Friday, April 3, 2009

Our first issue of SUSIE Mag went to the printer yesterday (April 2). 
I saw the electronic color files, and it looks great! 

I can't wait for you girls in the SISTERHOOD to get your first issue (May).

I'm getting a lot of the same questions, so I'll answer them right now:

• Will I automatically get SUSIE Mag if I was getting Brio?
No, you won't. You have to actually subscribe to SUSIE Mag to receive it. That's because Brio was published by Focus on the Family. They decided to stop publishing teen magazines, so SUSIE Mag isn't connected with Focus. But you CAN call Focus at 1-800-232-6459 and ask for a Brio refund. They'll be glad to refund your money. But you DO have to ask for it. Your refund won't be automatically sent to you.

• I was getting Brio & Beyond. Will SUSIE Mag meet my needs as an older girl?
Yes. SUSIE Mag is combining all teen girls into one sisterhood. It's geared for girls 13 to 19. It will cover ALL the teen years. If you're a college student, you'll see some stuff inside specifically geared for you—stuff about college, relationships and more. If you're a younger reader, you'll love the stuff geared more to your age group—stuff like crafts, quizzes and fiction.

• How come it's called SUSIE Mag?
To be honest, I felt really weird about that. But before launching this new magazine, I met with lots of professional people who are experts at marketing and branding. Guess what? Every single one of them advised me to name it SUSIE Mag. I kept saying, "No. That's weird." And they explained that when starting something new, you want to begin with familiarity. Because lots of Christian girls used to read Brio and know my name from that, they would recognize my name and quickly make the connection. They explained this way we'd be starting with a strong, recognizable factor. I still hesitated. But after praying and finally deciding to listen to the professionals who make a living at marketing this kind of stuff, I gave in. And it's funny . . . only about three people have asked me about it. And just so you know: Unlike Oprah, you'll never see me on the cover! ha

• How do we subscribe?
You can subscribe with a credit card at:

• I live outside of North America. I tried to subscribe, but the Web site looks like it only takes subscriptions from the U.S. and Canada. How can I get the new mag?
Unfortunately, right now our Web site is only set up to take North American subscriptions. BUT . . . we want the new mag to go anywhere anyone wants it. You CAN still subscribe, and we've received subscriptions from Spain, France, England, Mexico, India. But you have to actually send a U.S. check or money order or even U.S. cash to sign up. And believe it: I've actually received cash safely! Send it to: Susie Shellenberger Ministries
3741 Bloomington Street #4
Colorado Springs, CO 80922

And I'll personally sign you up!

• We love the hilarious video clips of you and the SUSIE Mag interns with your dog. What kind is he? And what happened to your other dog, Bosco?
Ah, my beloved Bosco! He was a 160-lb. Saint Bernard and truly a gentle giant! He died of a heart attack in September. I love big dogs, and I really wanted another one. But I was afraid if I got another big dog, I'd always be comparing him to Bosco. So I decided to go the opposite direction and get a little guy. He's a mini-Schnauzer, and I named him Obadiah (but I call  him Obie). He's only 15 lbs. and he's really a sweetie. I love him. The video clips are still on here. I think you probably have to scroll down, but they're here.

Girls, if you have more questions, please feel free to ask! But if you haven't yet subscribed to the mag, you need to do it NOW! Our first issue is already at the printer. 

And what a GREAT gift this would be for a friend. Consider signing up one of your gal pals to show her how much you care!

I love you!
Susie Shellenberger, Editor


  1. I didn't get any money back from Brio or any notification that it had FOR SURE ended. I really wish I could get my money back.I only got six mags and our family is kinda tight on money. Where should I ask this, the old Brio site, or Focus on the Family?
    Also When Brio ended I had to really search around the internet to find this website and the new online Brio... My friends had to tell me about Susie mag.

  2. Alannah P. Nova Scotia, CanadaApril 4, 2009 at 8:09 AM

    I had the same problem too. I wasn't sure if it did end, and I only got 5 issues. I'd really like to get my money back, because I live in Canada, and to subscribe, it's really expensive. I e-mailed Focus on the Family, and they've never sent me an e-mail back. I'm getting really frustrated, and they won't contact me. My Father called about 2 months ago, and asked if I could get a refund, and they said that they would be mailing out a notice to me. That never happened!! I subscribed to SUSIE Mag, and I'm some glad I did. I like having a printed magazine to be able to look back on, and read the articles. I hate the idea of just a online magazine. Please help! I know that you're not with Focus anymore, but there are lots of girls waiting to get they're money back!! This is NOT good of them to keep us waiting, and not answer our e-mails!

  3. I think I can answer your question Alannah. My mom called Focus on the Family and asked for a refund. They said for some reason they couldn't do that but insteat to make up for the issues I didn't get, I got a FREE susie shellenberger book. Hope this helps!

  4. This is pretty cool! I can already tell that we are enjoying chatting with each other, just from these comments! Are we going to have an online forum? That would be really cool so that we can chat with other SUSIE readers!

    Another question: Should I expect to see this mag show up in Christian bookstore magazine racks, or can people only get it by subscription?

  5. I'll try to answer these new questions right here! If you live in Canada, I THOUGHT you could call the Canadian Focus office and get your money back. I don't have the Canadian Focus phone number right now, but I'll get it for you and post it at the beginning of the week, OK?

    I'll ask someone at Focus on the Family here in Colorado what they're doing about Canadian subscriptions that should be refunded. So keep tuned in here for the answer!

    In the February issue of BRIO (the last issue that Focus published), there WAS an announcement that this was the last issue. Maybe you just didn't see that, but it was there.

    We've already had some terrific gals from Canada subscribe to SUSIE Mag, but we need MORE Canadians!!!

    So go to the website and subscribe right now, OK? If you want the first issue that comes out in May, we HAVE to get your subscription this weekend. After this weekend, your subscription will begin with the second issue.

    Today is 4-4-09. So make sure you subscribe this weekend at:

    You are loved, Girls!
    Susie Shellenberger

  6. Alannah P. Nova Scotia, CanadaApril 4, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    Thank you so much girls! I'll call the first of the week:) It's just really sad that they've made it JUST to a online magazine. I really enjoyed getting a magazine in the mail. But if I can get the book from Focus on the Family for a refund, that would be great. Hopefully they'll get it to me! Thanks again girls,


  7. Susie, did you get my subscription for SUSIEmag? My name is Rachelle and I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

  8. Hey Susie!
    thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and for all the time you put into this magazine, and for getting this SUSIE mag started so quickly after BRIO went loose. You are a HUGE blessing not only to me, but the other girls out there that need someone like you to give us the positive sisterhood.
    God bless!!

  9. Hey Susie, I just sent my subscription a couple of days ago, but cos I live in New Zealand, it will take longer than this weekend to get there. I would really love to get the first issue though. Is that possible?

  10. So, is the new Brio just going to be an online thing? Because if it's only online, then you can't really call it a magazine... isn't a magazine something you get in the mail, that you can actually pick up and read? I dont know...well anyways, i'm super excited for the new susie mag. like, i am going to be checking the mail everyday and when i do get it, i'll probably jump up and down and scream! I love you susie!!!

  11. This will be so cool!!!!

  12. There are such things as online-only mags. A magazine just means that it has articles, pictures or something in it, and it comes out periodically. (Plus, the new Brio is hoping to become print in the future.) That's why Susie is going to be so awesome. So many of my favorite mags went out of business, but I think this one will be a new favorite!

  13. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. im so excited that i started my magazine mail check today, but sadly walked away with no magazine. when i do get it, i will be SSSSSOOOOO happy! ugh, this suspense is killing me!

  15. Alannah P. Nova Scotia, CanadaApril 8, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I know! Me too! I know that the first issue is in May, but my mind keeps thinking every time I go to the mail, that I'll get it! Ugh! SO annoying lol. Can't wait to get it!

  16. Thank you for starting this magazine. My grand-daughters are home schooled and don't get the school papers. This is a means for them to get a Christ-centered magazine with great articles and games and quizzes. Thank you again for all your work and love for these girls.

  17. i'm still counting down the days from my mailbox susie! i cant wait to get the mag!

  18. i have a question, is going to be like the brio website was, like so that you could go online and see the mag and also get in the mail. im just wondering...

  19. Oh Susie! I am so sorry to hear about Bosco! He was an absolute sweetie in all his pictures for Brio. I am so glad you have Obie now, I think that Bosco would be happy that you are happy. I am very excited about Susie mag and I am so glad that you went out on a limb to start this magazine!
    God Bless,

  20. its kind of ironic...a new dog and then a new magazine...thanks for creating a new magazine susie, we love you!

  21. i'm so excited about susie mag!!! my friends and i were really disappointed when brio ended and then they told me you were starting your own mag! thank you so much Susie!! you have no idea what a blessing it is to so many of us!! i think its awesome we can all comment on here like this! i know God is going to do amazing things through this magazine!!!