Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey, Girls in the Sisterhood!

I want to remind you of how important 
your prayers are to God.

Do you realize that as soon as you utter
His name, you're walking right into 
the Throne room of the Kingdom of heaven?

He doesn't use call-forwarding.
He doesn't need caller-I.D.
And His line is never busy.

As soon as you say His name,
His attention is acutely focused

God will always answer your prayers.
It may not be in the time you want them answered.
And it may not be the way you want them answered.
But He ALWAYS answers.

Sometimes His answer is yes.
Sometimes His answer is no.
Sometimes His answer is not yet.
But He always answers!

Let me know your thoughts on this.
I'm not finished.
But I want to give you some time
to chew on this.
Then I'll be back in a few days
to share something really
exciting from God's Word
about prayer.

I love you!
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  1. That's something I struggle with sometimes...the fact that He always answers. Quite honestly, I usually don't even try to see if He has answered it, even though I know He has. Then one day I'll go "oh yeah, remember you asked Him for that and He answered it like this! Hmm...I wonder why I didn't notice that before..." I think when I pray I need to remember that He WILL answer, I just usually don't notice it. I do a fair bit of praying, but it feels like it's going okay on my end, but I never get anything back from His, even though it's there...I just don't see it. Thanks for the thoughts Susie. And by the way, love the sisterhood!

    -Alana D.

  2. Wow... I really needed that. I know God always answers, but my problem is that I don't pray as often as I should. I'm usually able to see how He answers, it's just the asking I don't do enough of. Not that He's a magical genie who grants all my wishes or anything... but I feel as if I haven't been trusting Him with as much of my life lately.

  3. I agree with Ashley...I needed it a lot as well. Thanks so much, Susie, you're awesome.

    One question. Will I have to pay for my sisterhood membership if I register now?

    Thanks for everything, GOD BLESS!

  4. Wow, Susie! i really liked that. I think that sometimes we will think that God dosen't care about our prayers...this morning my little brother in 4th grade asked God that He would help him make a touchdown in flag football. I think that God cares about the little things that make us happy...like making a touchdown.

    One of my prayers has been that I would make some money babysitting. God has answered this so quickley. I was talking to my mom about it one day, and then 5 minutes later my neighbor asked me if I could babysit that weekend. I was like, "wow, God. You answered that prayer so fast!"

    I have also been praying that God would prove to me that He is really there. I asked that if He was really God, then He would give me jobs. I have been blessed by making $$$ at least once a month, sometimes more. God showed me that He was really God, and I still ask Him for things that He says "Wait, my child. I know what is best for you."

    with love to susie sissies!
    -quinn emery

  5. So true.
    I'm almost sorry to say that it took me up until this past Guatemala trip to realize it. God is always there, and He is always ready to listen to our requests. It's funny, cause I heard another quote today that says: God always answers prayer, sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's no, and other times it's are you serious??
    But really. I think for me, it's not using God as a 911 call, only really praying to Him when I want or need something. He is so much more than that! He deserves our praise and thanks, and we are SO stinkin lucky that He even listens to us, because we are not even close to being worthy of being in His presence.

  6. I have really been struggling with this lately. Thanks, Susie, for the reminder. :)


  7. Have ya ever flashed back to Moments in the past,looking back at all the answers to Prayer,while reflecting upon the Many Blessings, I was thinking of all the ways God has Listened to my Prayers-
    O how I think of the Prayers I've Prayed for my sis 2 attened church, i felt it was a lost battle.
    After 11yrs of Prayer, She's just now attending church,My Faith Grows stronger as i say a Prayer for her to Accept Christ.

    "Pray.Until.Something.Happens "
    Pray until the answer comes,
    ya gotta keep Praying!
    -Magilicutty :o)

  8. Esther, if you're getting the printed magazine, you can sign up FREE to the sisterhood for one year.

  9. thanks for the reminder susie :) i've been praying really hard for my friend who is struggling, and it's good to remember that God hears me :)