Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi, Girls in the Sisterhood!
I just have to vent for a second, OK?

My dog Obie and I are reallyreallyreally tired of the rain. See, I can't take him to the dog park when it's wet, and he gets bored and does stuff he shouldn't . . . like tearing my wallet apart. 
Yes, I'm serious.
He actually climbed on top of the table (does he think he's a cat?), took my wallet, tore it in half—completely separating it into two pieces—took out the credit cards AND the dollar bills AND opened the zipper pouch and removed the coins!

I'm scared I'm going to get a delivery from Petsmart that he snuck out and purchased.

And today he decided whatever was in the trash bag smelled better than his dog food, so he pulled open the bag and sorted through the trash (if you call "sorting" spreading it all over the living room floor).

And where are you, Susie? you're probably thinking.
I'm usually downstairs working on SUSIE Mag. 
He had to go to "Time-Out."
(I wish I could go to "Time-Out" and take a nap.)

Oh, Obie dog.
Will you ever learn?

I wonder if my heavenly Father ever asks that about me?
Chances are, He probably does . . . maybe even every day.
But He never gives up on me.
He just keeps loving and guiding me.

So I'll take my cues from Him.
And I'll keep loving and guiding Obie-dog.

Felt good to vent.

Love you, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Dear susie sounds alot like my dog. But that is a really intresting point.

  2. Awwww!
    I love how you tied this in with God. That's what I try to do on my blog -- look for things in my life that point to Him.
    Btw, I love that Girl Talk with God book! I got it yesterday and I already finished it!
    - Melissa

  3. Glad you're enjoying "Girl Talk With God."


  4. I agree Melissa Girl talk with God is a really good book! ITs the first book that I have gotten by you susie and it made me want to get more books by you!

  5. What a cute dog, I don't have one but I have a cat and he digs through the trash like a dog...I think that he thinks he is half dog. Lol!

  6. I have a dog too so i totally understand. I'll be sure to pray for you!! (:

  7. Once we had a Labrador who turned on our gas stove while we were gone! She had to push it in, wait for it to light, and then turn it again! It was crazy! Also she had a habit of getting into the trash!

    So I feel your pain! Well, I hope he starts behaving soon haha!

  8. Susie, my puppy is doing the same thing! She is sick of the rain also. She loves the trash and the little fuzzies off of her little toys. It's adorable to watch her try to eat that! Everyone knows what happens to a chihuahua when they are inside the house for more the 24 hours

  9. Ha! I can't believe the labrador who turned on the gas stove! WOW! That's one smart dog! You just need to go ahead and teach that boy how to run the vacuum!

  10. My dog does that kind of thing. She likes shredding paper and stealing socks... in pairs. It's cute, but can get annoying sometimes.

  11. Hi!!
    Omigosh I just found this blog and I'm so excited:D I'm currently a part of Nancy Rue's blog, and I followed her link to your magazine site and found my way here:D

  12. Susie:
    Hello! I subscribed probably about 2 weeks ago now, on the 26 of May or so.
    I was wondering when I was going to get my first issue, becuase I"m EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR IT!!!!!
    Mommy's liking now that I'm going and getting the mail every day instead of getting Katie (my sister) to do it for me! Lol
    Wow! I can't believe your dog did that! That's hilarious... xD But it's true. Imagine how many times God must look at me during the day and think "when will she ever learn?"
    Thanks so much for starting another magazine for Christian girls!

  13. Hey, Susie! It's amazing how much Obie has in common with my dog, Bailey!
    I loved how you tied this story in with God. How many times does God ask this question, I wonder all the time. "Will Kaelynne ever learn??" I am sooo glad that our God is a loving and forgiving God...
    I hope you can visit my/mom's blog sometime!