am even more excited to hear that you will be involved with another one. I love brio/brio&beyond!
    Things i would like to see in the magazine are:
    ~healthy eating choices/alternatives
    ~ways to help your prayer life
    ~definitley "Dear Susie"
    ~maybe a page each month for college students (i'm going to college next year:))
    ~and maybe ideas to serve God or getting involved in the community
    ~poetry/photo contests...or just entries in the mag
    ...i'm sure that whatever ends up in the mag will be amazing:) i'm excited!

    I posted a link from my blog and on my facebook:)
    Kasey, California

  63. Susie I am very excited about your new mag...My kids received Brio and Breakaway (a gift from their Aunt Melany) I think Christopher still has the issues...My kids are now grown Amanda married with a little girl of her own and Christopher will be getting married in March '09...I hope to get Susie for my granddaughter Mallory when the issue hit the stands...Congratulations on the new adventure in your life...I am excited...

    Cindy Kyzer- Pasadena, TX

  64. I would like to see beauty tips. It's really helpful. I also like short stories! I am so happy that you are going to make this magazine! I can't wait to read the first issue!

  65. Dear Susie,
    Wow! I'm very excited to see how God works this magazine out. I think it's a great idea! So as to what I think should be in it, I like the encouraging real-life stories. Can't say I'm so much into the whole fiction stuff. Also, I do like the "Read Through the Bible with Brio" section, but I wish it was like more towards a specific topic like "Being Good-spirited" or "Forgiving Others" because they're not always like go together. Also, continue the excercising part.. very helpful b/c they're quick and easy. Hmm.. maybe some inspirational sayings//quotes.
    Here's a list:
    -"Dear Susie" column
    -Recommendation on books//music
    -articles on purity and on relationships (both family, friendsk, and dating)

    And I'm not sure what else.

    Thanks so much for everything you've done. You are amazing and thanks for signing my book in Peru (: Hopefully I'll be going back to Guatemala this summer!

    Chantal Booth
    --Bothell, WA

  66. Will the magazine be for teens or teens and moms or gals in general?

  67. Susie,

    I am glad I can pass this along to Jessica, she really enjoyed Brio. Thanks for continuing the work.

    Kirk Brinegar

  68. Hey there!
    I stumbled on to your new blog and am so excited for you! As you know my girls aren't teens yet but I'm glad you're continuing on this path regardless!
    Best wishes to you Susie!
    See you at church on Sunday!

  69. I'm really looking forward to what Susie magazine will be like!

    Here are some ideas for the new magazine:
    I agree with a lot of girls, and would like to see you guys keep the inbox and devotional. I'd also like to see make-up tips, and some tips on how to dress in a cute, but modest way.

    Recommendations on music, both Christian and mainstream would be good.

    Good luck!

  70. Susie-
    My daughter has always loved Brio. Now that she is going off to college in the fall, it would be nice for her to have a magazine that would address the young college kids and situations they will face.

    Your friend from Ohio,

  71. Dear Susie,
    I'd like to see for my girls some articles on faith issues is it normal to question my faith? How do I know that I'm in the center of God's will? When God is quiet? What about open and closed doors-is that the way to make decisions for my life? I am getting these kinds of questions from my teens. Glad your doing this.
    Deanna Stringer

  72. I posted this on my blog and my blog is

    --Chantal Booth from Washington State

  73. Susie,

    Love the idea about real life stories of faithfulness. Where do I send my money?


  74. Hey!!!!
    I was thinking that giving volunteer opportunities in certain areas of the United States would be helpful to us teen girls!! It would keep us active in our community!!!

    Katie Luedecke, Texas

  75. I'm really excited about the new mag!!! I think it would be really cool to have some little articles/tips on how to really connect with God on a daily basis. Also I think it would be great to hear about what Christian guys think of godly/modest girls and how to just be friends without anything extra. Another thing that would be really neat would be to have an artist/movie/book of the month!!! I can't wait to see the mag!!

    Emily, Texas

  76. You should do a column just for College students. I'll be a freshmen next fall and would love to have a Christian magazine that applies to me. I don't know of any, so perhaps you could dedicate a section for us older girls???

  77. Hey Susie!!! It's dave's daughter! I am so excited about the new mag! U wanted 2 know what I want, I'll tell u. Your advice on celebrites, like high voltage. A calender, advice columns 2 seperate 4 body questions & any type of question. Also, stuff about God of course!!

    Hope this helps!!

  78. Susie, daves daughter again. Question, how do we subscribe 2 the new mag? E-mail on facebook.

  79. okay i know this contest is already over but i was reading some of the other ideas and i just wanted to say that i really liked some of them. i like the pen pal idea a lot!! and i definitly like the movie/book/cd of the month idea, and i liked the idea with the read through the bible with brio but kind of topical. i think it would be cool. instead of having it read in a year. have maybe one month focus on passages about trust or troubled times.

  80. Hi Susie!
    I just wanted to let you know what i would like in a magzine for girls (i'm not doing htis for the contest)... I am in the 10th grade this year, and us girls have to face a lot of hard decisions. The main thing that we need advice on is really relationships, and how to be reminded to bring God to the center of all of it. I just want to be able to read a magazine that will not only give me good everyday advice, but also help me in my walk with the Lord. I Love Brio and hope this next magazine will be a even great succes!!
    Love, Grace

  81. I'd love to see more Bible studies, specifically ones on different people in the Bible, men and women. :)

  82. A helpful suggestion: learn something about basic web design. This blog is very hard to read, and you make a lot of elementary mistakes, like using multiple colors in the type. Remember, not every computer monitor or web browser displays things exactly the same way, so what looks readable on your screen is illegible or nearly invisible on another. Stick with simple, not elaborate.

  83. dear susie

    i want a mag just like brio whith stories and in step with natttile loid and health q and a
    and beuty colom all the same people that put together brio altho i would like a recipe section and joke section

  84. Dear Susie,

    This sounds amazing! I want a magazing that has up to date fashion, maybe some info about famous people that we can look up to and what they're doing, and of course the TV and music reviews. Plus the read-through-the-bible-in-a-year thing!

  85. Can we still get the schedule for the read-through-the-bible-in-a-year somewhere? We started this year and now the brio website isn't there anymore.

  86. Hi
    How old should you be to read your SUSIE Magazine?

  87. Please please please put up a pen pal system! I realllllllly think that would be great! Then we could tell other girls our prayer requests and praises and just what God has been doing in our lives. It would totally rock!
    - Pandagirl4Jesus