Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm reading in the Old Testament Book of Deuteronomy.
I'm intrigued with chapter three.
God has told the children of Israel
(I like to call them "the world's largest backpacking group")
to destroy certain cities, kings and people.
As you know . . .
before Christ came 
and paid for evil 
with His death,
God often dealt with evil
by obliteration.
(Remember the world in Noah's day?
And Sodom and Gomorrah?
God dealt with the evil
by obliterating it
with death.
A clean wipe-out.)

Back to Deuteronomy chapter three.

God is instructing the children of Israel
to deal with those who 
oppose Him
by wiping them out.

"So God, our God, also handed Og king of Bashan
over to us—Og and all his people—
and we utterly crushed them" (Deuteronomy 3:3 The Message).

And we read a little further . . .
"There were also numerous unwalled villages.
We totally destroyed them—a holy destruction" (Deuteronomy 3:4 The Message).

A couple of strong things to notice here:
1. unwalled villages
If a village didn't have a strong wall
to surround it
and protect it,
the city and its people
were an easy target.

We need a strong wall of protection
around our lives!

2. a holy destruction
Are there some things in your life that need
a holy destruction?

Check out Deuteronomy 3:11. 
Catch this description of King Og's bed:
"His bed, made of iron, was over thirteen feet long and six wide."

Why do you suppose
God wanted a description of a king's bed in the Bible?

Maybe God wants us to know
that the quality of stuff we have
doesn't matter—
if it's evil . . .
or if it's causing us to do evil things . . .
He wants to perform

You see, God doesn't want ANYTHING
to come between us and Him.

And if it does?
We need a holy destruction.

I have a few questions for you:
First . . .
about unwalled cities that were easily destroyed.
—Do you have a wall of protection surrounding your life?
If you don't, you'll be an easy target for Satan.
If you do have a wall or protection surrounding 
your life, tell me about it. 

Second . . .
—Is there anything in your life
that needs a holy destruction?
Would you be willing to ask God?

Here's a prayer to get you started:
Dear Jesus,
Is there anything in my life that's not
right with You?
Anything I'm connected with 
that needs a holy destruction?
If so, Jesus,
will You bring it to my mind?
Help me think of it.
When You show it to me,
I'll destroy it
in obedience to You.
In Your name I pray,

How do you know if something
needs to be destroyed?
Well . . .
if that "something" is in disobedience to God
if that "something" is pulling you away from God,
signs that they need to be destroyed.

I'll write more later.
But first I want to hear your answer to these two questions:
—Do you have a wall of protection surrounding your life?
—Is there anything in your life
that needs a holy destruction?

You are loved!


  1. I want and need both of those things. :) Rusty, I am reading your Devo 2 book and I read August 29. It was amazing, thanks!

  2. It continues to amaze me the things in my life that God reveals. So many things in one's daily journey needs "a holy destruction" as you put it. Even though I have been a Christ follower for over 30 years, there are things that need to die within me. The fight never goes away, yet each time something I put something within me to death, I feel more free and like Him than ever before.

  3. My parents have been building a wall around me since I was born. By now, I've learned that if anything pulls me away from God, it needs to go. It's not something I struggle with much because I simply don't see the point of doing bad things or listening/watching bad things. I know, however, that lots of people struggle with this every moment of their lives. I've seen so many people who seem to invite Satan in, and in destroys them. It's devastating. I wish they could read this post.

  4. Meg: Did you receive the Bible?

    Girls: I'm loving how you're thinking through this. Keep posting your responses on the two questions about a wall of protection and a holy destruction.

    Love you!
    Susie Shellenberger

  5. holy destruction...
    internet & my attention span-
    i spend hours on the net,
    just minutes in Prayer, i just get bored-
    I just don't see how I can spend hours praying-I'm one of them fast drive through praying type- I Pray & give him my 2 minutes of time through out the day.
    but for hours i'd be bored.
    so is it wrong to have a quick Prayer life?
    I am sure God Gives more me time , its easy to get lost in the distractions.
    God gives me Direction to know whats right,
    he's my wall of Protection & i Obey his Will for my Life :o)
    every seconed I know the Lord is with me.

  6. SUSIE!!
    Thank you sooo much for this post!
    It brought me to realize that there was something in my life that was bringing me down and right them and there I got rid of it.
    Thanx again!


  7. @Magillicuty: I have the same problem... I spend only 5 minutes or so praying, but hours on the computer.

  8. -lol-Most of my time is spent on facebook,blogger & susie mag-
    *theres some time spent with "God"
    *"Susie's devo's",susie mag & her blog*
    isn't that time well spent?
    its all pretty good influence.
    "drive through prayer's" inbetween.
    It's All Good as so i Think?

  9. I'm usually on facebook, checking this blog for comments (and reading new posts when there is any), and a christian manga forum. Oh, and StampTV G2 (a crafting site on Ning). But I do spend SOME time with God every day, reading my Bible and praying. And I got a devo book that Susie wrote at a resale store, so I've been reading it almost every day (if I miss a day, i go back and read it)

  10. Thank you so much for that post! I agree that there are probably some things in my life that I should tear down for God. That is something I need to work on, so thank you so much.
    Have any of you gotten you September mag yet? Just wondering. :)

  11. don't focus on what your going through...
    ...focus on what your going to!

  12. Yes has anyone gotten the September issue of SUSIE yet? I can't wait for it to come in the mail..

  13. no...neither can i!!! i loovve this mag! When can i sign up for the sisterhood? and someone mentioned a will i receive this? just wondering...
    Susie: This post was really cool! really makes me think...

  14. Dear Magilicutty,
    I too have had to look at my priorities in regard to Internet and quiet time with God. And while spending your time on Susie's blog and magazine site are most definetly better alternatives to other ways you could spend your time, it can lead to a dangerous thought pattern. From personal experience, I realize how easy it is to spend time doing "Christian-like" things and then not feel as guilty for not spending as much time alone with God as we ought. Nothing can replace submitting yourself to God through prayer and through study of His Word.

  15. Hey, Girls!
    Some of you are asking about the September issue. I just got mine, so you should be getting yours any day now. As soon as you get it, send me an e-mail at and label it WE HEAR YOU and tell me something very specific that helped you, or something you'd like to see in the mag that we're not doing, or something you don't like. Then I can use your note in the WE HEAR YOU section of a future magazine or on the Web.

    Also . . . some of you are asking about the online global sisterhood and how you sign up. If you're currently a subscriber, you don't have to sign up. You'll be sent a membership code that you'll enter when you go to our Website, and that code will allow you entrance into the sisterhood.

    The online global sisterhood is phase two of our Website. We're hoping it's ready to launch sometime in September, but it may be October. We're gonna have some pretty cool bells and whistles.

    And even when THAT'S launched, we're going to KEEP adding more cool tech stuff. You're gonna love it! Please spread the word and get your gal pals to sign up for the printed magazine, because there will be some amazing things that you'll do with the printed mag that will connect to the Web. Hard to explain right now, but trust me. Cool stuff!

    OK. Back to this blog. I want to hear from more of you about:
    --Your wall of protection. Do you have one? What is it?
    and about
    --Anything that God is putting His finger on in your life that needs a holy destruction.

    Love you!
    Susie Shellenberger

  16. Hey Susie,
    I was just wondering if you had any daily or weekly emails that you send out about things your doing or devos or anything else like that?
    Just wondering. :)


  17. Hey girls,
    I have at blog that would be cool I you could check it out.

    Please leave me a commet!


  18. Whoo-hoo, I'm so excited about the online sisterhood! I've been praying that God will use Susie Mag to reach lots and lots of teen girls.

    I would have to say that my parents provide a wall of protection for me. They are really good about teaching me how to discern if certain books, movies, etc. are good for me, and if I shouldn't read/watch/listen to those things. Mom always makes sure I'm staying safe online, too. She's taught me all that good stuff about not giving out your address, or telling people how old you are, or talking to strangers online.
    My parents are a very good influence on me, and I am so thankful for that. Someday, I'll be all grown up, and they won't be there to protect me anymore. But I know that they have taught me well, and will continue to teach me how to make godly decisions. And I know that no matter what happens in life, I always have God there to protect me and guide me, if I will just ask.

  19. I would say that my wall of protection is my Christian worldview. You know... the little filter in your brains that helps block some of the stuff that the world is throwing at you. I so need holy destruction right now! I've never said a swear word in my life but recently they have been popping up in my brain and it is really scary! I guess it's just from the enviroment I'm in but I really really want to get these words out of my head!
    I've prayed that they will leave and I've started shouting BLANK! in my head anytime someone around me swears. I would love to have you girls pray for me about this one!
    Allison S. : )

  20. I agree with Ashley. My parents are definately my wall of protection. My dad is a teacher at Christian school, and he actually teaches some classes about discernment, and he's always challenging me and my siblings to make good choices about media. I'm so glad that God has given me the parents I have, because they are such good Christian influences.
    I can not wait for the Sisterhood!!!!!

  21. I would have to say that my wall of protection is my christian friends. I know they will tell me if I am not acting very Christ-Like or I am changing not for the better. I had to do a holy descrution on changing friends a while back. It was hard but I realize now is was the right choice. Now God has blessed me with some great friends and they are my wall of protection!! :D
    Allison I will totally pray for you!!
    I have struggled with that and still do just not nearly as much as I used to. One thing to consider is are your friends setting a bad example on you not just on swearing? Also this is a scipture that helped me. "Submit youselves, then, to God. Resist the Ddvil and he will flee from you." James 4:7. I hope this helps and I will be praying for you!! :D

  22. And I agree with Erin, I cannot wait for the sisterhood!! :D
    love all you guys in the sisterhood!

  23. @Allison: Me too.... I would never even consider saying swear words, but they pop into my head sometimes. I'm like, "No! Stop! Shut up! I don't say this stuff!!" None of my friends say those words either, but I've just heard them (I think it's must be mostly facebook.... not that it's a bad site) enough they stick, unfortunately.

  24. I got my Susie mag today. Yea!

    KK from IA

  25. Hey, one other thing, can you guys be praying for me? I have a huge drama audition coming up in 2 weeks, and I am getting really nervous for it. Thanks!

    KK from IA

  26. I haven't got my mag yet.
    I hope it comes soon!

  27. I got my mag. yesterday!! I haven't had much chance to read it but I know it's going to be awesome!! I will pray for you KK! Oh! I finish school tomorrow!!! I am cutting it close because tomorrow is the deadline!! :D I only have 2 things to go though!! I start again in 2 weeks.
    Thanks for praying!!
    abby f.

  28. @ Magilicutty: I used to feel like you, but I learned there are so many ways to pray. By just sitting on your bed, you can talk to Jesus like you would a friend-since HE is, and talk to him about what your thankful for, etc.

    I'm still developing my wall of protection BUT basically I cut out anything that is not Godly like movies, music, books, etc. Even when I'm on the internet I make sure not to explore EVERYTHING because when 'stuff' gets in it's hard to take out (not impossible.) So, I listen to a lot of gospel music, and I pray as much as I can.
    I'm sure they're lots of stuff that needs a holy destruction, but everything that comes to mind I pray Jesus removes it.

  29. Very well said, Amanda

    Oh, and does anyone know of some good Bible studies? Especially ones geared towards high school girls.

  30. Susie has great studie's,check out &type Susie shellenberger in the search bar & you'll find all sorts of great books susie has written - a few bible study's include-Philippians, Ruth,Thessalonians,1Peter & Colossians...
    so those are just the few i found they're on sale too! :o) hope my suggestion helps ya-

    just wanna ask for ya guys 2 pray 4 me-
    i'm going to the ER today for swelling & headaches- :o(
    *Thanx so much for *Caring* :o)

  31. Ashley and Allison, I am so glad that I am not the only one who has swear words pop in my head! Like you, I have never said one in my life, and my friends don't either. I guess that's a holy destruction we have to make together!

  32. I will be praying fo ryou Magilicutty! I hope you feel better!!! :D

  33. Hey anyone!
    I need people to pray for me: Ususally I never swear (except before I was a christian) but occationaly they will just come out....and sometimes for no reason. So please pray 4 me. Thanks. :) ♥

  34. SUSIE,
    I LOVE writing and I wanted to know if you would have girls that read your magazine send in articles that they wrote. Whether it's about God/parents/friends/beauty/music/etc. Thanks for your time! :) ♥

  35. Hi girls!
    Thanks so much for all your support/comments. It's really great to know that I'm not the only one having trouble with this and I will pray for all of you and post back with my progress!!! I'm going to go plaster James 4:7 all over my mirrors, notebooks ect. now... (Thanks Abby and Erin and Ashley) {air hug}
    and {air hugs} for everybody else too!
    Allison S. : )

  36. Oh! And KK and Magilicutty you are being prayed for!
    KK- I love drama too! Just relax and have fun...
    Magilicutty- hang in there girl! I'm sorry that you have to go to the ER. : (
    Allison S. : )

  37. so my head has inflamation so yup gonna see the dr's later this week & find out what causing all this.
    I trust that god will take care of everything.

    i got a friend to quit cussing, cuz i was charging him $2 for every letter in the cuss word,but he learned not to -it totally worked!
    you can tell your friends about it offending you & your christian belief's.
    just tell them, if our friendship is important then you wouldn't insult the God i Serve by using those words,i've told a few friends.
    it worked too,sometimes there response was sorry for my french* i say don't apologize to me you better tell God it hurts him the most.

    Stay Strong ,Stand Firm and Trust God!
    thanx-4 prayin'
    Prayin' 4 ya'll 2 !
    ~Magilicutty :o)

  38. Praying for you Magilicutty! I love your idea about charging each other for swear words to help them stop. One of my friends has been trying to stop, and we have actually sugested doing that, but she hasn't been open to the idea yet. So pray for her that she will be open to the idea soon! Also, just to add with everyone else, it is nice to know I am not the only one who has swear words pop into my head.

    Praying for all of you! I am getting so pumped for the sisterhood!

    KK from IA

  39. I love all the poems that are posted in the Creative Corner on the website. Good job guys!

  40. Ok, and this might be totally random, but I have a favor to ask some of you. If any of you watch America's Got Talent and votes on it, can you vote for Arcadian Broad tonight? My cousin's best friend is going to be his dance partner tonight, and so we really want to support him and her as much as possible! Just a totally random thing to throw out there! Haha. Hope it was ok to ask!

    KK from IA

  41. KK, I love America's Got Talent! That is so cool! I will definately be rooting for him. And if I vote, I will for him!

  42. Do I have a wall of protection in my life?

    Yes...I am a 25 years old female living on my own. I fell away from God in the past few years, but have found myself being called back to Him. My wall of protection is my Dad and Mom. My dad is a pastor and someone I respect so much. Since I'm only just getting back into church, I don't have a lot of Christian friends yet, but when there is something I'm struggling with or if I have questions, my Dad helps to keep me accountable.

    Do I have anything that needs a holy destruction?'s unfortunate, but it's the price I pay for having lived in sin in the past few years...It's been a painful process on my journey back to the arms of God...I had done things and been places that were not of God...stripping away the layers of pride, lust, deceit, addictions and's not a one day process. I still struggle with temptations daily, but I know that I am not struggling alone...that God wants to help me obliterate all those sins and temptations.

    Thanks for another great post Susie!!
    You are so encouraging to so many.


  43. Thanks, Erin! We are really hoping he will win, even after what the judges said. :)

    KK from IA

  44. I FINISHED 9TH GRADE YESTERDAY!!! OKay so I just had to say that and thanks for everyone that prayed for me! I will be praying for everyone also! I think it is really cool to know that we are struggling with kinda the same thing! Now we can help each other. I just realized something. With the sisterhood we are being each others wall of protection! :D
    love you all in the sisterhood!
    abby f.

  45. Oh! And also prayer for me and my youth group tonight would be appreciated! We have new youth pastors and tonight is the first time we get to meet them!!! Thanks!

  46. I think even when you think you have a suitable wall, you need to still be building at it so that you make sure that Satan doesn't get in. Also, it isn't just building the wall, it's keeping it in good condition. What if I build a wall around my life, and then leave it alone? Satan could chip away at that wall enough to get into my life, because I wasn't keeping it stable.

    I know there are things that God wants me to get rid of... mostly thoughts, i think. I dont' own bad music, bad books or magazines, don't watch bad movies. but still, I know God doesn't approve of what goes through my head at times. I'm assuming it's the same with a lot of you. Think about what the root of whatever you know you have to get rid of is, and destroy it. Completely.
    Memorize verses that help you. it's what I do!

    Hope I could help a little. :)

    Rebecca, ON Canada

  47. Congratulations, Abby! I knew you could do it!

  48. Hey Girls!
    I just got a new blog devoted complety to finding the best deals anywhere in the country.
    I will have posts on fashion, beauty, and fun!
    I just got it so I only have one post, but more are to come!

  49. Hey Congrats abby- u deserve5 stars *****
    God answers Prayer!
    i just gotta finish 1st Grade-lol
    i should get a G.E.D,but i just don't think i can do it,Education is so challenging 4 me.

    I agree with Rebecca-
    i let my wall of protection down, while dating a guy- that was a big mistake,I went to the alter Asked God to do some Construction in my heart,i ditched the guy & wow has God done a makeover in my Life &walk with God,
    Im back to the Protected wall & i'm making sure i don't let it crumble like i did in the past.
    -Magilicutty :o)
    "Life's Truest Happiness is found in Christ &
    the friendships we make along the way"

  50. I got my magazine today! Yeah! I read it cover to cover, and it is really good! Thanks Susie!
    Erin :)

  51. I've found that if I love something too much or am too attatched to it, even if it's just a close friend, I need a holy destruction of it. Another thing to know is that I'm prtective over the people I love. I have a friend who is like an older sister to me, we pretty much tell each other everything we don't tell anyone else, and I think I am a little too attatched/protective over her. But I don't want to lose her. I've lost so many other people I was close to. I know God knows what's best and is our protector, but I'm scared to ask Him that if this does need a holy destruction to perform it, because if I lost her I don't know what I do. Maybe I just need a holy destruction of the walls in my life that keep me from trusting Him in certain areas. Any advice?