Sunday, August 9, 2009

We've been chatting about asking the right question.
And girls, I love the way you're turning your questions
around to make them right!
That's exciting.

(If you've just joined us, read the last blog entry
so you'll be "in the know" and can comment with
us, OK?)

Jesus loves your questions.
But He wants you to ask the right questions.

And sometimes Jesus will ask you a question.
In Matthew 20:29, Jesus asked two blind men a question:
"'What do you want me to do for you?' he asked." (NIV)

The two blind men were specific in their answer.
They told Jesus they'd love to see.
Like the two blind guys, Jesus wants YOU 
to be specific in your conversations 
with Him.

"Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes.
Immediately they received their sight and followed him." 
(Matthew 20:34 NIV)

I like the way The Message paraphrases the above verse:
"Deeply moved, Jesus opened their eyes."

Jesus is deeply moved when you respond
with the right focus.

Jesus asked the question.
The two guys responded specifically.
They became His followers.
Jesus was deeply moved.

Earlier, (in Matthew 20:20), 
Jesus asked Mrs. Zebedee
the same question.
She was the mom of
James and John—
two of Christ's disciples.

Mama Zebedee—
like the two blind guys—
also responded to His question.

But her focus was completely off.

"'What is it you want?' he asked." (NIV)
And Mama Zebedee then asked if 
her boys could have the two top
places of honor in God's kingdom.

"Can Jimmy and Johnnie sit at Your
right- and left-hand spots
when You set up your kingdom?
They'd look great on the right and left
of Your throne. You know . . . 
with You being in the center of course."

Remember the last blog entry?
There's always a question behind the question.
What was she really asking?
"Can You make my boys important? 
Cuz if You can elevate them to positions 
of importance . . . it's gonna make me
feel really good about myself."

It was all about her.
Jesus saw through her question.

She had the same opportunity
the two blind guys had.
The Creator of the universe
walked right up to her and said, 
"What do you want?"

Talk about a loaded question!

If her focus had been right . . .
she would have asked a different question.

It's your turn.

Think about it.
Realize this.
KNOW it.
The King of kings has approached you.

And right now He's asking you a question:
"What do you want Me to do for you?"

What's your response?



  1. ~Susie....
    What do i want him to do for me?
    Wow thats so loaded , would i even know how to answer-
    Mama zebedee needed your book that obie chewed.
    -So i've been thinking hard,wow look there's alot of smoke :0) "call 911" J/k
    What would i Want God to do For me?
    Find a Cure For Cancer & Make it possable to heal those with severe illness,without them dying and going to heaven for their healing.
    ~Magilicutty 11:20pm

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  3. What do i want God to Do for me is...
    or what do you want me to do for you?
    ... Ready My heart to carry God's love!
    <3 -L.C

  4. That's such a tough question. It's so easy to respond like Mrs. Zebedee.
    What do I want God to do for me?
    Make me feel comfortable being myself and not so self concious, so that I can shine brighter for Him without being afraid.

  5. Wow!
    That's Deep!
    I want God to bring my very close nieghbors, that are nto christians to Him. I just want so badly for them to know you, Lord. Please, work in their hearts.

    If you would, please pray for them.

    ~Michelle 12:17pm

  6. This is a tough question, but I know what I would say. I'd be like Solomon in 1 Kings 3 and ask for wisdom. I think that wisdom covers just about everything. I'd know what to say to my lost or hurting friend, I would be able to tell right from wrong, I would just know everything!!! And God gave Solomon so much more because of his request.

    -Alana D.

  7. I still haven't gotten my August issue yet...should I call? I live in Canada and I understand it might take longer, but I got my July issue on June 29 and am wondering if this is not normal for it to take so long.

    Anyway, that was a tough question. I'd have to ask for wisdom as well. I'm not trying to be a goody-two-shoe and am just answering that to sound intelligiant...I really REALLY want wisdom. I'd also ask the same thing as, and the same as Michelle. I also really would like everyone to turn to Jesus and to trust Him. And also for world peace. I have so much to ask Him.

    By the way, I was baptized into Christ yesterday. :] I feel soooo new now and it feels GREAT to know my past sins have been forgiven! Isn't it an awesome feeling? I'm trying to not let Satan trip me and make me stumble, so could you guys please pray for my walk with Christ to be intimate and steady? Thanks guys!

    -Esther <3

  8. To be totally honest... Christ asking me what He can do for me kinda almost makes me feel bad... I'm like "NO YOU ALREADY DIED ON THE CROSS FOR ME! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU!?!?!" God's grace and and His knowlege and interest in our everyday lives never ceases to amaze! : ) Allison S.

  9. If I would have God do anything for me, it would be for Him to give me the strength to tell my parents about the calling he has given me. I have tried, but they have dis-approved. So, yeah, strength to tell them that would be awsome!


  10. whoa...Susie...That's deep.


  11. What's the sisterhood?? and how do i join? does it cost?

  12. Edit on my last comment:

    My past sins were forgiven already [since when I sinned, I prayed for forgiveness], but my past sins are now completely erased. =) It's an awesome feeling.


  13. i think i would ask for a more positive mind. im so negative all the time, and i talk and say things when i should just shut my mouth. and its hurting people...if i had a more positive mind...more positive thoughts...i think i could be more focused on God, and more willing to live out his word. lately i just feel like ive been dissapointing God.

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  15. There is a lot that I would probably ask God and like Erin said it would be easy to be like Mrs. Zebedee(spelling?) Right now though. . .I would ask God to give me the wisdom not to get so distracted during school so I can finish on time. I would also ask the same thing Erin asked.

    Esther, that is really cool about you getting baptized in Christ!!! :D

  16. That is deep Susie. I would have to say that I want God to use me to do the work of His hands here on Earth, and to prepare my heart to be with Him one day.

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  17. What I would ask God to do for us..
    heal the hurting,shelter homeless,employ the
    unemployed,break addictions,populate church's,
    nurish the hungry,heal our land.
    hour by hour-the world is hurting & in need.
    ~Lord Give us Clean Hands & Pure Hearts
    Obey *Your Will for our Lives,
    so that We may *listen to Your Calling.
    Thanx for Giving us the Cross!

    In His Mighty Grip
    ~ C. nErUaL
    The Cross '+' Sieze it & Share It!

  18. If Jesus just walked up to me and asked that question, I would say . . . "I want You to make the world right; accept me and forgive me of all sins (even though he already has) just as I am; make the world and everyone in it perfect again; heal my brother's leukemia." I would also ask him to help prepare me for His work and going Home to Him.

    ~Emily Sue

  19. Thats a really tough question to answer, since I've been thinking about questions that I'd ask Him since I was little.
    But I'd honestly have to ask for faith. I am a born again Christian, but sometimes I catch myself doubting or losing faith in the Lord's incredible power. I think that we've been so decieved in this world that at times its hard to believe. I would ask Him to give me faith to believe without a shadow of a doubt, and so that I could share Jesus with people easier.

    And maybe for know what is of God and what is not(or of the world). Sometimes its easy to figure out what path God wants us to choose and other times we just have to trust the Lord to lead us.

  20. I think I would ask for happiness. Happiness with whatever I am doing throughout my entire life. I would ask for him to give me opportunities that serve him and for joy doing them. Is asking for happiness wrong? It's pretty much about me... but I think I would serve God better if I were a happier person, more confident, etc. But, I can see how it's selfish too. ?? And I would also ask for more faith and less doubt. And the knowledge part, so when people question me about my faith I could better explain it. And, now that I think about it, courage to let my faith be known.

  21. I thought about it, and I think I'd ask for patience and wisdom. Patience with my family, at school, patience in my faith. I'm constently thinking, God just show your true voice to me, but it's a process. I need to spend more time with Him, read in His Word and I need patience AND wisdom in my faith and the things before me.

    Thanks for the great question Susie.