Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi, Girls!

I've enjoyed reading your responses to Christ's question to you.
As you know . . . we've been talking about asking the right question.
(See the past two blog entries if you're just now joining us.)

The Bible gives an amazing example of the disciples asking the
wrong question.

It's found in Matthew 18:1:
"At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, 'Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?'" (NKJV)

I'll share more on this later . . . but first I want to know what YOU'RE thinking. 
Why was this the wrong question to ask?

Susie Shellenberger


  1. it was the "wrong" question because he was trying to lift himself up. i think that he thought Jesus would say the his disciples were the greatest. maybe he should have asked "how can we become the greatest?"....

  2. That's a hard question...well, I suppose it didn't matter too much, and Jesus/God is obviously the greatest.

    I still haven't gotten my August issue yet. It's been over a week and my July issue came on the last day of June. Should I call? [I live in Canada]


  3. I'll have to say that I mostly agree with G. My first thoughts were that it shouldn't matter who is highest in heaven (but that's obviously God/Jesus), but how do we get to heaven in the first place would be a better question I think.

    -Alana D.

  4. I think that this was the wrong question, because, like you guys have said, God is undoubtedly the greatest in His Kingdom!!! I think that one question that they could have asked is "How can we serve the greatest in Heaven?"

    I love how you make us think Susie!! :)

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  5. Esther: Yes, please call about your subscription: 1-888-81-SUSIE.

    Girls, I'm loving your thoughts here. And Meg, I like the way you reworded the question.

    Give me more!


  6. Esther,

    I live in Nova Scotia, and I STILL haven't gotten my August issue yet.... I HOPE that it hasen't gotten lost in the mail.... So whereabouts do you live in Canada?

  7. How can we serve the Greatist in Heaven..
    Caring for the weak & Poor in Spirit
    and Humble ourselves before God
    Just as verse 4 NLT says...
    therefore anyone who becomes humble as this little child is the Greatist in the Kingdom.
    I Believe in Humbling Ourselves before God Just as Christ has done in us.
    -Thanx Meg- I appreciate your response.
    -nuarel bobc
    Magilicutty* :o)

  8. Alannah:

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta. :) I hope it didn't get lost in the mail either!! This happened with BRIO too, my second issue never came. But I hope this one does. :)


  9. They really wanted Him to tell them they were the greatest.

  10. I agree with everyone so far, but I also think that this was the wrong question to ask because it simply didn't matter to Jesus. He was the one who said, "If you want to be great, you gotta be a servant."

  11. Cool:) Yeah... The same thing happend with my Brio too. It must be hard to have so many subscribers and trying to send all of those issues. They're doing wayyy better than I would do:)

  12. Edit on last comment:

    I JUST got my August issue!! I am so happy, and I love everything about it. It was better than the July issue in my opinion!! Keep up the good work Susie!

    I agree, it must be super-difficult. Especially since SUSIE mag is almost brand-new and they probably get a lot of subscriptions a day.

    God bless!


  13. Hmmm.... maybe it was the wrong question to ask because they weren't being humble. They were trying to be better than others.
    Maybe the question could be "What can I do to be a better person?" or "What can I do to help encourage others?"

  14. I think it was the wrong question because they weren't being humble, and being the greatest shouldn't matter if you're a Christian--your goal should be to serve Christ and serve Him only.

  15. i wish i could order the magazine. i just can't afford it. :( it sounds good though! :)

  16. there is a website of the mag-
    it is

  17. It was the wrong question to ask because when you try to get to heaven, you shouldn't worry about the glory and the fame. You should only think about how your creator thinks of you. If you're caught up in seeing who's the best at what and who has the best this you're never going to get your focus right.

    They should have asked something like, "How can I better myself so that when I get to heaven, my father will say 'Well done, my good and faithful servant?"

    I think it's the same today, though. We're all looking at them and saying "isn't it obvious they're in the wrong?" But how often are we doing the exact same thing? How often are we looking at how we look and who is friends with us and which guys have a crush on which girls instead of thinking about how people see us as a worker for Christ?

    Just something to think about.


  18. Because everyone knows that God is the greatest one. It sounds like a trick question
    I agree with the people that said It should be rewworded. The question should be why not who because everyone knows who but some people might not give the correct answer as to why.

    P.s I also didn't get my susie mag either

  19. Me either...:( But I didn't check the mail today, so maybe, just maybe it might have come in:)

  20. G,
    The online mag has a lot of the same articles as the printed mag. I think you would really enjoy it. :D

  21. Alannah P.

    I'm checking my mail today a little bit later..
    Hpoing it's there. Been waiting for 9 or 10 days.
    I think God is trying to help me with my patience skills. :)

  22. Also I have a question to all Susie Sises.
    What's the susie mission trip like?
    (in detail) and also any fundraising ideas?

    Susie I hope you don't mind I'm asking this question...

  23. Just in case anyone is wondering why it says
    6:39 am and 6;41. iT's because I live in a different time zone. Where I live is actually
    9:43 am.

  24. I got SUsie! I got Susie!
    Oh my gOSH IT'S sooo cute!

  25. check out
    or on click on susie missions/never the same
    and there are pictures and everything ya need to know about the mission trip-alrighty.
    It looks Very Exciting-

  26. I agree so far with what everyone is saying. I really like what Rebecca was saying about how we do the same thing sometimes. It is totally true but I think we can learn from the disciples.

  27. i do read what is online, but it is super special to own a copy of the magazine w/ illistrations and all so i can re-read it over and over again.

  28. Hi, Girls!

    If you're not getting the magazine, and you've subscribed, please call this number. They'll be glad to help: 1-888-81-SUSIE.

    And someone was asking about the missions trip. Click on the missions button on the website for photos and stuff. But I can tell you right now it's the most life-changing thing you'll ever do!

    Our November issue will cover in detail this past summer's trip. Please start praying NOW about going.

    Love you!
    SUsie Shellenberger

  29. I got the August issue! It's great!

  30. It took me a long time to get my August issue too...but it finally came and I'm soooo happy keep up the good work Susie and staff...there are only two things I kind of miss from Brio tho...the first one is the 30-day summer challenge and the other is the Brio girl contest are you still planning on doing those things because those were two things that I always enjoyed. And finally is this blog considered the sisterhood cause this is the only thing I was able to find on the website that had anything to do with getting closer to my other sisses. Please let me know it would be greatly appreiciated :)

    <3 Nataleigh <3

  31. Thanks for everyone's help for info about the trip!

  32. reading my devo's,a question spoke a thousand words to my heart.
    here is what it says...
    what can God do through an obediant life??
    the answer was written...
    Anything Absolutely Anything!
    ask God to show you anything in your life thats keeping you from being totally obedient to him.
    written by susie susie shellenberger
    in the one year devo's for teens "2"
    just simply amazing,
    thanx Susie for words of Encouragement to my heart.!
    Hope ya don't mind me sharing that :o)

  33. Nataleigh, the real sisterhood will be ready in September, but for now we have a temporary sisterhood here on the blog.
    Hope this helps!
    Your sister in Christ,

  34. Hi Susie!
    I started getting Brio when I was 12, (now I'm 16)and I was so sad when I heard that it wasn't going to continue! The few months I had without you, before I found this blog, were torture! So, now I have subscribed to SUSIE, and I am so excited!

    Thank you for everything you do! You've really been a blessing to me!

    Jerica in Missouri

  35. "the only Jesus we have is the Jesus of Faith"

  36. Nice quote Magilicutty!! :D

  37. I had to wait about 11 days for my august issue, but there were a lot of long weekends where I live, so often it got there like 3 days late. :)It's a great issue! thanks for the great Christian Magazine, Susie! You're the best!

    By the way, I wrote on my blog (which you can get to by clicking on my name) about this topic, and linked back here. Is that all right with you? (I didn't copy what you said. I said it in my own words, or else it would have ben plagarism.) I love reading your blog posts! keep them coming!