Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hi, Girls in the Sisterhood!

Want to help me with something FUN? OK, you know how each month in SUSIE Mag we have "Susie's Shopping List"? Well, I'm featuring a bunch of really cool photo frames in the November issue. (Yes, we work that far ahead!)

Anyway, instead of just showing empty photo frames, I thought it would be really FUN to put some of YOUR photos inside the frames!

I can't promise it'll work, because I don't know the quality of photos you'll send, and I can't accept all photos that come in. So I'll go with the first ones I get.

Select only ONE category, and send me a photo to:
Label your e-mail: PHOTOS INSIDE FRAMES
and be sure and include your name, your pet's name—whatever information is needed for the photo you're sending. ALSO include your city and state! A 

CATS: I'll need a photo of you and your cat.
Photo Hints: Your photo has a better chance of being selected if it's high quality and extremely clear. Photos that are simple (not a lot going on; not much activity in the picture) also have a better chance of being chosen.

Photos will not be returned, so make sure you have a copy of the photo you send me.

Thanks, Girls!
You are so loved.
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Susie:
    Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I predict there will be some photoshoots at my next sleepover with my friends... Lol!
    When do they have to be in by?
    Thanks so much for all you're doing for girls around the world!!!

  2. Hi Susie, where is the contest information for the Hip-Hop DVD on susiemag.com?

    I LOVE the mag, Susie, it's kind of like Brio, but fresh and fun :)

  3. The contest info for the hip-hop DVD was supposed to go up on June 1, but the Web guys didn't do their job. So just send your entry to: susie@susiemag.com

    Susie Shellenberger

  4. Hey, just a quick question... I subcribed to Susie Mag last Sat. [YAY!] and was just wondering how long it usually takes to receive the magazine! (I live in IL, if that matters)Thanks!!

  5. What are all of the catagories? Is it only cats?

  6. Are there any other categories, because I don't have a cat...

  7. for susie's shopping list i think it would be cool to show jenny b jones's new charmed life book- "im so sure" coming to stores in november!