Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hey, Girls!
It's here. The online global sisterhood is now launching.
Have you signed up yet?
If you haven't, go to
and get signed in NOW.
It's a ton of fun.

And if you're on Facebook,
ask Obie Shellenberger
to be your friend.
He has his own FB page now.

Love you!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Hey Susie...I have a question about the sisterhood. I noticed that the forums are public, and anyone can read them. I think I'd be more comfortable with a more private where you have to register BEFORE you see the threads and posts and people's profiles. Also, I thought you had to pay to join the sisterhood...? I am subscribed for the actual magazine, but my mom subscribed me with HER email address. So if I register for the Sisterhood, will I [or my mom] get an email about whether I am registered and if I have to pay? I hope that wasn't confusing. Just a suggestion!

    Keep up the good work!

    [One more thing: I agree with the "We Hear You!" comment about the girls with their exposed midriffs. I noticed it too when I got it, but never got to email my thoughts about it. But I disagreed with it, and my friend even told me, "I know this is a Christian teen mag, but in my opinion, that is immodest and not that Christian." I'm glad someone told you their concerns, because I know I'm not the only one with the same standards. :) Anyway, thanks so much, Susie! God bless you!)

  2. Yeah, I was kind of wondering about the paying thing too. I got my subscription when the sisterhood cost was in with the deal, but when I registered it never asked me about that or anything. Just a thought.....and I agree about the forums being private too.

    Oh, and I was really excited about this because I thought it wouldn't be totally like Facebook or Myspace like with all of my personal information, but I didn't put all kinds of the info on because I realized that everyone could read it, and I was really uncomfortable about that. And if I remember correctly, there was an article in the mag recently about online security. Just a thought....

    But thanks for all you do Susie, we all love you!

    Alana D.

  3. I agree with you, Alana...well, I guess since it's new and everything it still needs tinkering. If not: Susie, could you consider making the forums private? I haven't registered yet because of the thought that a random stranger could see my profile and know my name and information. But other than that, I love browsing the Sisterhood!


  4. Hey Esther, by the way I clicked on your name here on the blog and I saw your name, age, where you're from, etc. So just to throw that out to you- I can see your info now!

    -Alana D.

  5. WOW. I never realized that. Thanks so much - I'm going to take it all off!!
    Thanks again, Alana!!


  6. I changed up my options so that my profile can't be viewed. Thanks SO SO much, Alana. I appreciate you letting me know. =]


  7. Hi Susie! I was wondering when I should expect my October issue. I've been avoiding the website because I like reading the articles in print first :)


  8. Hey Susie! I was just wondering if you could make the forums into subjects such as relationships, God, and such like in your mag. That would stop confusion as well. I agree with the forums being private too. I was also wondering about the money thing....

    Also we need more public schooled kids!! :) I am a homeschooler too but we need to branch out and tell our public schooled friends. I'm excited about the sisterhood!!


  9. I'm a public schooled kid!!!
    For that matter, I've been going to the exact same school, same building since kindergarten!!

    Oh, and Esther....I can't read your stuff anymore, much better :o)

    -Alana D.

  10. EEEEEEEEEEEEK! It's on!!!!
    I haven't gotten my mag yet, but I'm going to go get the mail in a split second to see if it's come. :)

    I'll post later if it's come. ^_^


  11. Hey, ladies, my name is Jeff Edmondson. I'm sort of the business manager for SUSIE Magazine and Just wanted you to know that it's only during the month of October that the SUSIE Sisterhood will be open to anyone in the public who wants to come check it out. In November, the premium features will be locked up and only paying members of the sisterhood will be able to access those.

    We'll be updating and changing things and adding new features all this month. Rest assured. We're listening to you and what you have to say about the magazine and the website.

    So do us a favor and tell all your friends to go join the SUSIE Online Sisterhood today!

  12. That makes me more comfortable! Thanks, Jeff. When it's all locked up, I'll probably join. But right now I don't feel comfortable with registering just yet, because of the public being able to start threads and post and see others' profiles.

    I have another question. If I register for the Sisterhood, will I have to pay still? Because I have been subscribed to the actual magazine since June. So I was wondering if there'd be an option to check off if you're subscribed, or if an e-mail will be sent to me [or in this case, my mom, since she subscribed me with her email address instead of mine] on the payment, or if I have to pay? I hope that wasn't confusing.



  13. Thank you Susie! I'm loving the online sisterhood! It's been a blast connecting with other girls that have the same desire to become closer to Christ!


  14. Hey Esther,

    I'm with you all the way!!!!! Mom won't let me join and I agree because it was opened to the public and that anyone could see and read what you write. I want only the sisters in the sisterhood read it. Thanks for standing up.