Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girls in the Sisterhood!

I've been speaking at family camps in Michigan for two weeks. Before that, I came off of our annual SUSIE Magazine international missions trip. We went to Guatemala this year.

It's easy to serve God on a missions trip  
or at camp, isn't it?
Blue skies.
The sun on your back.
Giant swimming pools.
Shimmering lake.
Jet skis.
Snack shack.
The smell of a crisp campfire.
The sound of the flames crackling.
The best music.
Challenging messages from speakers.
Everyone's in worship mode.
But when the missions trip is over . . .
When everyone has packed up and gone home from camp
how can you keep the campfire burning?

God yearns for our praise 
our devotion
our being sold-out and excited to serve Him
When the skies are gray and cloudy
and you think the rain will never stop.
And the thunder is so loud you wonder if there's a message inside the crash.
God wants our devotion when there are no friends surrounding us with raised hands
and when there are no worship songs playing.
In your hallway at school . . .
or at your desk in home-school . . .
God wants YOU 24/7.
But oftentimes we use a missions trip
or a camp
as our mountain
then we go home and simply wait for the next mountain.
That won't work.
That's not what following Christ is about.
The GOD of our mountains
to be
of our valleys.
Or the world won't want what we have,

So think about it, Girls.
How can YOU keep the campfire burning
long after the last smore has been eaten
and the songs have faded into the night?

I love you.
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Hey Susie!
    I've been going to a Bible camp since 4th grade, and I'm a sophmore now. I always have the same problem. I feel so in tune with God at camp, then I get hope and I lose the feeling. I hate it.
    So last year, I decided to do something about it. I got a daily devotional booklet from my church (the Upper Room). I started reading my Bible every day with that (mostly :o( ). I also started praying almost all the time, like instead of saying things to myself in my head, I would tell it to God. I think those have helped me a lot, but we're still working on it.
    But this year is going to be better I think. The pastor at my youth group said he would do a Bible study at my school during lunch. It's only a half hour, but still much better than nothing.
    So there's my thoughts on that, but I would DEFINATELEY welcome some more suggestions. Oh, and this mag and site would be a BIG help too!!
    -Alana D.
    P.S.- THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SUSIE!!! You're amazing, you've made such a difference in my life!!!

  2. Wow, what a coincidence. I just got back from church camp today. It was really cool, as always, and I had a great time with my friends. I loved the worship services, and the preachers who spoke to us had great messages.
    You are totally right. I know how it feels to have a church environment (but sometimes even more comfortable than that), then come home and be in a valley again. I read my Bible and pray every day, and listen to a lot of worship music, but it's not the same.

    Thanks for deciding to make SUSIE Magazine. It's awesome!!

  3. Thanks Susie!!! You are definitely an inspiration to all of us, and you always know just what to say!! :)

    Okay guys these comments are carrying over from the last post.....

    Ashley M,
    that is SO amazing about the people that were saved!! that must be an amazing feeling to have! I hope someday God will use me like that too!!

    I'm soo sorry about your friend!!! How heartbreaking! I'll pray that God will comfort you.

    I'm glad to hear that the party went well!! I'll continue to pray for you!

    Welcome!!!!! I think it's amazing that even though we don't even know each other, we all have developed a great connection here!!

    Love you sisses in Christ! :)


  4. Once again Susie, thank you for that post. It's really hard to keep serving God in the valleys, but it's great to know that there are so many other girls like me out there who are striving to. It gives me encouragement.

  5. G,

    I receive daily devotions on my email, and I read mine today just after hearing about your best friend. I thought maybe you'd like to read it. Here's the link:

    Hope this helps! :)


  6. Thanks for the welcome Meg! This should be lots of fun!!!

    Praying for you all,


  7. Hey, that's just what I needed. I'm in a getaway camp right now, and dread knowing I have to go back to "normal life" in a few days :)

  8. When I got back from my camp in June it was hard. I knew though that God was there and that He would help me keep in tune with reading the Bible and just being more open with my faith. One thing that helped me is that a college girl told me is that don't think that you will carry out what happened at camp but actually do what you learned at camp.
    Love you all sisters in Christ!

  9. Wow! Thank you so much for that! I needed to hear that, because I'm leaving for camp tomorrow, and I've been expecting to get closer to God during camp...but I can actually get closer to him and praise him RIGHT NOW! I don't have to wait for camp to roll around to have a life-changing week! Thank you... I'm really interested in the new magazine, so I'm going to check out the website!

  10. I hope you have fun at camp but also get something out of camp spiritually!! :D

  11. No problem Alana!! Everyone's camp stories sound awesome!


  12. I have never gone to a camp, but I'm sure it would further strengthen my relationship with Him. :D :D :D

  13. It does strengthen your relationship with Him.
    At the same time though, you don't have to go to a camp to get closer to God. You can get closer to Him right where you are! :D

  14. thanks for the prayer guys! :)

  15. Girls, I'd really like you to begin praying NOW about participating in our missions trip next summer. Will you pray about it? The dates will be June 28 to July 11 2010, and we're going to Antigua, Guatemala. Talk about a life-changing event!

    I love the way you girls are praying for each other and developing a sisterhood before the sisterhood even launches. Ha! You go, Girls!

    Explode what you're doing right here by 1,000 and you'll have a taste of the missions trip.

    Whatcha think?
    Nothing's too big for God!

    I love you!
    Susie Shellenberger

  16. The Commercial on tv says they want me to send them gold-4-cash should i send them a Gold Crayon & Bible with a note that says... Something out there is alot better better then Gold? Its a Relationship with Jesus Christ-he provides something better then Cash,its Heaven it's more beautiful they use our Gold for there street & maybe diamonds to grow flowers? ya never know-
    "Food for Thought"- I gotta go on the
    mission's trip they Grow the Best Coffee there!
    can I bring some French Vanilla creamer 2 ?-
    God has been Speaking 2 me about the trip next year- I just have to obey his Plan for my life.
    (Magilicutty Hickadilly)

  17. I've never been to a camp either...but I am working on strengthening my relationship with Him right here! :)
    No problem G, did you read the devotion?
    And Susie,
    I have been praying about the Mission Trip, I think maybe God will lead me there!!
    That sounds cool about the gold thing!!!
    Abby, how's your schooolwork coming??

    Luv u guys!


  18. That is pretty cool about the gold thing!! YOu never know what could happen!

    Susie, I have alway's wanted to go on a missions trip I will begin praying now about going. It might not be next year but if not next year hopefully the year after!

    Meg, my school is going okay. I am getting pretty stressed with it though, because I am realizing the deadline is getting closer for me to finish and I still have a lot of school left to do. Please keep praying! And I really appreciate how you have been praying!! Thanks!

  19. I'm absolutly loving what Susie has done! Does anyone know if there is something like this (besides the new "brio") for teen guys? I have a younger brother who was bummed about the Breakaway magazine discontinuing and was wondering what else he could look into.

  20. Can't wait for august issue of susiemag,they left me hanging in 2 of their articles( summer in the sisterhood) &"making friends",in august-i gotta read what happens to the chicks & whatever it was in the cornfield?
    o-the suspense awaits...I do Smile alot,as it drives me nuts when people sing or are on stage & don't smile-I guess thats my own issue. A simple Smile is sensational~
    "I can't stop a smile on my face,cuz I'm happy... Happy in this place, So Smile... Smile on my friends make the world a happy place... "so smile on my Friends" :o)

  21. lol I like to smile but sometimes I have to put on a fake smile cause I really just am tired or stressed usually. My older sister though is like the worlds greatest smiler!! She like never stops being happy. She makes me want to be happy to. :D And I agree Magilicutty(is that really your name?) about the summer in the sisterhood!

  22. No problem Abby!!

    And I can't wait for the August issue either!!!


  23. I haven't gotten my first issue yet. :( I can't wait!!!! It would be sooooo great to go on the missions trip! I will definatly be praying about it. <3 <3 <3 <3

  24. Don't mind the gibberish that comes after my profile. It was an accidenteeee. :D

  25. I love to smile, but right now I have braces! :) But a smile can make someone's day.
    I can't wait to find out what happens in the summer sisterhood either!!

  26. Just cause you have braces doesn't mean you can't smile!! Although braces are NOT fun.(I used to have them) A smile is a smile to me. You never know you might make someones day!! :D
    gibberish is always fun! lol

  27. haha i luv the gibberish Michelle!!! And Erin, braces doesn't mean you can't smile!!!!!! I had braces for over three years, but they r gone now!!
    i wonder when the august issue will come??
    I hope soon!!

    Praying for u guys!!

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  28. my mailbox is waiting on the august issue and so am I : ) I can't wait. I hope you all have a great night and thanks susie for making your magazine its awesome God bless

  29. Magilicutty-it's my nickname i created in Loving Honor of Lucy Ricardo)."Magilicutty"it was her maiden name-before she married Ricky -
    So bring Joy to the world for all the boys and girls joy to the fish's in the deep blue sea joy to you and me!

  30. when things around you make you want to hide,
    remember God gave you hope to keep a smile inside!

  31. That is a cool nickname!! Did you just come up with that quote or did you get it from somewhere? Either way it's good!! :D
    love you sisses!! Can't wait for Augest issue!

  32. Magilicutty, I like your reminders to be happy and joyful!
    Don't worry girls, I do still smile!! :)

  33. I love your quotes Magilicutty!! I'm thinking maybe the august issue will come today.....idk really but last month the July issue came in the last few days of June!! Either way hopefully it will be this week!! :) Have a good day you guys!!


  34. Meg,
    How did u get the hearts to come up after ur name?


  35. michelle,

    it depends, do u have a laptop or a desktop computer??

    ~~meg ♥☺♣♪♥

  36. ----<--<--({@
    A Rose-
    On your Knee's you'll be closer then the trees
    Down on your knees you'll be closer to him
    when my faith is gone- on my knees i'll grow stronger then the trees-
    you can look over all your fears while he holds every tear. so on your knees you will be growing stronger and taller then trees-
    ~(Glen Payne)"The Cathedrels"

    "Magilicutty"-(ya'll might like this)

  37. wow, thanks Magilicutty!! i luv it!

    ~~meg ~♥~

  38. You can make a heart like this: < 3 (without the space). Sometimes it'll turn into a little black heart like that one. I'm thinking some of those little pictures only work on a desktop. I use a laptop, and lots of those don't work. Music notes and accented letters, for one (well, two I guess :P )

    <3 Ashley M. <3

  39. Michelle & Ashley

    They work on a desktop by holding down the alt button and then pressing the specific number combination for the symbol on the number keypad (for a heart it's 3)
    but on a laptop, since there's no number keypad, it's tricky, cuz it doesn't work with the numbers along the top of the keyboard. i have a laptop but one day i figured it out...idk if it works on other laptops, but on mine above a group of letters on the right hand side there are numbers above the letters that are kind of faded, which you get by using the function key.
    on my laptop, if you hold down the function key, the alt key, and then press the number, it comes up.

    sorry that's kinda

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  40. I agree, Alana D. I recently started diving into Psalms and Proverbs. I have learned so much from those 2 books! Now I just need to work on
    Kay (or Kaelynne) <3 ( heart...sorry, that was random)

  41. Only one Life will soon be passed, only whats done for Christ will Last-
    So Let Love Reach to the other Side! <3
    Happy Moments -Praise God
    Difficult Moments-Seek God
    Quiet Moments-Worship God
    Painful Moments-Trust God
    In Every Moment-Praise God
    God's unfailing Love.. Priceless
    -Magilicutty =)

  42. Magilicutty,
    Where do you get all of these quotes?!!lol
    THey are good! I really like the last one you did, I needed it right about now.

  43. Magilicutty,

    I looove all of your quotes!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  44. Michellle ♥♥July 30, 2009 at 7:23 AM

    Thanx Magilicutty for all the good qoutes. :)

    -Michelle ♥♥♥♥

  45. Hi, Girls!
    Someone asked about a boys magazine to replace Breakaway. We want to give SUSIE Mag a good strong start. And after it has grown to a healthy size, we may launch a printed mag for teen guys. We've been talking about it. So pray that God will continue to multiply and strengthen SUSIE Magazine.

    And Meg and Abby, I'm so glad to read that you're praying about coming on next summer's missions trip with us! I can promise you'll never be the same!

    Love you, Girls!
    (You should be getting the August issue soon.)

    Susie Shellenberger

  46. Hey michelle u figured out the heart thing!! :)

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  47. Susie,

    I will definitely keep praying about the missions trip!! I really feel like God is leading me into some kind of missions work!

    Thanks for everything Susie!

    ~~Meg ♥

  48. Prayer is a Factor in my life-
    It's Based upon the Direction God Leads me to. I've been praying about God Leading me & providing the finances 4 the trp, my life can use a spiritual awakening..
    I gotta admit i've Been Spiritually dead,until I went to camp & heard susie's messages...
    Then Commited my time & energy to God, cuz he can use it more the video games i played in church-So i've applied Gods word to my heart instead of just hearing it.
    (as susie often says...
    "at a arms Length w/God he is now Face 2 Face as in "here-right here!"
    So when your down on your knee's remember your in the perfect position to Pray!-
    ~MaGiLiCuTtY :o)

  49. Man!! How many good quotes can you get!! lol keep them coming they are really good.

    I am will be praying about the missions trip and I know if I decide to go God would supply the money.

  50. That was an awesome post, Susie. I really enjoyed reading it. I will definitely be praying for the missions trip, and I think it's cool how we all sort of made a 'sisterhood' on your blog [in the comments] without the official sisterhood! I can NOT wait for the online sisterhood, it sounds SO AWESOME! I haven't gotten my August issue yet, but I'm sure it'll come sometime soon. God bless!!!


  51. God-Determines who walks into your life...
    It's up to you to decide who you let walk away,
    who you let stay and who you refuse to let go!
    well i lost a game of cards "hand & foot", but as it says in the bible the first will be last and the last will be first - So I won !
    Don't ya just love the Bible it comes in handy when ya loose a game!
    "yes i Like our temp.sisterhood-Its all Good in the "hood" ya know!

  52. Luv the last quote MagilicuttY!! and this sisterhood is awesome too!!

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  53. Magilicutty- you have awesome quotes!! Where do you ever get them all?! Haha!!

    I agree with Meg! This temporary sisterhood is amazing!!!

    [If it isn't too much trouble, could you guys check out mine and my best friend Hannah's blog?:, thanks!]


  54. Hey! Back to commenting after around a week away (I was on vacation), and I couldn't believe how much their was to catch up on! I still haven't fully caught up, but I wanted to ask everyone what they think about the new health care bill. Unless you guys don't want to talk about politics and stuff. I was just wondering what everyone else was thinking.

    I am kind-of getting worried about where U.S. is going. God has been reminding me to keep trusting him with all my concerns, but I have to admit it is still hard. Especially recently. I was just listening to an interview that was sent to me. In the new health care bill, there is a part that talks about how every 5 years seniors are going to have to have a "counseling session" in which they are going to be told ways to end their life so that they may help their families and America. I was in shock at how far our country has gone. Let me know if you guys don't want to talk about this, I just thought since we ARE the future generation of America, maybe we should be thinking about how this is going to affect us later. Sometimes I think our generation forgets that what happens now WILL affect us later.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts on the subject. This turned out longer than I was going to have it be. But I guess I am kind-of getting passionate about trying to save my country because I want my kids (when I have them, lol) to be able to grow up feeling safe. Anyway, hope no one is affended by this!

    KK from IA

  55. KK,

    I think it's great that you're so concerned!! I honestly haven't heard much about this, so I don't really have much to say about it, but I do think it's something that we should all be more informed about!! I know that no matter what God will be here for us! :)

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  56. I agree with Meg, it is great how you're concerned about your country.

    One of the things that I realized this past year that makes me very sad is how teachers in public schools can't teach you a whole lot about what's going on. There's so many rules about politics and such that I think a lot of students aren't informed as much as they should be of what's happening.

    However, I can't really make a lot of comments on the bill, and a lot of things related to politics because I simply don't know what they really mean. =/

  57. whew politics-sure arn't my thing cuz it confuses me-although thats easy to do.
    I trust God will bring us through anything-
    So No Worries!
    wow what a awesome day for mail- i recieved the devo book from susie and was just in awe about all that is written about coke and how we should advertise jesus as much as they do coke-she has a good point!
    i found a nifty song by chris rice,its not coke but the next best thing-"lemonade"
    so go ahead and ask her
    for happy ever after
    'cause nobody knows what's coming
    so why not take a chance on loving
    come on ,pour the glass & tempt me
    either half-full or half-empty
    'cause if it all comes down to flavor
    the glass is tipping in my favor
    life gave me lemonade and i can't imagine why
    born on a sunny day beneath a tangerine sky
    i live life without pretending
    im a sucker for happy endings
    thanks for the lemonade

    now take your time to answer me
    for the beauty of romancing
    is to calm your trembling hand with mine
    while begging love to fill your eyes
    i can hardly breathe while waiting
    to find out what your heart is saying
    and as we're swirling in this flavor
    the world is tilting in our favor

    i've got it made
    rest in the shade
    and hold my love
    while god above
    stirs with a spoon
    we share the moon
    smile at the bees
    more sugar,please
    he really loves us after all
    we're gonna need another straw

  58. o ya i forgot to sign my post but im sure u
    reconize it -
    it was from Me of course-

  59. To Magilicutty -

    Do you have a blog//link I could follow for more of your stuff?? Haha, I guess you can see I am interested, you have really cool quotes and it OK if we email? If not then you can view my blog: I made it with my BFF Hannah. =]

    To KK from IA -
    I agree...I am really going to pray. I live in Canada but those changes affect a lot more area than the U.S. I know God will sort it out.


  60. no blog just facebook is all-my facebook is under magilicutty hickadilly-
    dunno how to do the blog thing yet.
    ~~Magilicutty Hickadilly :o)
    How Sweet it is to be Loved by You susie!
    Susie & Coke
    "They Just Go Together like Pb&J !" :o)

  61. hum e-mail & mail- i just don't send it out i dunno what my problem is,yet i do read when i recieve it-i guess the effort of sending it-the mail system-its just not meant for me, here it is..
    if it wasn't for susie being @ camp who knows if i would have ever signed up for her mag-
    even though down in my heart i wanted to since may-then again its that mail thing-ya know
    u'd never guess i live 2 blocks from the post office-good thing they don't count on me to keep emm open.
    hmmm 3am & out of snickers-
    i'm finding the twizlers
    "its my kind of instant Spaghetti"
    skittles are my Vedgies!
    ~magilicutty :o)

  62. Magilicutty,

    I luv everything you've recently posted!!!! Especially that song! I'm gonna look it up!!

    And I was just reading the coke stuff in the Devos book the other day! Isn't it so true?!?

    Luv u guys!

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  63. Michelle ♥♥♥August 1, 2009 at 8:07 AM

    ♥ Be Crazy ♥
    ♥ Be Stupid ♥
    ♥ Be Wild ♥
    ♥ Be Silly ♥
    Because Life is too Short to be Cool. ☺

    -Michelle ♥♥♥

  64. KK, It's totally great that you care about our country. I don't understand a lot of politics. But it's so sad that people are trying to get 'in God we trust' out of the pledge of allegiance and stuff like that. And it's true; we need to start caring about this stuff now so that when we are older, we can save this country.
    I am so excited for the sisterhood to start!!!
    I love you sisses!

  65. To Magilicutty -

    I might be getting facebook soon, so if I do, I will try to add you. I LOVE that acrostic, by the way!

    -Esther <3

  66. Thanks for all supporting me in my last post. I just felt maybe it was something we should all start adding to our prayer list and paying more attention too. And I think Esther also had a point. Even if you don't live in the U.S., changes like this are going to affect everybody. Anyway, thanks for everyones support! I am getting so excited for the sisterhood! This is awesome!

    KK from IA

  67. I agree with everyone!!
    I agree KK, we are the future generation but for now(consdering we can't vote yet lol) all we can do is pray. Pray for President Obama even if we don't agree with soem things he does we at least have to respect him because he is the leader of our country.

    Magilicutty! Seriously, where do you get all of these comments!!!?? They are all so good!!
    That song is cool by the way.
    Can't wait for the sisterhood to come out!!!
    Love you sisses!!

  68. I can't wait for the Sisterhood either!!

    Keep praying guys! :)

    ~~meg ♥♥♥

  69. Oh my goodness!! Go to camp for a week and you miss EVERYTHING!!!! I just got back this morning from camp...I hope I can keep this high I have in Christ...I'm gonna get into my
    Bible a lot more though (I hope!). 'Case anyone cares, I had a great time, met lots of new people, and learned more about God! Oh-and I live in Montana, and there was a guy at our camp from Ghana, Africa! He was so much fun!
    Anyway, I do kind of want to go on the missions trip Susie, but I have NO money whatsoever, and no one else has any money to buy stuff from me or something, and my church is super super small!!! I think I might try to go in a few years though, we'll see. I'll pray about it!!!
    By the way, KK, I totally agree with you. Our country is so far away from God and is just messed up. Anyone noticed that our country was started basically because of God, and now it's basically being torn apart because of God? I think that's odd, a coinkidink (my version of coincidence, it sounds cooler if you say it :D ) and lots of other things. But I suppose the main thing right now is to pray!

    Well, that's about all for me right now I suppose, BYE!

    -Alana D. :D

  70. it isn't our vote that carrys us through Life-
    it isn't your vote that count's-
    It's Prayer & how we let God Direct life
    He will bring us through no matter what!
    So let Go and Let God :o)

    wow 3hrs of sleep-i am running on snickers and
    twizlers from lastnight-but hey i just ate "brunder" @4 its all good!
    Peace out ya'll b.b.Later
    i appreciate your Thankfulness!

    "if your Troubles are to Big then your Making God To Small"
    [o: Magilicutty :o]

  71. OOO Magilicutty, that last quote is really good!!! That's cool that you had a good time at camp Alana!

  72. To KK:

    I agree!!! I am sooo hyper/excited about the sisterhood!!! And I am praying for Obama as well. :)

    To Magilicutty:

    WOW! That last quote was amazing. I am now OFFICIAllY jealous of you. [Haha, only kidding!] Where do you get those quotes? I have one I'm sure everyone knows:

    "Without faith nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible."

    I have no clue who came up with it but it's amazing.


  73. 5 Things I Want To Learn by Magilicutty
    1. Adventure! Sky diving, hang gliding, explore ancient ruins, etc..
    2. Drive a F1 race Car
    3. repelling
    4. Climb a Mountian
    5. give up on my dream of owning a Rascal wheel chair-just threw that in for a joke is all! but they do look fun!-i'll probably drive that before the race car though!
    as we leave foot prints behind
    make sure there worth following!

  74. I totally agree with what you guys have been saying about praying for Obama. Right now I am praying that God will lead him to make the right decisions for this country. I also agree with Alana when she mentioned how we got started with our basis on God but now we are getting torn apart because of God. I think our real issues started when America started taking God out of everything. God was our building block when our forefathers started this country. It is like a building. If you rip out the foundation, the rest of it will crumble. Which is what is happening. Isn't it sad that Christians are becoming the minority in our country instead of the majority. What I thought was really sad was when earlier this year, President Obama said that he didn't even consider our nation to be a Christian nation anymore. How is it that we have come so far to not even be considered a Christian nation?!? Abby was right on when she said that even though we can't vote yet, we can still pray. And we can pray for the people who can vote that they will vote for the right thing.

    Just wanted to say, I love coming on here everyday, knowing I can find encouragement from all of you. I feel like I have made like 20 new friends recently!

    KK from IA

  75. Hey! I was just wondering, has anyone gotten their August issue yet? I haven't gotten mine and wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one.

    KK from IA

  76. Nope, I haven't gotten mine yet, either.

  77. I haven't gotten my August issue yet either.
    I totally agree with you KK, cuz I feel like I've made a ton of new friends, too. I can't wait for the sisterhood so that we can get even closer!! :)
    Praying for you all!

  78. WOW lol i miss one day and theres a whole bunch of stuff to catch up on!!

    To everyone:
    I haven't gotten August yet either. I'm sure it'll be here soon. And I agree about our country, all that we can do is keep praying.

    Your camp sounds awesome!! Isn't it great to be so in love with Christ?!!?

    I agree about Christians being the minority! All that we can do is keep spreading the love of Jesus!! And I feel like I have made a bunch of new friends too!!!

    Keep up the inspiration!! :) I loooooove all you have to say!! :)

    I love your quote toO! :)

    Can't wait for the sisterhood!!!!!!! ♥ Praying for you guys,

    ~~MEG ♥♥♥

  79. Hey I have a quote idk if anyone already came up with it or not but:

    All you can do is pray, and let God worry for you! :)

    Okay Magilicutty you still got me beat by a long shot!!

    ~~meg ♥♥♥

  80. missing a time of worship-uhh chest pain-Y me!
    hey that was a great one !
    "you'll never loose, becase God Doesn't Keep Score!"

  81. I agree with what everyone was saying.
    Oh, and just so ya'll know I havn't gotten my
    Aug. issue yet. I hope I get it tomorrow though!!
    I feel like I get a lot of comfort from all of you to! I know that I can trust you guy's to pray if I ask for anything. I also know that you are all so encouraging so when I am down it's nice to know people are here for you even though you have never met them!!

    Magilicutty, I really like that quote about keeping score. It's really good!! I liked your's to Meg and Esther!
    Love you guy's!

  82. Thanks Magilicutty for all the fun (and spiritual) qoutes! they're great!

    When I was at the Creation Museum in Kentucky they had an exhibit showing the crumbled foundation of a church. it also showed how the rest of the church and how the whole thign fell apart once the foundation fell. it's also like with our country. once you take the foundation away (Jesus and God) the world falls apart. Please pray for our country!
    Thanx Girls. :D


  83. Everyone, all of your comments are so true!! Magilicutty, i luv the quote about keeping score!! :)

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  84. The Promise is given to the one that overcomes-
    "think like the world-no we need to think differant then the world"
    The mark of a Christian is Love!
    we live, we love, we forgive and never give up cuz the days we are given are gifts from above
    and today we remember to live and to love!

  85. YAY go Magilicutty!!! :)

    ~~Meg ♥♥♥

  86. So when do you guys start school??
    And for those of you who are homeschooled, do u have a "summer break"? Just curious,
    ~~meg ♥♥♥

  87. Erin & Ashley M: I haven't gotten my August issue, either.

    --Susie Shellenberger

    (But I'm thinking it's coming VERY soon!)

    Love you, Girls!

  88. Yeah, I'm homeschooled, and I get what regular kids in public school have. Like the whole summer. Are you girls excited for school to start? Or dreading it? lol.

  89. I get the summer off if I finish my books for whatever grade I'm in. I work ahead, and I don't have to finish those books, but I have to finish the ones for the grade I'm in.
    I'm excited about school. I really like it. And I decided (I'm pretty sure) what I'm doing in college. I'm going to get a degree in Multimedia, which means I'll learn to design/set up websites and stuff like that. I think it'll be cool.

  90. I cannot choose the path that you must venture to...Let your heart take the lead in whatever you persue, you're my child,& my treasure, it's difficult to let you go, although my journey will be long, I must let you grow if the journey weakins you because of the demands..i'll be walking by your side reach out & take my hand, if you ask i'll promise to walk with you to the end, but my love will be steadfast as you round the bend!
    "Don't Walk alone-let us Pray with you!"

  91. yes i agree if we let our foundation fall in this world just where would we be without the God who Created us?
    As my pastor said tonight...
    -Our Nation is loosing it's fire, its up to us to keep it burning!
    "only a wounded Christ can come to a wounded world"
    So think about it maybe as this world gets its many wounds, maybe Christ will come soon- we can only hope for the best :o)
    reminds me of a tune-
    soon and very soon we are going to see the king

  92. Meg, I start school September 8, so I get one more week of summer than usual! I am kinda excited, but I'm still going to enjoy the rest of my summer!!

  93. I am home-schooled, and I get the same breaks as what the public school kids in Des Moines get. Which is nice since I have some friends who go to school so we get to hang out on the days they don't have school. I am kind-of excited this year to start school because I am joining a school for home-schoolers (I know, that totally doesn't make sense). What it is is that I go to a church where the school is held every Monday and take classes with other home-schoolers, taught by actual teachers. Then we get home-work to do the rest of the week. So I am doing some of my school that way this year and I am really excited to start that school. But I know I will be sad that the summer is gone after I start.

    Oh, and I just had to say. Magilicutty, I LOVE all the quotes you have been posting. Recently I have started collecting my favorite quotes and writing them down in a special spot. I am definently going to have to go through and write down some of yours!

    KK from IA

  94. KK, I do the same thing! I have a 'cool quote' collection! And I'm gonna write down some of Magilicutty's too!

  95. Because I am still doing school my goal is to get at least 1 week off before I start school again. I think most likely I will be starting sometime the first week of September. Right now theough my goal is just to finish 9th grade!! :D
    Keep the quotes coming Magilicutty! I don't think we will ever get tired of them!!
    I also agree with Michelle about the foundation!
    It's totally true and sad!!

  96. My gosh! I spend the day off the computer and it takes me 20 minutes to read everything!!!

    Alrighty, so I'm just going to make this short since so much was said. I agree with all that was said, especially the part about our country... I don't remember who said it, but yeah.

    And I haven't gotten my August issue yet either, but I just subscribed, so I don't know how long that will take to come through though.

    Adios amigas!

    -Alana D.

  97. I start school Sept. 1
    @Alana D. I know what you mean about having to read a lot when you get back on the computer! But it's pretty cool.

  98. KK...I have yet to receive you're not alone!

  99. Just got my mag-I think-yesterday! Yeah!!

    Kay 8-)

    P.S. God bless your summer!!

  100. I just had to comment... now this post has 100 comments! ^^

  101. lol Ashley, I don't think that has happened before!

  102. I don't have a summer break...I'm homeschooled, and we do year-round school...But, we dont have to spend, like, two months doing review...8-)