Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey, Girls!

I'm helping a friend (Steve Russo) film
a teen T.V. special this Saturday,
and we need some teens to call in!

This means YOU!

It'll be a fun call-in show with lots
of extra features.

It won't AIR this weekend;
it's being filmed this weekend.

What can you call in about?
Anything from A to Z.

Questions about guys,
a problem at school,
something you don't understand about God,
how to handle an eating disorder,
a friend who's cutting,
how to choose a college,
ANYTHING you have a question about
is what you can call in with!

The number I'm giving you is toll-free . . .
so it won't cost you anything.


But the time to call in is very specific:
We need you to call between 10 and 11 a.m.
mountain time.

I can't wait!
This is my chance to finally get to hear your voice
instead of simply reading your words.

So write the number down NOW
and stick it somewhere you can find it quickly!


I love you, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. That sounds cool Susie!!! So Saturday 10-11am mountain time.
    Would we be talking directly to you or being recorded?


  2. You'll talk directly to me.

  3. The above comment is from me (Susie Shellenberger)

  4. And we call in on Saturday, right? What time would that be for Eastern Time residents?

  5. 12 to1pm for the eastern time zone...
    Thanx Susie,I dunno if ill be awake so early on a Saturday considering I don't wake up till 1 or so,but ill try if I'm awake,I have a question that i've been dealing with for a few weeks now.
    So u just might hear from me!

    May God surround you with his presence while your working on this today and always .
    your an amazing child of the king ,and we are truly blessed by your talent. Luv ya chickie :-)