Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"But these things I plan
won't happen right away.
the time approaches
when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems sow,
do not despair,
for these things will surely come to pass.
Just be patient!
They will not be overdue a single day!"
(Habakkuk 2:3 The Living Bible)


  1. Thanks!! :D
    It's nice to be reminded that everything happens in God's timing, and we shouldn't give up hope when something doesn't seem to be happening.
    I've been praying for some people, and nothing's really changed so far, but I know God will make everything work out somehow.

  2. What a nice post! I miss the Brio magazines so, so much because of you!!!

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  3. Hi, Eldarwen Failariel: Maybe you didn't know, but since Brio folded, I launched a brand-new magazine for teen girls. You can see part of it online at: susiemag.com

    It's a monthly, printed magazine. I'd love for you to become a part of this brand-new sisterhood we're creating! Go ahead and subscribe. You'll LOVE it!

    Susie Shellenberger, Editor

  4. Thanks. I needed that just now. :) (Actually, I have a poster with that verse on it right by my bed--I tend to need it often.)

  5. Oh, Susie!
    I really needed that!
    My nieghbors, who I absolutly love, are not Christians and my family and I have been whitneaainf to them for about two years but nothing has seemed to come of it.
    I need to remember that God is in control and everything will happen in His time.


  6. That's so true. it's been an issue in my family of patience. And today my parents and I all had good days.

  7. Wow. . .I really needed that. Thanks susie.

  8. It Can be hard,I'm Patient til' i have to be patient then its difficult.
    I have to remember its in Gods Hands,even though its Easy to rush things,that isn't What God has Planned- I gotta Remember if he Rushed to Create Life,What Would we be missing, So Just Be Patient, He Gave Me his Time. I Gotta give Him My Time.
    Great Verse Ecclesiastes 3:11!
    I must admit thats just what i've needed this week.

  9. Susie,
    How will we know when the sisterhood starts?


  10. Susie could you give us some scriptures and stuff about twilight? my christian friend is obsessed with the books and I'm trying to talk to her about it.
    Thanks, Hannah

  11. Hannah: We have a fun article about why Christ's love is better than Edwards in the October issue called "Team Jesus." Please share it with your friend.

    We'll have another article on Twilight stuff in the February 2010 issue.

    Susie Shellenberger

  12. I pulled this verse out when it was on the poster in Brio several years ago. I still have in on the wall next to my bed. It has encouraged me so much so many times, you have no idea. Thanks for bringing it to mind again. :) <3