Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm saying
YES, Lord
to blue skies
and warm sunshine today.
YES, Lord
to friends
and dreams,
good health,
games of racquetball,
praise music in my heart
Your presence so precious and near.
But I'm also saying
YES, Lord
to gray skies . . . maybe tomorrow . . .
and rain that won't stop,
thunder so loud it smells of fear
and being alone.
I'm saying
YES, Lord
to tears
and unfulfilled dreams.
YES, Lord 
when the music has stopped
and You feel more than a universe away.
You are the King of my mountaintops (Oh, thank You for these times)
but You are also
LORD of my valleys (teach me to thank You for these times as well).

"O my soul,
why be so gloomy
and discouraged?
Trust in God!
I shall again praise him for his wondrous help;
he will make me smile again,
for he is my God!"
(Psalm 43:5 The Living Bible)


  1. Just what I needed to hear this morning !

  2. Thanks again Susie! That was really awesome encouragement!

  3. that's something i needed to hear♥

  4. That was what I needed to hear to! It is nice and sunny hear today in IA but it was stormy yesterday. It makes me realize we should be happy and cheerful whether the weather is nice and sunny or stormy. :D

  5. Wow, I really needed to hear that too. I am going through some friend issues right now, and tonight I have orientation for that home-school thing I talked about, and I am kind-of nervous for it. So that reminded me to be happy and trust God even in the hard times (and yes, Abby, I am glad it is finally warm and sunny in IA again too, lol).

    KK from IA

  6. KK, I'll pray for you that your friend issues will work out and that your orientation will go well tonight, too!
    Your sister in Christ,

  7. Hey Susie,
    Thanks soo much for that. It reminded me to praise God, and obey Him, no matter what's happening in my life.

    Girls in the sisterhood keep trusting in Him.

    I subscribed to your mag in the middle of June and my first issue hasn't come yet, and I was wondring if you knew what was up with that?
    Thanks -Michelle

  8. Thanks for the prayers, Erin!

    KK from IA

  9. Oh, and by the way, the mail just came and I got my Susie Mag! Yea! I can't wait to read it!

    KK from IA

  10. I just got my mag, too! I was so excited, and it was really great! Thanks, Susie!

  11. Hopefullly that means I get mine today!! :D
    And yes I am veeerrry glad it's finally hot and sunny in IA!! yay!! lol I hope your orientation goes well tonight!

  12. "as we all agree"
    thanx so much susie for that post,the first monday of the month I just needed it, for our Hearts & Soul to Grow in his Word in this new day & always :o)

    ok i have this t-shirt it says... Antigua
    I never knew where it was or what it meant. hey it looked spiffy,... till today! Antigua-& learned that oh its in Guatemala- that must be it.'wow,just read about the upcoming trip in 2010,It looks so exciting 'yet Enlighting !
    I Pray & i hope it is Gods will- seems amazing how God works through simple people-can bring over 3,000 people to christ in just a few days-
    Just imagine what heaven is going to be like!
    can't wait for that big homecoming in the sky.
    yes its sunny here in Michigan- to bright for words-lol -yes like colorado- storms, are on there way soon,by tonight they all saying,i never believe till drops fall on my head!
    -Dare to Dream-joel osteen
    "Don't Talk to God about how big your Mountians are,talk to your Mountians about how Big your God is!"
    Remember Faith in God can Move a Mighty Mountian "Pikes Peak" and a Desert like a Fountian "niagra Falls"!

  13. "KK"- I'll be Praying 4 ya Tonight-
    It is Interesting when ya start new things,Praying God will be with you and continue to Guide you through it all and May God Grant you the Strength through this new year of School!
    through it all I have learned to Trust in Jesus,I have Learned to trust "in him" !
    ~Magilicutty :0)

  14. I haven't gotten my August issue it because I live in Canada and it takes longer? I hope so, I'm really looking forward to getting it. ;)

    Anyway, that was really good encouragement, Susie. I felt so much lighter after that. Today has been a stressful day for me...just one of those days where nothing goes my way and that's just what I needed to read. :)


  15. I got my mag. today!! I am happy!!
    So far it's good!! I hope your day get's better Esther!! :D

  16. Hi, Girls! Some of you are asking when you'll receive your magazine. If you're in Canada, yes it DOES take longer for our mail to reach you. But if any of you have a question about your magazine subscription, call:
    1-888-81-SUSIE. There's a lady named Rachel who will answer this number and can help you with anything regarding your subscription.

    And remember . . . like this blog post . . . our commitment to Christ is YES LORD no matter what.

    Love you!
    Susie Shellenberger

  17. i didnt get my magazine yet for august, but im hoping it comes so anxious!!!! and this was really encouraging to read today.

  18. God Is
    by Tabitha

    As soft as a tiny newborn baby's hand
    As mighty as a river irrigating land,
    As silent as unsaid hopes and expectations,
    Yet stronger than the leaders that rule the planet's nations.
    Kind enough to stay and be His child's closest friend,
    Strong enough to make hopeless situations mend.
    More beautiful than any sunset that ever graced the sky,
    A Perfect Creator Who cannot tell a lie.
    The Beginning and the End, my Hope and Peace forever,
    He knows no boundaries, His grace is shown wherever.
    He loves me more than I love Him,
    My passion for Him will not grow dim.
    So good for the heart, knows more than I can see,
    This Amazing One, I ask you: Who is He?
    ~posted by Magilicutty

  19. I love this so much!!

    "Yes, Lord"--it kinda sums up what God has been teaching me all my life, but especially the past several months. Trusting Him is never really an easy thing, but it's something that I never regret. :)

  20. Yess! Exactly! Praise Him in "easy" times, praise him in the hard times. Praise him in great weather, praise him in... horrible weather. :)

    Although, I've been finding, as I've been growing closer to Him, even the stormiest sky [that sunk my spirits before] looked beautiful to me. God created it! Not the best weather, but... praise Him for it! Sometimes, its not all that easy, though...


    P.S. Totally agree with you Ellie! :)

  21. Tabitha! Or Magilicutty... whoever... :)I just read through your poem...

    Amazing! :) so true... :P The poem was really good! just thought I'd say something.. :)


  22. lol some chick named tab wrote it- dunno where i got it from, hey its good ain't it!
    here is one i wrote let me know what you all think...
    "Its the way the Cross Ripples and flows into our life that makes Christ Special in our heart!
    a.k.a ~Magilicutty

  23. That quote is good L.C.!(I said that cause its shorter lol) Well, even if you didn't write it, it was a good poem!!KK, how did our orientation go? I hope well. And hang in there with our friend problems. Give it all to God, he can take it!! :D
    love you guys in the sisterhood!

  24. Hey, thanks for all of your prayers yesterday. The orientation went well. It was hard at times because this is my first year going to that school, so I am a little nervous about finding friends. However, I know a lot of the kids who go there, so I think it will be ok. I could feel your prayers when I got nervous yesterday, so thanks! It really helped to know you were praying for me!

    Luv all you guys!

    KK from IA

  25. Hey,
    I just got my august issue!! It's great!
    Thanks for all the cool qoutes. :D


  26. ok-i opened a bottle of jones soda, here is what the inner cap said, you just helped save a childs eyesight.thankyou -
    if they can print it on a cap don't you think they could print something about jesus on a inner cap,he can save more then just eyesight!
    just one of my crazy thoughts-
    i have yet to send a bible to the cash4gold people,i have yet to get on the website and request a envelope for it!
    what a interesting response it shall be!

  27. hey girls!
    Check out my new blog at
    I just started so there's not many posts. Enjoy!!

  28. "many people will walk in and
    out of your life, but its only the true friends who leave foot prints in your heart while God holds you in the palm of his hand"

  29. hey Michelle-I tried leaving a comment on your blog i don't have a profile or what its requiring to leave a comment, so I'll leave ya one here!
    hey i like it its spiffy and Creative!
    Very good!
    I'm off to pull weeds for my friend :o)

  30. Hey everyone!

    If you haven't had a chance to read the article on Knowing God's Voice on the website, you should totally look at it!!! It's really good!

    Thank you so much for that article. I just read it and I'm going to add it to my devotions for the week. It's something I've been praying about a lot, knowing His voice. I'm excited to find out what I'll learn and experience!


    -Alana D.

  31. yup i agree its interesting,I think its great to hear Gods voice speak in your heart,its amazing what god can do in your life if you just listen to his voice!-
    off 2 church!

  32. That was awesome Susie!!! :)


    I have been out of town since Monday morning, so I am WAYY behind with comments!! :)
    Honestly there were like 50 new ones so I didn't read through them all, but for those of you who start school in September, you are sooooo lucky!!! I start in A WEEK! ahhhhh!!!

    I haven't gotten the August issue yet!! (i hope it will come soon)

    Praying for you all,

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  33. have ya heard the Latest iphone commercial for att- how it says there's a app for that-and there talking about apps on the phone..

    here's some things i thought of and putting somthing more powerful in its place!

    "There's A God For That...
    In Times of Struggle-
    there's a God for that
    what will the future hold-
    There's a God For that
    When we feel like we've failed-
    There's a God for that!
    our Blue skys turn Gray-
    There's A God for that
    our hope fades
    there's a God for that
    we're trying to get away-
    There's a God for that
    People let you down-
    Theres a God for that-
    When Life Stinks-
    Theres a God for that
    Loosing someone you love-
    Theres a God for that
    when you feel as if you can't go on-
    Theres a God for that
    money is low -
    there's a God for that
    we need someone to lean on-
    There's a God for that!
    addicted to something-
    theres a God for that
    torn apart,lonely or abused
    There's a God for that
    When Lightning Strikes-
    There's a God for that
    when a car is 2 second's from hitting you-
    theres a God for that
    when starting new things-
    there's a God For that!
    ...Because there's a God for Everything

    so the list goes on, just think if we make God apart of "that" things change .
    ~created by,Magilicutty

    Hmmm,just tonight a car nearly hit me on my bike returning home from church-
    I realized there is a God for that!
    -Wow The Power he has is just so amazing!
    Keep the Power of Prayer going!
    In His mighty Grip,
    -L- *Magilicutty

  34. G: You asked us to pray...What for? of course i'll pray, but what's going on??
    Oh! that reminds me!! The lead singer for Press Play (they're a newer band, you may or may not know who they are( Dave, was recently run over by a car-his own. The parking brake slipped and...His back is fractured in 3 places and his face is...his face, welll...Anyway, please pray for him, and ask your friends to pray as well!!
    Also, please pray for my walk with Christ. I'm really trying to strengthen it. And, i'll be starting coop at my church this September. it's my first year, and i'm kinda nervous.
    Love you girls in the sistahood!! (BTW...what is the sisterhood? i'm totally clueless about that kind of stuff...)
    Kay 8-)

  35. Hey, it's Kay again! Just thought i'd throw something random out there...i always do! A new band you guys gotta check out is Philmont...and Press Play! they are very good!

  36. I'll Pray right now, for dave-

    Lord we thank you for your healing power and we ask you to touch dave,Lord bring his faith closer to you ,we ask you Lord right now to reach down & bring Healing,Lord we know your the only one who can bring him healing,Lord Make him new in your image, we also ask you to be with many others who have request for prayer,Lord we don't know the needs of their heart but you do & we ask you to just be there for them, Lord you know every cry of our heart.Trusting in you Jesus-
    in Your name, I Pray -Amen

  37. have ya seen the Latest iphone ad for att-
    how it says there's a app for that-
    putting something more powerful in its place! There's A God For That...
    In Times of Struggle- there's a God for that our Blue skys turn Gray-
    There's A God for that,
    Because there's a God for everything-When we put God in "that" things change :o)
    written by,magilicutty

  38. Magilicutty; I love what you wrote about there being a God for everything. I've seen those iPod commercials, and it totally fits!
    G, I agree with Kay, what's going on? I will totally pray, though!
    Kay, you mentioned the band Press Play; was one of there cd's in an issue of Susie? Just wondering. :)
    Love you sisses!
    P.S. Kay, I'm not 100% sure what the sisterhood is either, but I do know that it will be kind of an expansion of how we communicate through this blog, so that is exciting. Susie also said that there will be a column by Obie dog (lol) and some other really cool stuff. I cannot wait!!

  39. I will be praying for you Kay and G.
    I agree, I really liked the God being there for everything poem!! It is totally true!!!
    Oh my word!! I did not know that about Dave!!
    I really like press play's music and have their c.d. I will be praying for him now!!

  40. G,
    Is it about your friend that you mentioned in an earlier post?
    Whatever it is, I will be praying for you.

    Everyone else,
    I will definitely keep praying for all of your needs! :) I will also pray that God keeps blessing you all!

    Luv u guys,

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  41. G:
    I will pray for you, but what did you specifically want us to pray for?

    I will pray for all of your needs, just like Meg. =] God bless you all!!

    Love you all,

    -Esther <3

  42. Hey girls!!-

    Magilicutty- that thing "ther's a God for that" thing was really cool, I loved it!!!

    I will continue to pray G-

    -Alana D.