Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girls in the Sisterhood:

If you'll scroll down, you can read FAQs (frequently asked questions) I'm getting about SUSIE Mag. And here's the latest for our Canadian readers:

• I used to get Brio. How can I get my money back?
I just talked with Focus Canada and guess what? They're one step ahead of you. They're already sending a refund to every single person who had a current subscription to Brio or to Brio & Beyond. (If you didn't pay for it, it will go to whomever DID pay for it. For example, if your grandma bought your subscription, she'll get the refund.) So watch your mail!  

If you're in the U.S. and were getting Brio and would like a refund, you'll need to call: 1-800-232-6459. Focus will be glad to send it to you, but you won't automatically get it. You DO have to ask for it.

Scroll on down to see the funny video clips and to read other FAQs about SUSIE Mag.

You are loved, Girls!
Susie Shellenberger


  1. Oh my word that is HILARIOUS!!! This blog idea rocks!! Obie's adorable, by the way.

    -gumgirl :)

  2. Hey Susie
    Unfortunately, I haven't had time to send in the cheque for Susie mag so I won't be getting the first issue :( I'll be sure to send it in soon for the next issue.

  3. hey susie!

    i have a question about the brio magazine... we got a letter from focus on the family stating that brio was given to KOR ministries... will you still be working for brio or will there be other staff for brio..

    sorry to bother you i was just wondering...


  4. I think that there is a different staff...i dont think susie is working for brio at all anymore. i dont think anyone is from focus on the family. but i could be wrong.

  5. Are we gonna have a discussion forum online so sisterhood girls can chat with each other?

  6. oo-la-la, that would be SSSOOO cool, i would talk to people all the time. we should definetly have one of those. it would be different then facebook or chatting online, because you would only be talking to girls from the susie sisterhood. wow, that got me real excited!!! hahaha

  7. I'm really gutted that Brio isn't part of FOTF anymore..this is truly tragic. Man...this is so sad!!

  8. Is the Blog Candy over?

    I wish Brio kept coming but at least now there are two ministries going on (KOR and SusieMag). Even though I wish Brio could have kept coming, this is cool too!

    Alex P.
    Numbers 6:24-26

  9. OOoooooo I looove the new Susie logo at the top of the blog. Very cool! I can't wait for May to come! This will be such an awesome ministry!

  10. Hey Susie!

    I did a little bit of promotion for your mag on my blog! I hope it gets my readers interested and hopefully they'll subscribe! I'll be praying for this ministry!

    ~Jessica Lippe

  11. Dear Susie,

    We should have a chatting thing on your website so all the susie sisterhood girls can chat.

    Love ya, Grace Tallman

  12. sweeto, i really love the new logo picture at the top, and oh my, i'm going crazy here waiting for my magazine!!! when will it come?!?! the suspense is killing me!!!! ...i love ya susie!

  13. i cant get your new mag cuz im homeless but i can get internet and i love your blog and your new dog ;0) jaybird

  14. For others in the same boat as I am, if you you purchased Brio through a fundraiser (i.e. Girl Scouts or school) you will NOT be receiving a refund as the money went to the fundraising agency and not Focus on the Family. It only took me five phone calls and 45 minutes to figure that out.

  15. Hi, Girls! Susie Shellenberger here. I'll try to answer in this space the questions you've posed above, OK?

    --No, I'm not working for BRIO any more. Our entire staff was let go when Focus on the Family gave it away to KOR ministries. It's my understanding, that KOR is tossing it online and it won't be a printed mag. That's why I'm launching SUSIE. I believe teen girls still want a monthly, printed magazine coming to their house.

    --YES, we'll have interactive stuff on the Web site so you can chat with other gals in the SISTERHOOD! Right now our Web site is pretty rough. About all it can do is accept your magazine subscription. But we're working on getting all the bells and whistles up. And when we do, you're gonna be AMAZED. And you'll totally love the online Sisterhood!

    --Jessica Lippe, thanks for promoting SUSIE Mag on your blog! I really appreciate that!

    --jaybird, you said you're homeless. I'll buy you a subscription myself if you can figure out how we can get it to you. We'd need some kind of address. Are you staying in a shelter or with friends? Email me at: and fill me in, OK? We love you and want to help.